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The Bird Flu Survival Handbook By A J Ensor
eBook (PDF): $7.50
It's Only A Matter Of “When” NOT “If” H5N1 Will Arrive. There’s A Lot You Can Do to Protect Your Family and Community and You Can Start Learning Right Now. First Thing... More > Is To Get Past All The Lies And Rumors. The word "Plague" comes down to us from history representing death incarnate. It is a reference to an epidemic disease characterized by its fast movement and unusually high rate of mortality. It's most famous incarnation of the modern era was the 1918 Spanish Flu. Governments never managed to count all the dead from 1918. 250 to 500 million mortalities world wide is statistically realistic. Nothing could stop it. Now its 21st century cousin, The Bird Flu, is migrating throughout the globe. If we discover its human subtype six to nine months before a major outbreak we can keep survival rates high. If not, Bird Flu is far more deadly than its 1918 counterpart... AJ Ensor has been a Journalist for 16 years and his last book can be found at< Less
Infection Protection Pandemic By
eBook (PDF): $12.50
Historians estimate that, at one point, over half of the 1.6 billion people in the world in 1918 were infected with the Spanish Flu. Millions of young, healthy adults fell ill to the disease and... More > died from the suffocation it caused. The 1918 flu pandemic caused the largest one-year decline in the average lifespan in the United States in modern history, slashing it by a full twelve years. Sometimes referred to as "America's forgotten pandemic," the 1918 flu pandemic continues to haunt medical experts and scientists around the globe. We are on the verge of experiencing another worldwide infectious disease outbreak, this time perhaps caused by the bird flu virus known as H5N1. "Infection Protection: Pandemic" outlines dozens of natural, non toxic approaches aim to enhance your overall immune resistance to a wide variety of infectious diseases, be it seasonal influenza, the common cold, or even bird flu.< Less
The Mau Within: From Boys to Men By Angie La'ulu
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An adventure about three teenaged Samoan Boys who accidently unlock a passage back into Samoa's Past. An aunty can only provide guidance from a distance. Along the journey they are separated and... More > their paths take a different turn of events. Tama is faced with tests of courage. Laki discovers being of the world is a myriad of heartaches while his cousin Nifa must journey on.An evil Senior Constable Thomas Kelly who enjoys tormenting innocent Native Samoans persues them individually. Each boy is affected by their encounter with the devil spawned Kelly.He hunts Laki and Nifa preventing them from making contact with the 21st Century.Based upon Samoa's histories the events are illustrated through the eyes of the broken hearted, a past revealing the serpent side of human kind.Evident amongst the 1918 pandemic Spanish Influenza along slithering its way into the Mau Movements Black Saturday. Witnessing Samoa’s stance against oppression is something not all of the boys are ready to face.< Less