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Record Of Mutilation: The Novel By Elias Sassoon
eBook (PDF): $5.00
An infant, symbolizing the individual spirit, is born into a society in which individualism is suppressed through brute force. The infant’s name is Mutilation, born on Orb-Earth, to... More > collectivized humans calling themselves Outsiders who live in the Great Metropolis. Outsiders tolerate no opposition. Everyone must look, think, and, sound alike without dissent, and, up until Mutilation’s appearance, there is none. But, with the child’s birth, everything changes. The Outsiders are in for one heck of a ride. What follows is the pressure of the state to institute conformity, conflict, resistance, and reaction.< Less
Oriental Cover-Up By Elias Sassoon
eBook (PDF): $7.00
What you hold readers is a book written by a newspaper reporter. I am that person, better known in literally circles as the ghost writer of the stars. It begins and ends on one extraordinary night,... More > the night I got the biggest exclusive of my career. The story centers on one man, Joseph Kabir, the man who has committed the greatest crime of this century. Puzzled! Never heard of a Joseph Kabir? The story was never released until today with this publication. Kabir, who was he? Describe him? Impossible. I cannot understand the mind of that lunatic. A puzzle who exists as a riddle. The night of his crime when Kabir was captured, I was singled out for the exclusive. Doesn’t make sense, but nothing surrounding Kabir makes sense. Nothing he ever told me makes sense. His existence is senseless. What else can I say. Read for yourself. What was told to me comes from Kabir’s own mouth. There’s no attempt to analyze or make sense of it. I give it to you the way it was given to me. Good luck.< Less
Tales Of Modern Judea: Short Stories By Elias Sassoon
eBook (PDF): $7.00
Stories written long ago; cannot remember writing them. I was fresh from graduate school and adventures in a foreign country. My mind was filled with the thoughts of greatness, and leaving a... More > childhood in Flushing, New York behind to conquer the world! Then, I came back home, back as a writer of fiction, back to the same apartment in which I’d grown up. My father, an angry, out-of-work factory worker, was still the asshole, roared, drank, punched and ridiculed. While listening, I wrote, locked in a room, pounding keys of an old Olivetti. Soon, finished with a novel and story collection, I sent them out. I imagined Madison Avenue publishers congratulating themselves on finding the next genius, that is, until my manuscripts were returned with a form rejection. Crushed and embarrassed. What did they know! Manuscripts streamed out across the U.S., followed by rejection. Eventually, I got out, and found jobs as a writer in Corporate America. The stories in this book date from that time.< Less
The American God: A*NOVEL*Tale By Elias Sassoon
Paperback: List Price: $11.00 $9.35 | You Save: 15%
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A technocrat blessed by city virgins for profundity of wit, business acumen, adventurousness, and superiority of mind, yes, honored by society that rewards those who look to the future with an eye... More > towards profitable accumulation of capital. The man is Robert Baydah. Married; powerful wife; one flawless child; owns penthouses and other properties on diverse continents populated by penniless natives. Everywhere powerful friends and more powerful allies. Baydah is a space-age gentleman, a product of the sophisticated science of computers in all their manifestations over centuries. Head of a great American computer organization that has roots in Planet Earth and its orbiting moon, Baydah is submerged in circuit boards, silicon chips, and digital waves that bombard the brain. The goal is to ensure exchange between a solar system of devices and then drive their data into the terabyte region of human existence. Baydah stands behind it until the night heaven calls. Then, everything changes.< Less
The Brilliant Idiot's Club By Elias Sassoon
eBook (PDF): $5.99
This is a guys’ novel about guys, four of them to be exact, three who are single and the other married with kids. All are desperately seeking a place in the world; all think too much, worry too... More > much, examine every aspect of their lives too much. Then, one day, one of these brilliant idiots puts his foot down and makes the others take charge of their lives. They hit the road searching for something, anything that might take them away from their humdrum lives. In the process, there’s self-discovery. That leaves us with a novel that is vibrant, funny, touching and ultimately sad. You wind up questioning the roles of adult males in modern societies. That may be a good or bad thing.< Less
Pig's Court America: Paperback Edition By Elias Sassoon
eBook (PDF): $5.00
The novel follows Bernard (Bernie) Courtman, an obese glutton who is also a shyster, fool, sociopath, and philosopher. A remarkable egotist, Bernie’s the ultimate salesman who peddles the... More > world’s inconsequential on street corners everywhere. When not doing that, he’s manipulating our bankruptcy laws and credit regulations to fill his coffers and finance his other schemes. Utilizing assumed names, using forged signatures, stolen credit card and social security numbers, he changes identities as he swindles across America. Constantly in flight from the authorities, he still has time for romantic adventures. Yet, this vagabond is not all bad. While in the midst of his exploits, he makes time to succor the helpless and bring joy to the joyless. Pig’s Court America is a comedic examination of society's wayward economic system and mores that offers a running social commentary. This includes an exploration of our misplaced materialism, and its results.< Less
The Sassoon Society By Elias Sassoon
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Sarah and Abraham (Abe) Klein lived ordinary lives for most of their existence. There were the ups and downs, money troubles, sickness, and disappointments, but nothing uncommon. It changed in their... More > golden years. They’d become wards of the court, so to speak, or, better said, pawns in the struggle between their daughter, Abigail and son-in-law, Zaki. In the process, they’d lose their freedom and their lives. Supported financially by their daughter, and living under her roof, they became the subjects of pity. They also became defenseless in the face of attack by their son-in-law. From: PEACEFUL LIVES STRETCHED TO THE END So begins one of Elias Sassoon’s stories in The Sassoon Society. Sassoon is often humorous, usually thoughtful, and always entertaining in these enchanting tales.< Less
Tales Of The Syrian Night By Elias Sassoon
eBook (PDF): $7.00
Here we have a collection of fictional tales written from the perspective of a Syrian-American. The stories put a human edge to the immigrant’s struggles in a new country and deals with the... More > Arab heritage left behind. The resulting stories show the lives these immigrants and children of immigrants as they struggle to adjust in a new country. The situations in which they find themselves are sometimes sad, sometimes poignant, sometimes humorous, but always relevant.< Less
Pig's Court America By Elias Sassoon
eBook (PDF): $5.00
The novel follows Bernard (Bernie) Courtman, an obese glutton, shyster, fool, sociopath, and philosopher about town. A remarkable egotist, Bernie’s the ultimate salesman who peddles the... More > world’s inconsequential goods on street corners everywhere while, at the same time, manipulating our economic system, that include bankruptcy laws and credit regulations to fill his coffers and finance other schemes. Utilizing assumed names, forged signatures, stolen credit card and social security numbers, he changes identities to attain windfalls of loot for himself. Constantly in flight from the authorities, scheming and plotting throughout, he still has time for romantic adventures. Yet, this nutty vagabond is not all bad. During his exploits, he makes time to succor the helpless and bring joy to joyless lives. In general, the book provides a serious yet comedic look at society's wayward economic system and morals. This includes our misplaced materialism, and, all that results from it.< Less
Menopausal Musings & Other Stories By Elias Sassoon
Paperback: List Price: $10.00 $9.00 | You Save: 10%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Menopausal Musings is a collection of small novellas. Each novella follows the inner world of one character’s contorted thoughts as they cope with the crisis of middle age. We observe these... More > afflicted people as they exist at different times of day. All are urban characters who live alone in New York City. All are trapped within the walls of their apartments and trapped in their minds and unable to escape. We listen and observe as their minds twirl with hopes, dreams, bitterness, and anger. We cringe as we watch their souls cringe because of isolation from family, friends, and the rest of humanity. They’re humans set adrift in a unforgiving world with its billions of unmarked faces. Yet, their pain is our pain; their longing is our longing. And, that is the whole point.< Less

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