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Song of Foresight (先觉之歌) By Xuanjun Xie
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These 360 and more poems were penned from 1967 to 1980 by Xie Xuanjun(謝選駿,谢选骏), a thinker of the 21st century who made his debut in the... More > academic world in the 1980's . These early poetic works by him predated his scholarly writing and his elucidating of philosophical thoughts, but were the embryonic forms of the latter and, as works of the soul before being assimilated by the social environment, could indeed be regarded as songs by a person of foresight. 1980年代的學者、二十一世紀的思想者,謝選駿在1970年代前後(1967年──1980年)寫下了這裏的三百六十餘首詩歌。這些早期的詩行先於其學術和思想,卻是其學術與思想的雛形,作為「未與社會環境同化之前的靈魂之作」,堪稱《先覺之歌》。< Less
Nihilism By Xuanjun Xie
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This book focuses on the discussion of "nihilism" in the Sea of Five Colors, which was written between 1975 and 1990, changing its order, from behind to before, to showcase the 1980s The... More > trend of thought. Because the publication of the "colored sea" has profoundly influenced the trend of the Chinese mainland in that era, and through that influence changed the direction of Chinese history. 本书集中了1975年到1990年之间写作的《五色海》(Sea of Five Colors)中有关“虚无主义”的论述,改变其顺序,从后到前地展开排列,以展示1980年代中国大陆的思潮。因为,《五色海》的出版,曾经深刻影响了那个时代中国大陆的思潮,并通过那个影响改变了中国历史的走向。< Less
Most Generacija (Paperback) By Basket Press
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A detailed book about the unsung heroes, untold stories, and uncharted events that helped shape the unforgettable timeline of Yugoslavian men's basketball and the NT’s success. Today, the... More > Yugoslav NT from the 1980s is considered to be one of the best sports teams ever and if Yugoslavia had somehow stayed together it would have definitely challenged the original Dream Team. This unique book gives a closer look behind the scenes of one of the most ambitious projects in all of sports history, which also helped shape the NBA as we know it. With statements from almost 80 witnesses of a historical basketball era and over 300 footnotes, as well as many yet unseen photos, this publication is a solid reference point for all future works on this subject.< Less
Disruption Des Journalismus By Magdalena Taube
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Today, public interest in journalism seems greater than ever. Buzzwords such as 'fake news' or 'click bait' indicate that we are dealing with a polarising political issue. Anyone who dares to... More > investigate journalism in this intensified situation also wants to better understand the world in which we are living. After all, journalists play a decisive role in this scenario because they have a strong influence on how we perceive the world. How has their role changed since the advent of the internet? What does it mean that there is both a new generation of readers and a new generation of journalists called digital natives who were born in the 1980s and raised on the Internet in the 1990s? Searching for answers, the book paints a multi-layered portrait of the Internet generation. It above all shows one thing: though the far-reaching transformation of media set in motion by digitalization often appears like an uncontrollable force of nature, we can actively shape this process even in our everyday journalistic work.< Less
Jean-Paul Jérôme, le peintre de l'absence By Bernard Courteau
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Ce livre rend hommage au peintre québécois Jean-Paul Jérôme R.C.A., dont l’apport constitue un des très précieux jalons de l’Histoire de... More > l’art canadien. Les confidences que nous y présente son auteur s’accompagnent de nombreux articles critiques et de témoignages du milieu artistique des années ’80, de même que de textes poétiques suscités par son oeuvre. Ami personnel du peintre, c’est dans une langue ciselée par un métier de longue date et à partir d’événements auxquels il a eu le privilège de participer que Bernard Courteau nous fait entrer dans l’univers intime de cet artiste exceptionnel. This book is a tribute to Jean-Paul Jérôme R.C.A., prolific, dynamic and celebrated Québec artist. Biographical information and visual references from the early 1980s and are supported by exhibition reviews, poignant commentary and moving poetry. Author, collector and friend, Bernard Courteau, shares his unique insight and factual information with affection and mastery of the written word.< Less

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