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The Hidden Variables Theory: The Initial Values of the Fundamental Constants in Physics By Israel Fried
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This revision presents among other discoveries that the electrical charge of any subatomic particle is originated from its Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM). If the OAM is offset, the particle is... More > neutral. The electron mass is a magnitude that expresses quantitatively the square of its magnetic flux quantum. The proton, the neutron and all the baryons consist of three energy levels on which the quarks are orbiting. The third energy level is equivalent to 80.7 Gev; it plays a role at decaying process through the weak force while it hosts charged mesons (The Pentaquark is created this way for instance), that ultimately are emitted out thru the W bosons that acquire the level's energy. The quark’s OAM is a third or two thirds of the reduced plank constant. The proton's missing spin is resolved by the contribution of the quark's OAM. The electron is a bound state composition of a negative Pi meson and an electron neutrino. The second and third quarks generations are a variation of the down and up quarks compositions.< Less

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