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Vintage Children's Knitted Set - Jacket and Hood By Pattern from 1918 by Anonymous
eBook (PDF): $2.00
The pattern for this cute babies' set was first published in 1918. Click on Preview this book to look at the picture. The picture is in the first page, not on the cover.
Sweater and Cap for Dolly By Anonymous Author from 1918
eBook (PDF): $2.00
This set will make a charming gift for a little girl. By using fourfold Germantown the sweater will be large enough for the small mother herself to wear, or it may be easily enlarged by using the... More > heavier wool and working in the same pattern on a longer foundation-chain. The cap may also be made large enough for a child by adding to the number of bean-stitches in each row. The pattern is from 1918. Click on Preview this Book to see the picture. It is on the first page, not on the cover.< Less
Kneecap By Anonymous Author from 1918
eBook (PDF): $2.00
Elderly people, or those at all inclined to rheumatic twinges, appreciate the kneecap, and a pair of them will make a most acceptable gift to grandpa or grandma. No. 12 steel needles and Germantown... More > yarn were used for the model, which may be made more or less heavy, as desired, by choosing coarser or finer yarn. The patten is from 1918. A conversion chart for old needles is provided. Click on Preview this book to see the picture. It is on the first page, not on the cover.< Less
How Shall I Study My Bible? By Frederick W. Farr (1918)
Paperback: $4.75
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How Shall I Study My Bible? Frederick W. Farr (1918) Theory precedes practice. How could a man ever do anything unless he knows how it ought to be done? We not only have to be taught, we have to be... More > trained. We must learn the theory, we must acquire the practice and knowledge as a means to an end. I shall briefly mention seven conditions under which Bible study may be prosecuted with success. The seven conditions under which Bible study may be pursued: Regeneration Baptism of the Holy Spirit Ravenous appetite Unflagging industry Implicit obedience Reverent humility Ceaseless prayer Includes: Prayer Power By Dr. Frederic W. Farr Dependence on Christ By Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896) Secret Prayer Successfully Managed By The Reverend Samuel Lee (1627-1688)< Less
Knitted Slippers with Ermine Trimming By Unknown Author from 1918
eBook (PDF): $2.00
These slippers are very easily knitted, extremely pretty and may be made to fit any size of sole. For a larger slipper cast on an additional number of stitches for the square, which will make the... More > strip proportionally wider; knit it long enough for the larger sole, and make the border wider, if desired. A smaller slipper is begun with less stitches, following the same general directions. The pattern is in PDF format.< Less
Dollars Want Me By Brown Henry Harrison (1840-1918)
eBook (PDF): $1.63
Original full text of Henry Harrison Brown on the honey-bee method of money-making. "You do business with thoughts only; dollars are but materialized thoughts." Dollars are manifestations... More > of the One Infinite Substance as you are, but, unlike you, they are not Self-Conscious. They have no power till you give man and not demand man for things! Whoever realizes this Truth cannot want. All nature want him, is constantly bidding for him, and even lying in wait for him. Now I never weaken my Honey-Pot position by affirming that I want anything. I say it wants me, and I know it will come. You must back up your state honey-pot and the swarm of summer flies; you are the pot of honey — the dollars are the flies. The honey is a power — irresistible power so far as flies go — they want, it is a great center of attraction.< Less
1918 Diary of Doc Day By Ron Snow
Hardcover: $16.40
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The 1918 diary of Royal Harvey Day, the year he turned 18, graduated from Pasadena H.S., started college, entered the Army (the U.S. had just entered WWI), learned to dance, and just began his adult... More > life...< Less
Charlotte 1918-1928 By James F. Park
Paperback: $6.98
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She didn't remember much about nineteen eighteen but her mother Gladys did especially the twentieth of January because that was the day she, Charlotte, was born and it was also a black day for the... More > British Navy because The HMS Raglan was sunk during the Battle of Imbros with the loss of one hundred and twenty seven lives one of which was the father she'd never know but when on that dark day the twentieth of January nineteen eighteen Peggy McNally an almost twenty year old gave birth to a bouncing baby boy she called David in the next bed but one neither baby knew that from that day their lives would be entwined forever and the eventual outcome would be catastrophic.< Less
Krazy Kat 1918 [Anthology] By George Herriman
eBook (ePub): $2.99
An anthology of George Herriman's famous cat and mouse duo/rivalry Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse. This volume is composed of daily comic strips which ran in America during 1918. Over 100 pages.
1918 Blue Skies Aloft By Ron Eisele
eBook (ePub): $6.17
This magnificent novel of the air is set in the skies over northern France during the last year of the Great War. It is Spring 1918. Germany initiates a series of assaults along the Western Front in... More > an all-out struggle against the allies. To the men of 303 Squadron, bled by years of conflict, victory seems an impossible dream. Their Commanding Officer, Major Scott Cameron, must confront the future, changing times and the fulfilment of his destiny in the unforgiving skies where no quarter is asked or given. At home, more than his own future is at stake amid the hazards of influenza, conspiracy and profiteers. Scott must put all private hopes and fears behind him as betrayal threatens the very heart of all he loves. With attention to contemporary detail and vivacity of plot, Ron Eisele's outstanding ability as a storyteller is equalled by his skilful depiction and remarkable feeling for aerial warfare. 1918 Blue Skies Aloft immerses the reader in the brutal demands of a relentless and savage conflict.< Less