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Sketchbook 72 By Barbara Nessim
Paperback: $45.00
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Foreword, by Barbara Nessim. The following pages are a faithful reproduction of my 72nd sketchbook, finished December 22nd, 1998. I have completed almost 100 books since 1974, and they are... More > instrumental to my creative process. My sketchbooks serve as an archive of imagery and ideas that inform my entire body of artwork. There are just 3 rules for these books: 1) must have beginning and end pages with dates 2) must work page after page 3) no page is torn out< Less
thefacebook vol 72 By Chris Bowes
Paperback: $30.00
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------- Intro ------- This was generated around July 15, 2010. ------- Files ------- Filename ... More > Description -------------------------------------------------- facebook-names-original All names, including duplicates --------- sha1sum --------- facebook-names-original.txt.bz2 01fdceb802e2a43d1f05a3a38b9e368bad8ce10e< Less
72 Ways To Create Powerful Niches By JUI MING CHANG
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Ways to create powerful niches 1. To create a powerful niche, there is only one thing that you need and that is lots and lots of traffic. Search engines help you a lot in bringing free traffic to... More > your niche. You just have to implement good optimization strategies and your page rank improves a lot. 2. SEO i.e. search engine optimization enables you to get a higher page rank when a user searches for particular keywords. It can be implemented in many ways. One is to program your website and another being using unique and most searched keywords. 3. Improve your content and refresh it frequently. Customers do not want to see the same content again and again. They wish to see something new every time they visit your niche. So, its better to frequently update the contents of your website.< Less
International Journal of Language Studies (IJLS) – volume 7(2) By Mohammad Ali Salmani Nodoushan
Paperback: $68.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Papers in this issue by: Louise CUMMINGS (1-30); Theresa CATALANO & Linda R. WAUGH (31-60); Zhi LI (61-82);Wen Hsien YANG (83-108); D. Catalina MÉNDEZ VALLEJO (109-142); Fereshteh... More > AHANGARI & Nafiseh MORADI (143-153); Şakire ERBAY (154-156)< Less
72nd Latin Bible by Johann Amerbach at Basel, Switzerland in 1486 - National Library at Vienna, Austria By Richard Estes
Paperback: $60.00
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Book #446 - 107th Bible & 72nd Latin Bible. Printed by Johann Amerbach at Basel, Switzerland in 1486. There are 68 Bibles in libraries today. Complete has 47 and imperfect has 21. I am using the... More > Bible at the National Library at Vienna, Austria. They have 1 Bible and it is complete. All profit goes to that Library!< Less
Capture Song Book Number 50de72e1d08960942fb21737 By Capture
Hardcover: $25.47
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Ceci est une des versions plausibles de l'existence de Nichita La télévision appelle le charivari je ne veux rien savoir Avec exaltation moi le rocker je désire le... More > déboire l'assurance de l'incident Let it rock let it rock let it Incohérence cohue désordre Pour survivre tout homme défendses secrets ou le croit je ne cherche pas à comprendre Rien ne peut faire que Nichita ne s'amuse Let it rock let it rock let it Moi je considère Nichita comme une imbécile Faire ça ou autre chose peu m'importe Moi le rocker je fais toujours ce que je veux je ne sais jamais ce que je vais regretter Ses yeux imaginent des mêlées vivre au quotidien Le monde entier me paraît obscur Nichita déteste aller à Vegas au< Less
Capture Song Book Number 50bb48517268308a1f953a72 By Capture
Hardcover: $25.45
Prints in 3-5 business days
Ce que je crois vrai N'est jamais authentique Ca t'prend les tripes ca t'prend la tête Explication introduction Quand y a plus il ya encore Le noir est ma couleur raisonner ou ... More > baiser Finalement peut-être que je ne suis pas si coriace Alors elle sort pouroublier tous mes ennuis Mes valeurs les plus chères pour toi Elizabeth regarde autour d'elle d'un regard épouvanté et aigre Qui dit monnaie dit dépenses raisonner ou baiser Apprends-moi Lutte contre le cyclone A quoi ça rime dis moi j'n'aime pas- pas du tout - les tussilages Elizabeth refuse toute félicité amoureuse raisonner ou baiser Je dormirai seul ce soir pour la énième fois je sais si je te veux je ne me plains pas, non< Less
Chemistry of Proteins and Hemoglobin By Homework Help Classof1
eBook (PDF): $5.99
"1. Protein A has a binding site for ligand X with a Kdof 10-6M. Protein B has a binding site for ligand X with a Kdof 10-9M. Which protein has the higher affinity for ligand X? 2. What is the... More > effect of the following changes on the O2 affinity of hemoglobin? (a) A decrease in the blood pH from 7.4 to 7.2. (b) A decrease in the partial pressure of CO2in the lungs from 6 kPa (holding one's breath) to 2 kPa (normal). (c) An increase in the BPG level from 5 mM (normal altitudes) to 8 mM (high altitudes). For (c), also consider fetal hemoglobin. "< Less
An American Boy In England #1 By SANDY THOMAS
eBook (PDF): $5.99
AN AMERICAN BOY IN ENGLAND #1-This story is considered by many to be the best written...ever! A great read. You find out what is worn under kilts and more!! Four volumes of classic C-Ding. TV... More > SERIALS. 72 pages< Less
Business English Tests 1 By Fevzi Karsili
eBook (ePub): $7.99
1000 business English tests with dynamic online class. Some topics are:58. Money Matters (4)59. Quality Control60. Product Improvement61. Employment and Training62. Agreements63. Super Supermarkets... More > 64. Are You in Debt?65. Guarantees and Warranties66. At the Office (1)67. At the Office (2)68. Legal Expressions69. Invoices70. Taxes71. Finance72. Interviews and Jobs73. Wo4rking Well74. Pay and Allowances75. Internet Business (1)76. Internet Business (2)77. Verbal Communication Skills78. Corporate Policy (1)79. Corporate Policy (2)80. Corporate Policy (3)81. Behaviour Guidline82. How to assess employees83. Money Slang Expressions84. Accounting terms85. Payroll policy in the USA86. Job Interview Advice87. Dental Care Expressions88. Insurance Policy Vocabulary89. Contracts and agreements90. The Business Plan91. Conference Advice92. Computer Health93. Marketing Strategies94. Warranties95. Office Technology Problems96. Secretarial Office Procedures97. Basic Electronics98. Business Letter Basics99.< Less