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The Hidden Variables Theory: The Initial Values of the Fundamental Constants in Physics By Israel Fried
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The book covers the entire process of finding theoretically the fundamental constants in physics. The theory has discovered that there must be two speeds of the light. One, the speed that travels in... More > vacuum over long distances, and one that is higher than that which travels within the atomic domain distances which makes it hard to be discovered. The hidden variables theory here is non local variables which are not excluded by the Bell's theorem. The theory presents a model of the inner structure of the proton and the neutron described by a three energy levels on which the quarks are orbiting. It explains how the Higgs boson is generated with the mass of ~ 125 Gev (Its discovery announcement was made on 4th July 2012 at CERN LHC). The theory provides a new interpretation for the second and third generation quarks, revealing the inner structure of the electron and other leptons, and among other topics it solves the proton "spin crisis", and the proton's "charge radius" controversial.< Less

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