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The Way vol 45 no 3 July 2006 By The Way
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The Way vol 45 no 3 July 2006, 'Exploring Differences'
The Way By Steve Krajacic
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With a BA in Theology and 52 years of living within the civilized world under my belt, I set out to understand the Spiritual World with an ‘Open-Mind’ and a ‘Sensitive-Heart.’... More > Ten years later, my Journey has taken me through the vast dimension of ‘Spiritual Evolution;’ 1) The Way of the Tao, 2) the Yogi, 3) the Buddha, 4) the Tantric, and 5) the Christ Consciousness, all to arrive at a place, where my question has found an answer: “Why am I living my life the Way I am?” Discover these answers and more, and then, live your Way -- not Religions, Societies, or the Worlds!!!< Less
The Way By Wandering Poet
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way n. 1. A road or route for travel from one place to another 2. A door or gate for passage 3. A course traveled from place to place 4. A non-spatial course, as a sequence of events,... More > leading toward an objective 5. A manner or method of doing or accomplishing or happening 6. A state of being 7. Movement or progress along a course 8. Means 9. Direction 10. Freedom of action. 'The Way' is a collection of maps & signs from the ancient east, favorite poems and poets from days long gone, when men were wiser, living simply and close to the source. Lao and Chuang, Buddha, Hui Neng, Huang Po, Hanshan, Li Po, Ryokan, and more. This is a book you will want to keep close during your journey and refer to often.< Less
Everyone Loves A 3-Way By Sexy Sluggers
eBook (PDF): $16.95
Bored with her easy victories (16 successful title defenses in a row!), Jennifer "Irish Clover" McCullen sets up a match for the 3 so-called "best" contenders for her Topless... More > Wrestling Belt! So it's Honey Foxx, Beverly "Hills" Lewis, and Nicole "The Spanish Rose" who find themselves in the ring together for their special elimination match. The girls are free to double-team to weaken and eliminate a girl, then it's a one-on-one finale to a humiliating defeat, and an inspired winner will go on to face Jennifer in a future tale. Breast punishment and sensual groping are just part of this exciting new tale! 27 Original Panels by LYKAMO from a story by E. Whyte. Also several "ZOOM-CAM" image versions too. Presented as screen resolution PDF file. Nudity, Adults ONLY< Less
A Witches Way Book 3 By Y.T. Scott
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In this third part of A Witches Way we will be looking at The Elements. You will be treated to a whole bunch of information, practical exercises and operations that I have seen no where else. On top... More > of that, the theory will be given with suitable hints, which will provide directions that the canny witch may follow to discover pastimes and abilities they never dreamed possible. - That is a pretty ballsy statement but I make it advisedly! These are NOT books of THEORIES and they are NOT books of scholarly history. They ARE books of what I actually have done and found to work. It can work for you too. All you have to do is try. Give it a go - what have you got to lose?< Less
3 Ways Out By Silver Sol
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Twerp, Qage, and Dutton are all friends who share the common interest of how to increase their cash flow. With dollar signs in their eyes they won't let anything deter their scheme to cash in on a... More > bank truck. Will their greed drive a grudge between all of them or will it bring them together to satisfy their own greed? Find out if money is more valuable than the fabric of friendship in this short story.< Less
3 WAY MIRROR By Odin Roark
eBook (PDF): $3.75
A state-assigned group of psychiatrists experience a shocking diary on tape to determine the sanity of a colleague and his patient accused of murder.
the Way of the Wayfarer Without a Way ~ Book 3 By Rashīd al Ḥājj abū Muṭahhar
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This is a book of tafseer (exegesis) of the Quran, framed as a series of interwoven narratives about love, the Golden Rule, and surrender to God. It presents stories of the Prophets lives, original... More > wisdom tales, and parables adapted from many sources. In the manner of the Masnavi of Jalaluddin Rumi, the 1001 Arabian Nights, Pilgrim's Progress, and the Chinese epic, the Story of the Stone, the Way of the Wayfarer Without a Way contains passages of lyricism, humor, adventure, pathos and redemption. It is an elegant vessel containing kernels of insight and seeds of wisdom. It springs from the nature of Islam, and its forms of mysticism known as Sufism (tasawwuf) and Chivalry (futuwwah), which are understood and portrayed from the perspective of universal love. This book should serve well to enhance understanding of Islam for Muslims and for interfaith readers alike.< Less
Unique Ways to Make Millions on Runescape By Blackfox210 AKA Mik3izzle
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This guide is full of ways I've made money in Runescape to bring me to the 250,000,000 GP I have today. I try to come up with new ideas that few, if any people, have ever even heard of. What you're... More > not going to find in this guide is a laundry list of things saying, “Uh yeah, go mine rune ore, cut magic logs, and fish sharks”. No, what I try to provide is a list of things that require as little work as possible, while making as much money as possible. This is the central point of my guide. If there is a sound way of making money that is well known, I try and make it simpler, faster, and more profitable.< Less
The 3 Ways (The Pilgrim's Compass) By Lenuf Eninobor
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No pilot dares fly his plane without his compass. On the pilgrimage to Heaven, you are the pilot of the jet of your soul; you only receive directions and instructions from the control tower of... More > Heaven. You therefore need a compass to know the right direction to fly. On earth here, you are a traveller. Did you know that? Yes, indeed you are, whether you know it or not! Now, you are heading home and you need to get home safely. However, there is a much possibility of your being lost on the way, without getting to the right home. To safely get home, there are three inevitable ways which your feet must walk through. There is A Way Out that leads to the approved path. Secondly, there is A Way Forward that keeps you going well daily. Finally, there is A Way In that ends up at your destination. As a traveller that has never taken this routes before, you need a guide or a Traveller’s Compass and a Map. The 3 Ways, this book, is the Traveller’s Compass and Map you must get for the journey.< Less