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Toli Bugiyal Trek: Himalayas By Indrajit Bandyopadhyay
eBook (ePub): $5.99
This Book features the author's one of many trekking adventures and experiences in the Garhwal Himalayas, in the present state of Uttaranchal in India. The place is Toli Bugiyal - an unusual place... More > for trekking in the monsoon. The lucid, humourous style, detailed descriptions, and above all fabulous photography will certainly take the reader in a spell of mind travel, if the reader cannot actually come to India. If the reader wants to visit this celestial place amidst meditative mountains, this book can be the best guide.< Less
Himalaya Rudranath Trek By Indrajit Bandyopadhyay
eBook (ePub): $4.99
This is description of the author's one of many treks in the Garhwal Himalayas in the present state of Uttaranchal in India. Rudranath is one of the five Kedars - an abode of Lord Shiva. The book... More > will certainly take you to a mind-journey to one of the most beautiful places in the world, and the fabulous shots of the author will give you the real feeling. This book is also a valuable guide if you decide to go there ...< Less
Indian Forest Safari - Nagzira By Indrajit Bandyopadhyay
eBook (ePub): $8.99
India offers a vast repository of flora and fauna. It is the land where every nature lovers' dream comes true. In this series, the author narrates his own experience in different forests of India.... More > This time it is Nagzira Tiger Reserve in the state of Maharashtra. The encounter with big cats is worth reading ...< Less
Sundarvan – Kingdom of Green By Indrajit Bandyopadhyay
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Sundarvan is one crowning asset of India and Bengal. The forest, best known as the habitat of the Royal Bengal Tiger, is an evergreen turf rich in flora and fauna. In this book, the author, an avid... More > traveler and nature lover, narrates his first experience with the forest.< Less
Coastal Trekking In India - A Traveler's Diary By Indrajit Bandyopadhyay
eBook (ePub): $12.99
Trekking is adventure and the very metaphor for life. Though trekking in mountainous region is most popular, there are various avatars of trekking to add spice to life - like desert trekking, nature... More > trekking etc. In this book, the author, an avid traveler, photographer and nature lover, narrates his two experiences of coastal trekking - Chandipur to New Digha, and Paradeep to Konark. India offers a vast coastal line which thrives with rich bio-diversity and cultural diversity. Therefore, coastal trekking offers one the unique opportunity to know True India. Reading this book, one would feel one is actually trekking along the Indian coast. The author's excellent capture of flora, fauna and human culture along the coast, gives one a firsthand glimpse of the unknown India.< Less
Female Evolutionary Sexuality, Aphrodite-Venus: Lessons on Love & Sex By Indrajit Bandyopadhyay
eBook (ePub): $7.99
In the first part of this book series, the author, as characteristic of him in his Rational Approach to Ancient Indian Itihāsa-Puraṇas, studies the Aphrodite-Ares (Venus-Mars) Love Affair... More > in Greek and Roman Mythology as found in Ancient Art, Sculpture, Renaissance Paintings, and other depictions. Without going into the technicalities of Art, the author attempts new Alternative Readings viewing them as Commentaries and Coded Messages on Gender Relation. In analyzing Aphrodite-Venus Greek and Roman Mythology, the author frequently refers to Ovid and Vātsyāyana’s (Kāmasūtra) immortal wisdom and also attempts comparative analysis of Sculptures of Khajuraho on same theme - to show the unity of Ancient Wisdom on the Art of Love. This book can be read as an interpretative study of Greek and Roman Myths of Aphrodite/ Venus and Ares/ Mars, and Renaissance paintings on them, as also as a guideline on Love-Sexual Relation, and ‘Modern’ Dating with insights on Female Psychology and Woman Mystery.< Less
Mahabharata: Two Stories By Indrajit Bandyopadhyay
eBook (ePub): $5.99
Two stories on Mahabharata. The first 'Khandavadahana' is an interpretative story on why and how Krishna and Arjuna burnt the Khandava forest, and its political significance. The story attempts to... More > interpret Mahabharata rationally by extracting 'history' from Myth. The story also attempts to portray Krishna and Arjuna's characters from 'modern' perspective. The second story is about the next generation Pandavas, i.e. the sons of the Pandavas, and their thoughts and anguishes about the coming Kurukshetra war. The story attempts to portray the 'marginalised' characters of Mahabharata.< Less
Mythological Stories: Brahma Indra-Vritra By Indrajit Bandyopadhyay
eBook (ePub): $3.99
This Book contains two thought-provoking stories - "Brahma: Four-Headed Federal System," and "Indra’s Foe: Vrtra’s Last Wish." In the first story, the author takes... More > Brahma, the Creator of the Universe in Hindu Mythology. Brahma has Four Heads, and the author's imagination engages the Four Heads in a debate about the present and future of the World, that reveal much about vague ideologies like Communism, and questions modern democratic systems. The second story is based on characters from Rg Veda - Indra, Vritra and Vamadeva. Vritra is the archetype snake villain, and Indra is hailed for killing him. Through the story, the author, posing Indra and Vritra in a peculiar situation just before Vritra's death, questions whether a villain is really a villain, and a hero is really a hero. A must read for modern interpretation of Hindu Mythology. It is the author's journey into the great minds of ancient sages.< Less
Krishna, Krishna-Arjuna, Krishnaa-Draupadi, and Vyasa: Mahabharata By Indrajit Bandyopadhyay
eBook (ePub): $7.99
This book consists of five essays on Mahabharata titled - 1. Krshhna, Last Days: Significance of “16” in the 16th Mausala Parvan, and Vyaasa the Fisherman-Kaala (Time) 2. Krshhna and... More > Arjuna, Night and Day in Rotation: An Analysis of Vyaasa's Discourse on Time and Power in the Light of Vedas, Shatapatha Braahmana, and Upanishhads 3. Indra-Vishhnu on One Chariot: Metaphor for Raashtriya Policy of Community Welfare through Dharma-Vidyaa-Vaarttaa Connection 4. Draupadiii, Sexuality as Weapon: Reading Mahaabhaarata Rationally in the light of Kautilya’s Arthashaastra, and 5. Draupadiii, Aspects of Shacii-Indraanii The essays explore Mahabharata from entirely new angles. The author intends to have a glimpse of Vyasa's oceanic mind in search of gems from India’s glorious past and tradition and find their modern relevance.< Less
Mahabharata: Two More Stories By Indrajit Bandyopadhyay
eBook (ePub): $6.99
The first story "Draupadi Satyabhama Samvada" is based on an episode in Mahabharata. Satyabhama, Krishna's wife, meets Draupadi, the wife of five Pandavas, and ask her how she manages her... More > five husbands. Actually, Satyabhama is insecure in her married life that she cannot 'control' Krishna, and wants to know from Draupadi how she can 'tame' Krishna. The conversation that follows reveal much about Draupadi's character, her powerful sexuality, her 'inner secrets' etc. The story written in humourous style is a brilliant interpretative exposition of Mahabharata. The second story "Draupadi's Last Trek" is another interpretative humour on Draupadi and Pandavas' character. As they set out for their last journey, the inner dimensions of their characters are revealed to each other. And now, Yudhishthira falls first ... and Draupadi survives them all. Finally, Draupadi reaches Heaven. Indra comes to take her. What happens then?< Less

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