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Lute On A Chain: The Conclusion of A Trilogy By J. L. Koester
Paperback: $15.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
In this concluding volume of the trilogy, King's Prisoner Lute finds himself on the way to the mainland in an attempt to secure a Royal Pardon from the king. Once there his troubles are only... More > beginning as Light Wizards test his mettle and Dark Wizards seek to complete their own nefarious plans. With Wizard Dakk serving penance, Jesella gone, and surrounded by strangers, will Lute continue to be the model prisoner or will he embrace the future the Maker holds out before him?< Less
The Magic Bludger By John Chalmers
Paperback: $6.18
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is a story of post Apocalyptic Australia. Aboriginal and European mythologies meet and blend in a fantastic tale of adventure and realisation. Through it all stalks the enigmatic Magic Bludger... More > whose magic exists only in his feverish imagination. Follow his stumbling and improbable progress to enlightenment.< Less
Exit the Cuckoo's Court, pocketbook edition By Naomi Love
Paperback: $19.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
'Exit the Cuckoo's Court" tackles the stereotype of the single mother caught in the web of the court system. Kat chooses honesty over the role laid out by lawyers for her in a court scenario. ... More > Because of this she has to find unconventional ways to keep a roof over her children's heads and food in their mouths. Kat is not a victim, nor is she perfect. Her own dysfunctional background is explored as a back drop to the choices she made. An embarrassingly high number of single mothers live in poverty. As a consequence, child poverty continues to grow. This book is based on a true story. Names have been changed.< Less
Arrius the Bard By David Beaver
eBook (PDF): $0.00
An epic and speculative tale about the ancient elven prophet of Diamic, Arrius the bard. Living alone in the mountains, Arrius relentlessly seeks the legendary place known as the "The Spring of... More > Life" he wonders if he will ever find it, especially as it is hidden and held by those corrupting the Source, The Spring of Life, and tainting their waters. Arrius must find the spring and purify its waters, lest his people the elves, and even the world of Diamic itself may be destroyed. If you enjoy this story check out my website, or my series blog at, for more of my fiction and more about my fantasy world. Keywords: seeking Arrius the bard elves elf fairytale magic adventure The Universe the source God truth spiritual fiction speculative world Fantasy diamic< Less
The Acolyte's Relic, Part I: The Disappearance By J. L. Koester
Paperback: $14.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
Senior Acolyte Vee has gone on a quest for an ancient relic of great power that will aid in the fight against the forces of Darkness. But something has gone terribly wrong. When he... More > doesn't return to the Fortress of Sunset, the Wizards of the Light send a Tracker and a Warrior into the howling winter winds to bring him back. And Darkness lurks in the wind-swept corners of the white-shrouded realm. So begins The Acolyte's Relic. A sweeping trilogy that travels from the hallowed halls of the Fortress of Sunset to the stormy seas of the Green Sea. With magic, myth, and deception thrown into the mix, it is a timeless fantasy adventure from the author of His Blood for Everodia and the Lute trilogy.< Less
The Acolyte's Relic, Part II: The Guardian By J. L. Koester
Paperback: $14.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
Continuing where The Acolyte's Relic, Part One left off, Part Two finds the Acolyte in the hands of Darkness after his ill-fated attempt to secure an ancient relic for the side of the Light. His... More > faith in the Maker and loyalty to the Fortress of Sunset are put to the test as he seeks to protect both Lady Nansill and his own sanity in the midst of mayhem and chaos. Meanwhile Wizard Dakk has gone into exile at a place of the pirate captain's choosing. How will his duty to the Maker conflict with his obligation to remain in slavery for the sake of saving lives? Back at the Fortress, the Grand Wizard remains poised on the brink between life and death. The sole remaining Acolyte must walk a thin line between duty to the Fortress and his passion for action as he negotiates the tricky maze of Fortress politics. The tale of Wizards, magic, pirates, and more continues in The Acolyte's Relic, Part Two: The Guardian.< Less
Rose Dancer By Christine A. Earle
Paperback: $11.92
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is the story of a fictional creature called a Chamilin (pronounced SHAM-a-lin) which resembles a cross of an Arabian horse and a whitetailed deer with no antlers. They are prey animals, and like... More > such animals, the Chamilins have their joys, problems, solutions...and tragedies. The main character Rose Dancer was born different: her "stare" can drive away enemies, and her sweetness draws good creatures. Even at 10 minutes old, she makes a mortal enemy: a rotten-hearted male Chamilin called Stone Heart. There are additions and loses throughout Rose's childhood, and how she deals with these are told. Can her gift of the "stare" save her herd...or herself?< Less
Bottspyder By Malcolm Brown
Paperback: $14.20
Prints in 3-5 business days
BOTTSPYDER is a fantasy novel, set in an alternate 15th century world populated by humans, magicians, witches, ghosts, dwarves, dragons, demons, angels and large, hairy, white apes that live in the... More > ice regions and travel on sledges. The story concerns an evil, hunchbacked creature called Bottspyder who is half-human, and half-demon (mostly the left half). It follows his unconventional conception, painful birth and blood-drenched rise to power in a land called Erraflynn. The inevitable conflict between good and evil leads to shifting allegiances and confrontations that can only be resolved finally in the Battle of Firefell Field.< Less
The First Free King of The north By David Beaver
Paperback: $11.14
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
Dabuse Foxington has grown up all his life in the prosperous and powerful empire of Gabriel. His family, true patriots of the empire, have done the best they can to raise him to love the nation he... More > calls home, and the governing powers therein, who shelter them from perceived enemies. All Dabuse sees however, is the evil and hypocrisy of the empire ands her overindulgent king. It only gets worse for him when he is drafted into the armed forces and watches even as his own hands slay the innocent in the name of the empire. Such horrors lead him to abandon his post as an esteemed lieutennant and pursue a life of his own choosing. All does not go well, however. Dabuse's destiny is to be a soldier, and he must wrestle with the ugly goddess of fate herself and face every challenge and enemy she puts in his path, if he is to become...The First Free King of The North. For the ebook:< Less
Fugue & Intrigue By P. D. Wittgenstein
Paperback: $10.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
Four bizarre stories by the late, great P. D. Wittgenstein. Each representing a different fantasy genre, from the surreal, to the horrific, from the sci-fi-ish to magic realism.

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