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Jeremy (A Noisy Child) By Jo Yaldren
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A Children's story about Jeremy, A VERY noisy child, by Jo Yaldren, illustrated by Flora Milner. The book describes Jeremy's escapades and him meeting a mermaid. It is fully illustrated in colour.
Do the Nattylala! By Phil Reed & Annie Moodliar
Paperback: $17.58
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Join nlp/eft coach Phil Reed, and London junior school teacher Annie Moodliar as they share a ground-breaking technique, which helps children to access their optimum learning states. "We used... More > to be noisy before doing the nattylala; now we are calm and ready to learn early each morning." Child in year 4. Written for teachers, this book will also inspire anyone working to help children succeed at school .. and in life.< Less
Totem By C. C. Brower
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The world has changed. Humans almost extinct, other sentient species now rule this planet and work to keep it in balance. Without the polluting, noisy, conflicted centers of human populations called... More > cities. Various plagues were released when those cities left, wiping out any concentrations of humans left. All that is history now. Wolves and other species have achieved sentience. And they tolerate humans among them as the dying species it is. To them, humans are another dangerous feral animal that they avoid. Because they can't talk with their minds. In this standoff, a young child has wandered away from his parents into the wilderness. He'll need help from the very animals his parents track and kill. The child has little time left before hunger and exposure (or worse) take their toll... Get Your Copy Now.< Less
The Nigerian National Cake By Justus E.E. Amadiegwu
Paperback: $16.56
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A man named Mr Boboo Ekwensu stands trial for treason. His crime…? Demanding his fair share of the Nigerian National cake! In this sensational and epoch making court drama, I explored the... More > dynamics of Military and Civilian rulership in Nigeria and ask, “Who does the Nigerian National Cake belong to?” The answer: Whatever your answer may be, I want you to remember that “You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and stars: you have the right to be here! And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the Universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore, be at peace with God, whatever you conceive him to be and whatever your labours and aspirations, in this noisy confusing life, keep peace with your soul. Be careful, cheerful and above all strive to be Happy!”< Less
The Eye-Dawn By Jesse P Scott
Paperback: $67.99
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THE LOUD HOUSE By Dr. Alhasan Sisawo Ceesay, MD
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Ebenezer Balford said of the house of Shaw's “Blood built it and blood shall bring it down.” Similarly the loud house is homed by madness that would through ineptitude bring its end. The... More > loud house respects no time for its tantrums to well out. A neighbor’ child once referred to this antisocial abode as; “Home of a confused wiry.” Locals call it ‘Jali Kunda’ meaning home of noisy Griots seeking attention. Kunsa Mori, Fatong Seyabalo, the Bongokos, and Tonyila Komong are sole residents of the loud house. These competes for trivial things such as positioning shoes, telephone conversations making the other devoid of quality family relationship or just mare dress. It hardly makes sense cause of such hideous row of loud argument between people committed to each other. Noise built this God forsaken house but lightning and thunder shall bring it down. Some foreigners in America and Europe turn poison chalets or worst incarnated a-cultural biting Chameleons. I write to raise funds to build Njawara village hospital.< Less

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