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We don't care - we set free! #2216 BAST * VirtPet for PCS – Personal Nagual Animal, Bogeyman #222 SETH * O5IRIS – Egyptian... More > ascension through the Stargate. #2017 KALKI * Nabta Playa ^^ rituals, Pegasus Point rituals, Pegasean Salacia rites #147 KABIRIA * Nabta Playa ^^ rituals, Pyramid Temple rites, Sextans rituals #1622 SIRIVS * O5 Instant Magick “Snow Crash”, Cascade, ETER< Less
Third Coming of Lucifer 2017 ^^ Age of Pegasus II By Klaudio Zic
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The long-awaited Golden Age of Pegasus is upon us just after the 2014 Venusian eonic Scutum shift.
2012 Chronicles #0303 - Golden Age of Pegasus 2017 By Klaudio Zic
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Taurus being the rarest ascendants for this epoch, it is extolled with humor within this mini series that serves as purport to Eon Witchallow of the Illuminati 2012.
Age of Pegasus By Klaudio Zic
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Adoration o Venus in Pegasus.
Age of Pegasus By Klaudio Zic
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Woe the fall of Venus from Pegasus into Cetus, because the Age of Pegasus III is over!
Age of Pegasus By Klaudio Zic
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On November 14th 2009, we have left the old dark Age of Cetus for the exalted Age of Pegasus. The ups and downs of Venus Lucifer in Pegasus and Cetus rule this transient Golden Age.
Age of Pegasus By Klaudio Zic
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We live at the peak of the Æon of Cetus. At this time, humankind enjoys the unique opportunity to get acquainted with zodiacs and horoscopes. Dishonest people of all times and nations have... More > cheated upon humanity with false horoscopes, both national and personal. Our age marks an end to all fraud – nobody has ever seen a horoscope, since there were no astrologers at all. The few initiates were safely aloof from both profane horoscopes and profanation through popular zodiacs. Apart from e.g. Mongol and Chinese masters, Egyptian royal synastry 38000 BC may serve as exemplar of excellent yet modest craftsmanship. In reintroducing the Original Zodiac, Hayagriva was completely aware of its implications. The Eternal Zodiac has the power of exorcising the planetary Devil.< Less
Mayan 2017 #0016 - 16 Guardian Angels of the Age of Pegasus II By Klaudio Zic
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ABOUT THE ZODIACS The sum of planetary zodiacs forms the Academic Zodiac. Pluto and Eris e.g. have their separate zodiacs. If Eris would be planet, we would have more than 40 zodiacal... More > constellations; less than 30 with only Pluto as planet. Now supposedly one studied all planetary zodiacs: no one ever has – one may wonder about the ascendant sets. If it took minutes to determine the zodiac, the ascendant set was a few seconds job back in 1972.< Less
Venus in Pegasus #2017shift Saturn in Ophiuchus By Klaudio Zic
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a)The zodiac was invented as set online since in the early seventies. b)The original number of dedicated publications was estimated towards 45000 (sic). c)Petabytes of research material, especially... More > animations were set online particularly as concern #1008planets d)The zodiac has 22 standard zodiacal constellations (not 13). e)The Sun has been found irrelevant to zodiac and horoscope, except e.g. in cardiac cases or $GOLD market. See also on Taking the Sun out of the Horoscope. f)Logically, the Grail quest starts with Venus in Crater. Refugees manifest with Moon in Auriga. g)Saturn is in Ophiuchus 2017, 1987 and 1929 – these are but some examples. h)The present ascendant set counts 16 constellations of which some are zodiacal while others are not. i)Gemini is e.g. seen at north when “astrological” programs miscalculate it at east. Nobody you know had or will have a Gemini ascendant. j)Aries, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn are not ascendants.< Less
Mayan 2017 #0018 - Cetacean AEon Chronicles 2012 - 2017 and the Age of Pegasus III By Klaudio Zic
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NEW GOLDEN AGE OF PEGASUS 2017 What changes in the Age of Pegasus II? Already the Eon of Cetus II has brought us the 1008 Tarot, 22 zodiac and 16 ascendant set. What has the Age of Pegasus II to... More > offer? Daily surprises, indeed!< Less