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A one-act verse-play depicting the home-coming of Agamemnon at the end of the Trojan War with all the looted treasure he has managed to pack into his ship, and his special prize, the captive princess... More > Cassandra of Troy. His wife Clytemnestra, the sister of Helen, has a surprise in store for him. Only it is no surprise to Cassandra, for she is Apollo's Woman, the seeress, the famous soothsayer whom no one believes. She knows what is about to happen to Agamemnon, just as she knows what is about to happen to her - and what will eventually happen to Clytemnestra. A dramatic scene out of the distant past as extraordinary people come face to face with death.< Less
The Complete Tarot Poems By James Munro
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This is not a sequence of poems. Each one of the seventy-eight poems in this collection (corresponding to the seventy eight cards in the Tarot Pack) is quite different from all the others, as unique... More > and original as the card to which it refers. For example: III of Swords The rain falls ... The heart is pierced not once but again and again ... And still the rain falls. Only rain can make the flowers grow and bloom and blow in the wind and sunshine. Only a pierced heart can know what it is to love. VII of Wands Fending off sticks and stones and spears is child's-play. Brushing off your neighbours' jeers, the sneers of work-place rivals, your own self-doubt and fears is not. Yet children do it every day. That's one example each from two suits of the Minor Arcana. As you can imagine, many of the best poems relate to the Major Arcana – but for those you'll have to buy the book. (Even a poet must eat!)< Less
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A poet's own anthology of that cluster of wonderful English-language poets who first drew breath (and no doubt screamed) during the period of little more than a century which lay between the birth of... More > William Blake (1757) and that of Robert Service and Robert Frost (1874). Each and every one was born a romantic.< Less
The Jesus Bhakti Poems By James Munro
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From THE JESUS BHAKTI POEMS Good girls don't - This one did, O Lord of the Night, Lord of the Less-than-perfect. ***** My kingdom is not of this world, he said, the world where might is... More > right. Daft, they said, and placed a purple robe upon the Lord of Night and a crown of thorns pressed down upon his head and knelt to him and laughed. ***** As liars will, the liars lied. The Lord of Truth no word replied - so he was crucified. Contend with priests? A waste of breath. The Lord of Life was taken out and put to death. From FIN DE MILLENNIUM THE OLD MAN SPEAKS You take the high road, you take the low road, you take the bloody motorway: but I was in Scotland 'afore ye ...< Less

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