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3-7 Watt audio amplifier (TDA 1519 A or 2N3055 transistors) with tone control By Ko Tilman
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This document (20 pages, PDF file) describes a stereo amplifier, made with the TDA 1519 A Chip or with 2N3055 transistors (conventional amplifier with an output capacitor). Also the schematics from... More > two tone control units (a presence/loudness filter and a parallel T filter) are published. With these filters you can create the type of sound that you like in your audio system. The document refers to a series of video's on my Youtube channel (called: "developing a 6 (4) Watt stereo amplifier"), the circuit in this video is published here. The tone control/parallel T filter only works with 1 switch, so there is no separate control potentiometer for "low" and "high" frequencies. The amplifiers need a good quality loudspeaker box (with some bass boost) to show their good properties. The document does not supply a schematic for a power supply with which the amplifier can be connected to the grid (110-230 V - 50/60 Hz).< Less
small scale solar energy systems (revised, april 2013), E-book By Ko Tilman
eBook (PDF): $2.70
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The book describes a stand alone solar energy system, made with a 24 Volt wet (open) lead acid battery and two solar panels from 200 Watt. A schematic from a simple power battery charger with... More > transistors (2N3055) is published. It descibes how to get power inverters (24 V DC to 230 V AC, max 1500 Watt) into service with a simple soft start device. Schematics from switchboxes (switch between the AC grid and the AC inverter) are given. The approach is LOW TECH. More info can be found in the preview. IMPORTANT: on page 44 you find a trickle charger schematic. I found that the trickle charge values are too low for the Dutch solar situation given a permanent pull out of energy from the lead acid battery. Better values: 80 AH= 500 mA, 40 AH=250 mA, 20AH=125 mA, 10 AH=50 mA (these values given a for a constant use of energy from the battery). On page 79 pin 2 sets V ref, experiment with the 6K8 and 1K resistor (make them higher) for a better switch off moment.< Less

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