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RNCSE 17.3 By Andrew Petto
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This is Issue 17.3 of the Reports of the National Center for Science Education.
Sketchbook 17 By Barbara Nessim
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Foreword, by Barbara Nessim: The following pages are a faithful reproduction of my 17th sketchbook, finished August 30, 1981. I have completed almost 100 books to date, and they are instrumental to... More > my creative process. My sketchbooks serve as an archive of imagery and ideas that inform my entire body of artwork. There are just 3 rules for these books: 1) must have beginning and end pages with dates 2) must work page after page 3) no page is torn out< Less
Violent! #17 By Jay Eales
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Violent! #17 (Cover by Darren Winter) Edited by Jay Eales Space Dude: Devil-Chick Planet of Peril Episode 8 by Darren Douglas Knuckles Chapter 5 by Jay Eales & Chris Askham The Sexy Thief With No... More > Name : Night at the Museum by Finn Clark & Jay Rainford-Nash The Silent Service by Jay Eales & Paul McCaffrey S.S.O.B. Part 3 by Alex Smith Jonbar Hinge: Take Me To Your Cleaner : Part 1 by Jay Eales & Andrew Radbourne Hard-Boiled Hitler : Episode Zehn : Bitte Surrender by Mike Sivier, Stephen Prestwood & Jay Eales< Less
17) KR3: Drollys a Lyes Bro (KU) By EF Young & WT Field
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Dyllans KU) An 3sa lyver y'n kevres redya rak dyscoryon a Gernewek. Nebes gwersyow Dama Goth, kefrys ha whethlow gweryn a vroyow adro dhe'n bys, nebes anedha dasscryfys avel gwaryow ber.... More > -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- (UC Edition) The 3rd book in the reading series for learners of Cornish. Some Mother Goose rhymes, as well as folk tales from countries around the world, some of them rewritten as short plays.< Less
17 Monk Feats By The Le
eBook (PDF): $4.99
The 3.x edition of d20 lives on with 17 Monk Feats!
Reading Book 17 By Adrian Harrison
eBook (PDF): $2.56
This books helps children from 3,4,5,6,7 to read properly. A very simple reading books for children.
thefacebook vol 17 By Chris Bowes
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------- Intro ------- This was generated around July 15, 2010. ------- Files ------- Filename ... More > Description -------------------------------------------------- facebook-names-original All names, including duplicates --------- sha1sum --------- facebook-names-original.txt.bz2 01fdceb802e2a43d1f05a3a38b9e368bad8ce10e< Less
17 Tips Project By Ellen Mueller
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17 Tips Project is a response to Brooklyn-based artist William Powhida’s work, "Tips for Artists Who Want to Sell (New and Unimproved)" (2010). Over the course of 17 weeks, artists... More > were given a weekly prompt based on one of Powhida’s original tips, culminating in a catalog and curated exhibition. The works included in the 17 Tips Project are diverse in media, including traditional 2D and 3D media, internet art, animated GIFs and video. The exhibition and catalog includes the work of 18 national and international artists. WARNING: This project contains subject matter that some may not find suitable for all ages.< Less
The Station 17 Chronicles By Oli Jacobs
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Welcome to Station 17. Built as a Research Station by Hawks/Carpenter, to investigate the Shackleton Trench, it has now become a dark legend told in hushed whispers. A cursed place, where people go... More > mad. If they even live. In The Station 17 Chronicles, you'll find 3 stories of the doomed facility. In Underneath, ex-cop Terry King takes a job as security there to overcome his demons. However, once he descends to the depths of Station 17, he finds his personal demons aren't the only horrors he'll face. In Stains, volatile CEO of Hawks/Carpenter, Kent Hawks, decides to take back the Station. Along with a rag-tag crew including his bodyguard, an IT tech, and a survivor of Station 17, he'd determined to get it up and running again. But the Station has it's own plans for Kent. Finally, Station 17 tells the ultimate fate of the Station. Written off, and left to rot, it still has some horrors left to tell.< Less
Puniverse (Vol. 17) By Stephen McLaughlin
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phil full of lead pill full of lead quill full of lead rill full of lead shill full of lead shrill full of lead sill full of lead skill full of lead spill full of lead squill full of lead still full... More > of lead swill full of lead thill full of lead thrill full of lead til full of lead till full of lead trill full of lead twill full of lead we’ll full of lead will full of lead zill full of lead fill bull of lead fill pull of lead fill wool of lead fill full of bead fill full of bed fill full of bled Stephen McLaughlin is a senior editor at the PennSound poetry archive and hosts the podcast Into the Field for Jacket2. He created the 3,785-page PDF anthology Issue 1 with Jim Carpenter in 2008, an excerpt of which was included in Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing. His first book of poems is Infinite Unexplored Domain of Poetic Values by Easter Halloween (Principal Hand Editions, 2011). < Less