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The 13th Chapter: Humanity's Final Chapter By Howard West
eBook (ePub): $5.99
Howard West gives the reader a comprehensive look at where society has come from and where society is going; touching on topics dealing with the historical governments that has reigned over humanity... More > for the last six thousand years, the religions of the ancients as well as today's monotheistic religions, secret societies, the Antichrist and his Super Government that's on its way, a global Church and economic system that's on its way, and many other topics. The author deals with these subjects with accuracy and such simplicity, those who are uneducated in these matters are able to follow through an in-depth glossary. For the student of history, philosophy, religion and secret societies, The 13th Chapter is a must read.< Less
Holographic Universe - We Live In a Computer Simulation By Howard West
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Howard West, author of "BLOOD PRINTS OF THE GODS" has done it again with undeniably his best work yet. This book, "HOLOGRAPHIC PRINCIPLE: We Live in a Computer Simulation" is a... More > terrifically written manuscript that brings the top researched disciplines under one hypothesized umbrella to give the reader answers to the most asked and hardest questions concerning God, life and universe. The book brings to light every aspect of the mysteries of existence in reference to a Creator, how reality functions, and life' purpose. It does this by unifying the studies of, SCIENCE: Quantum Mechanics, Particle Physics, Cosmology THEOLOGY: Judaism, Christianity, Islam COMPUTER SCIENCE: Number Theory, Mathematics, Holographic Principle, Computer Simulation RELIGION: Ancient Egyptian Mysteries, Ancient Babylonian Mysteries, Authentic Kabbalah.< Less
The History of Christmas By Howard West
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Have you ever wondered about the history of Christmas and why so many people celebrate it? This book will answer many questions pertaining to that: How did Christmas start? When did Christmas become... More > a day for children? What people were the first to celebrate Christmas? How did Christmas get commercialized? What does the Winter Solstice have to do with Christmas? Was Christmas Day always about Jesus? How did Santa Claus get entwined in the holiday? If you ever wondered about these questions concerning Christmas, this book is for you. This book is a short work but powerful, packed with detailed discussion on Christmas and its history.< Less