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The Menace of World Government & Britain's Graveyard By A.K. Chesterton
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The Menace of World Government and Britain's Graveyard by A.K. Chesterton have been out of print since the 1950's. Reading these articles once again one cannot help but be impressed by the... More > pin-point accuracy of Arthur Kenneth Chesterton's forecasts. Impressed, but not surprised. At this very moment we are facing the greatest global financial disaster in history. This is the moment that the New World Order, call it what you will, and their stooges have laid the groundwork for.< Less
Davie Collins and the Sundance Gang Volume One:The Great Kon-Tiki Challenge By James Marsh
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Set in post war 1950's Britain, the exciting adventures of Davie Collins and the Sundance Gang and their rivalry with the boys from Brimly. This book can be enjoyed by anyone who grew up during this... More > era for whom it is, in effect a trip down memory lane. Also for younger people today a chance to find out about a completely different way of life long before the days of the internet, online gaming and mobile phones.< Less
Loving and Dying in Avalon By Alex Ferguson
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Two young men, close friends Nicholas Hope, a painter of talent, and Timothy Sharp, a budding writer, are living in Avalon, a city in the South-West of England. Sworn to live free, they take... More > nothing from the State, but support themselves by bar and restaurant jobs, the odd commission, and ‘borrowing’ from friends. They survive on cigarettes and rum scrumpies. This story relates truly what happened to Nick and Timmy in that fateful summer of 1950.< Less
Just Me By Joan Ball
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Joan started writing in 1973 at a time when she was desperate, alone and faced with life-changing decisions. She started scribbling down her feelings on scraps of paper, and never stopped writing for... More > the next 40 years. Her scribbling turned into her autobiography. An ordinary woman from London’s East end, Joan lived an extraordinary life, becoming the youngest Mayoress ever. The first person to set up a computer dating service, she became a successful business-woman and a psychic counsellor, all whilst battling with the then-unknown problem of dyslexia. “I wrote my life-story from my gut, not my brain. I’ve never read a book in my life, and go to pieces when I have to write a letter.” Joan did not have an easy life, but after painful loss and much sorrow and illness, she finds peace and fulfilment in dance. An inspiring life told with humour and a forgiving spirit.< Less
The Lion and Unicorn Quest By Cecilia Peartree
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Can people learn to leave the past behind them, and move on? Flora has tried hard to do this but her wartime past as a secret agent just won't let go of her. The spymaster she knew then seems to be... More > pulling the strings again as an old adversary reappears in her life. Meanwhile her friendship with Oliver Quest goes through a difficult patch after a silly argument. He takes on the task of looking after a very special painting belonging to an important industrialist and she looks for a job as a typist. Soon they are both working on different aspects of the 1951 Festival of Britain, and they unexpectedly find themselves in the middle of a murder mystery. Even after a last-minute crisis in the Lion and Unicorn Pavilion is apparently resolved, they find their investigations have to continue. For a while it's as if the pieces from two jigsaw puzzles have got mixed up and will never be sorted out again.< Less
Croydon Boy By Peter Saunders
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The best-selling singles artist of 1967 was not the Beatles, the Stones or the Who. It was Engelbert Humperdink. And in the year that Sergeant Pepper was released, the best-selling album was the... More > soundtrack from The Sound of Music. The reality of the sixties often fails to live up to the hype. In this unique book, Peter Saunders – a professional sociologist – blends research findings with personal anecdotes to paint a picture of what life was really like for most kids growing up in Britain in the years following the Second World War. Drawing on his own experiences as a lad living in Croydon, as well as on social research from that period, he explores the changes in family life, education, sex, law and order and personal freedom that were taking place in those tumultuous years.< Less
A Chorister's Tale By Peter W. Gibson
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‘A Chorister’s Tale’ grew from a request from Durham School to Old Boys for a summary of their years spent there. Further writing ensued, covering the years 1928-2012, beginning... More > with a childhood in the industrial northeast of England, during and after the Depression. Of his six years as a Chorister in Durham Cathedral, four were wartime years, as were two more when at Durham School, with severe restrictions affecting everyday life. Career ambitions changed from an intended life in teaching to a life in Medicine. In 1946 due to ex-service personnel looking for places in Universities, places in Medicine for school leavers were unavailable. Dentistry was offered at Durham University and taken up, with the intention of qualifying in Medicine after eight years. This was not to happen because of continuing Conscription into military service into the 1950’s. Forty-four years in National Health Service was to follow.< Less
Sacrifices By Maggie Voysey Paun
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Rose has spent half her life mourning her only son Joseph, who went missing in 1950s Uganda where she and her husband were Protestant missionaries. One day she suffers a stroke which causes her to... More > recall Joseph’s disappearance so vividly that her hope of finding him is renewed and she persuades her neighbour, Lilia, to take up the search. Lilia’s life centres on her cat and the stories she writes about him and, despite waning inspiration, she is reluctant to change. But Africa in 2005 seems at first preferable to terrorist-threatened Britain and she falls under its spell. Meanwhile, the shrinking world of modern technology is creating connections that could resolve the decades-old mystery. Will Rose be able to bear the truth? This is a story of the different forms that love can take, and the sacrifices it may require, which are often unforeseen and may later be the cause of bitter regret.< Less
Care In The Community By Jessica Sands
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This book is about mad people! That includes Hitler and his cronies! It is about man’s inhumanity to man from around the time of the 1st World War up until present day. The Somme gets a... More > mention, and the Psycho Hitler, and some of the other Nutjobs in the Nazi party. Auschwitz & the other Concentration Camps are mentioned as well and the short life of Anne Frank. She was only 15 when she died. It is also about being Jewish. And it is about all the anti-semitism that is still going on in the world today. “Lest We Forget!” It is also about how we take people out of the mental hospitals and expect them to survive in the outside world! A lot of them do not cope well back in the community. The “Care in the Community” policy came in as early as the 1950s to repatriate people from the mental hospitals into the community, but many people re-offend again and the policy does not seem to work very well. It is also a critique of modern life, written in modern-day language.< Less
Derbyshire Born By John G Smith
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The year is 1942, the British are stoical but fearful, the war could go either way. A boy is born in middle England on a small tenanted farm that might be lost to the Germans. He knows nothing of... More > this nightmare since the early years are idyllic. Hating school and failing the crucial exam, the omens are not good. But he is bright and works hard and against the odds gets an office job aged 15 and is plunged headlong into an adult world. A world of steam trains and post-war characters. It will take a big push to penetrate the realms of accounting and finance, yet it can be done. A time long gone. An endeavour as relevant as ever. Wallow in 1940's and 1950's England, it will be worth it< Less

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