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Crestfallen: The Masked Thief - Part #1 By R. Kain
eBook (ePub): $1.00
Sometimes you did what you had to in order to survive in a world where superheroes and villains thrived. By day Joshua was a high-school student running games on classmates. By night he was a masked... More > thief that robbed from criminal underbelly of Nightingale City with the help underfunded genius willing to look the other way. He wasn’t an overrated hero or crazed villain. Just a nameless and unknown thief looking out for himself and a few others by playing a dangerous game. But when a crime boss went wild and threatened one of his own, he took on a name: Crestfallen. Now he has a covert operations team after him, one of their members being a classmate named Clare and holds powers of her own. And her assignment is to catch him and bring him in for what he stole, before the secrets he’s learned changes the world. The first part of the Masked Thief Arc and the first entry of the Crestfallen Series, this short story contains over [14,000 words] and a bonus excerpt from Flux Zone.< Less
Arcane Advent I: The Mage, the Girl, and the Ruined City By R. Kain
eBook (ePub): $0.00
The curtain of tragedy descended upon the unsuspecting people under the light of the crimson moon. The elements raged, vicious beasts painting the asphalt and concrete scarlet with the blood of the... More > innocent and the guilty, the young and the old alike. Their lives were sacrificed, offered up to stir the sleeping demon into awakening. In the end only two remained to tell the tale of the ruined city, a story of survival against all odds where magick and mages did battle for the sake of power. Awakening at the center of the cataclysm, the runic mage wielding mystic arts took it upon himself to carry the wishes of the fallen on his back. He became their Avenger, seeking to end the nightmare. The girl who remained at his side, the sole remaining innocent left in the city, could only watch as he shed blood for her while flames burned the world around her. Now has a sequel: The Dark Bible (Arcane Advent II)< Less
Wands & Vials: A Witch's Flame By R. Kain
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Flames danced as the incantation left the witch’s lips. Her heart was set ablaze and the spell surged forth into a wild fire that consumed all despair and desperation. What started as a normal... More > day of work, school, romance, and detention ended with Alice Pyralis venturing into the forest where predators and monsters of all kinds lie and wait, racing to save a classmate that she would like nothing better than to fry herself. This action-adventure fantasy novelette sequel to Wands and Vials: An Alchemist Sets Out contains over [16,000+words] and follows two days in the life of Alice Pyralis, a witch and student at the magical academy of Amadeus Magica in the world of Trimagus.< Less
Phantasmagoria By R. Kain
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The role of an exorcist was to protect the people of the world from the departed who refused to move on and the damned who clung to the mortal realm. Whether the threat was a Spirit, a Fiend, or a... More > Demon, they would never give up, even if the world around them remained ignorant of their sacrifices. But there were always exceptions to the rules. Alexia Sinclair made her disdain of her duty as an ectomancer in the service of the exorcists and so-called higher powers clear. She hated the burden that rested within her soul, taking without giving and eating away at her sense of self. The life she lived was one that would end without a clean death one way or another. However, when one of the few people in the world who she allowed herself to care for was killed in the line of duty, she returned to the place of her birth to get revenge. Armed with a gun in one hand and the Gytrash tearing at her soul, the exorcism that took place would be one that would test her resolve.< Less
Flux Zone: (Chasing Andros Vol.I) By R. Kain
eBook (ePub): $2.99
In a world of super heroes and villains, having superpowers doesn’t necessarily make you a hero or villain. Sometimes you might save a damsel-in-distress on a whim. Other times you might rob a... More > drug dealer blind and fleece an unsuspecting mark for cash. In my case, I’m simply out for revenge against Doctor Andros, a death dealer to villains everywhere, after escaping being experimented on for three years and developing powers of my own. But I’m not alone. Several others gained abilities of their own and working alongside a team, we have to try and collect the rest of our allies before Andros gets his hands on them first. And we have to do it all without drawing the eyes of the Hero Coalition or other villains who’d love to find out just what makes us special. This exciting action-adventure novella is over [27,700 words] and serves as the first entry into the Chasing Andros series.< Less

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