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Nursing: England to Burma 1940 - 1945 By margaret morgan
Paperback: $28.10
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A true story of ambition, adventure, and fear. Includes an account of our return journey.
The Kleos 1940s Collection, Part 1: 1940-1945 By APD Central Office
Hardcover: $30.00
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The Kleos: The Magazine of Alpha Phi Delta - 1940s Collection Part I: 1940-1945. Published by the Central Office of Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity
Nazi Commands at Auschwitz 1940 to 1945: SS Archive Data Revealed By Ernst Böhm
eBook (ePub): $5.99
This book gives the critical thinker an opportunity to look into the factual records of the SS at Auschwitz Headquarters and decide for himself what kind of people those Nazis really were. A few... More > succinct extracts from the 500-page German archive records have been selected for this revelation! There is no finagling involved by the author. What is presented to the reader in this book is an overview of how the SS thought and acted, based on archive records.< Less
Nazi Commands at Auschwitz 1940 to 1945: Archive Data Revealed By Ernst Böhm
Paperback: $11.00
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Tragically, the truth about Auschwitz is in the German archives, even exposed in a book semi-secretly nearly a decade ago, but is kept under the radar by the so-called journalists. There is, indeed,... More > a conspiracy to destroy the great German empire and its people. This is why this recent German exposé, translated into English, is an important step in bringing larger circles of light into darkness. Are you • Terrified over the horrors of Auschwitz you have been inundated with in Hollywood shows? • Thinking automatically that the Nazis are the worst people in the world? • Suspicious of Germans? • Of German ancestry and feeling guilty? • Not sure what to believe any longer with so much controversial media on YouTube? This book will give you evidence you probably have never heard of before and not more opinions and more lies! Here are exposed the plain facts from the archives of the German Empire. Find out how the Nazis really thought and acted from the archives.< Less
ANNONAY, histoires de guerre (1940-1945) By Sébastien Verney
Paperback: $19.38
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L’histoire de l’Ardèche, et donc de la ville d’Annonay, durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale est encore peu connue de nos jours. Ce travail historique cherche à combler un... More > vide historiographique autour d’une période sombre et méconnue de la plus grande ville d'Ardèche durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Basé sur une utilisation méthodique de sources d'archives peu utilisées à ce jour, ce livre permet de suivre le quotidien d'une population face aux difficultés nées de la guerre. que cela soit lors des combats de 1940, ceux de la Libération en 1944 ou encore quand des milliers de petites histoires émergent entre ravitaillement, répression et marché noir... . Œuvre de mémoire et acte citoyen, cet ouvrage comporte en seconde partie, le brillant travail de trois élèves du collège Les Perrières d’Annonay récompensé par le premier prix de la 6e catégorie du prestigieux Concours national de la Résistance et de la Déportation en 2015< Less
Men's Tailoring - 1945 Edition By The Master Designer
Paperback: $16.50
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Men's Tailoring - 1945 Edition details how to make and mend men's trousers, vests, suits and coats. This book also contains numerous tables, engravings and diagrams. Originally published in 1935 by... More > The Master Designer, Chicago, Ill.< Less
War Gave Us Wings: Australia's Contribution to the Empire Air Training Scheme 1940-1945 By Col King
eBook (ePub): $4.99
This book details the gigantic British Empire Air Training Scheme - 1940-1945 - created for production of hundreds of thousands of airmen for use by the Royal Air Force during World War2. This vast... More > scheme is outlined and detailed. The training is presented in personal accounts. The men who then experienced action against the enemy give their stories of air battles, capture, and escapes. The final chapters are filled with historical and technical material illustrating how the Allies achieved air supremacy - an astounding achievement, leading to victory. The book contains 62 illustrations.< Less
The Complete Army Handbook of the Imperial Japanese Army: Manchuria & SE Asia 1940-1945: Compatible with Flames of War By Dean Wilson
eBook (ePub): $8.98
The Complete Army Handbook on Imperial Japanese Forces is the database to allow you to field a Japanese force in your Flames of War (The WW2 tabletop miniatures game) games. Armed with this book you... More > can conquer the plains of Manchuria, invade Tibet, attack the British in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Malaysia, Singapore and Burma. Dominate SE Asia with your forces and take the pacific War to new, unexplored, heights!< Less
Die Geschichte der 291. Infanterie Division 1940-1945 By Werner Conze
eBook (PDF): $4.98
Inhalt. I. Aufstellung in Arys II. Der Feldzug in Frankreich III. Baltikum und Ingermannland IV. Winterkampf zwischen Ladogasee und Tigodamündung. Der Wolchow-Kessel V. Der Kampf um... More > Welikije Luki und die Front bei Newel VI. Von Kiew bis Schepetowka VII. Im Hube-Kessel VIII. Von der wolhynischen Front zum Baranow-Brückenkopf IX. Das Ende der 291. Infanterie-Division Anlagen.< Less
Berkshire High School 1940-41 Yearbook By Ray Hunt
Paperback: $14.40
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The Berkshire History Buffs and other people in town believe this was the only yearbook published by Berkshire High School located in Berkshire, New York. The first class graduated in 1906 and the... More > last class graduated in 1945.< Less

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Inside Secrets Inside Secrets By Joseph Stumpf
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