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”New Vision of Matter, Energy and Time” By Darzan Constantin
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The book ,,A new vision on matter, energy and time” addresses to at least thousands of people with whom C. Darzan collaborated: some simple peasants, other engineers, doctors, psychologists,... More > politicians, workers, masters, economists, workers in public administration and not in lastly the researchers, physicists and scientists in the fields of physics, biology, astronomy, etc. Constantin Darzan is hopeful that 20% of the planet's researchers (from all fields) will make 80% of the effort required to form a new paradigm of science that will unravel the mystery of the genesis of all things, of life, of its purpose and not lastly to prove that everything that is on the planet and in the universe does not exist due to accidents of history or evolution. The book ,,A new vision on the matter, energy and time” is worth reading because the conclusions of the author C. Darzan have resulted from the research of physicists, biologists, astronomers and many other specialists in the world.< Less
Shards of something beautiful (Balgar's diary) By Olga Makarova
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(In Russian language) This book is a diary of a story teller. Balgar is a young man (18-years old Russian student of biological faculty) with a special talent of turning routine events into magic... More > stories. Balgar's fairy tales very seldom narrate about pure Good and Evil. No, he prefers to tell us about powers that lie beyound simple things. Powers related to deified elements of pagan world, wild and beautiful, true miracles a mortal being doesn't always know how to interpret. And what's the biggest miracle of all: Balgars's stories grow out of his usual life. This diary tells about turning routine into magic. Who knows, maybe one day you will be able to do the same.< Less
Бeссмeртиe людeй и элeктроннaя цивилизaция (v.5) By Alexander Bolonkin
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Book is described the arragement of the Immortality. This is the scientific prediction of the non-biological (electronic) civilization and immortality of human being. Such a prognosis is predicated... More > upon a new law, discovered by the author, for the development of complex systems. According to this law, every self-copying system tends to be more complex than the previous system, provided that all external conditions remain the same. The consequences are disastrous: humanity will be replaced by a new civilization created by intellectual robots. These creatures, whose intellectual and mechanical abilities will far exceed those of man, will require neither food nor oxygen to sustain their existence. Capable of developing science, technology and their own intellectual abilities thousands of times faster than humans can, they will, in essence, be eternal. The publication is supplemented with new achievements in the science of immortality (Ch.8 of the Appendix).< Less
Tackling Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder By Shawna Gray et al.
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This book aims to assist those suffering from FASD, or any of their caregivers, in helping a person with FASD live the most fulfilling and independent life possible. It will provide the reader with a... More > better understanding of the spectrum of disorders experienced by those exposed to alcohol during pregnancy, what a person with FASD will experience throughout their lifetime, aspects of their life or times of their life that might be more difficult because of their disability, and what can be done to help. There will be some chapters focused on information, for example of the biology behind the disorder or the particular aspects of the Canadian legal system which may affect a person with FASD. Other chapters aim to help in a more practical way, with exercises to help manage some of the effects of the disability, or sources that can help a person with FASD in school, in finding a job, or in dealing with the daily struggles that come with FASD.< Less
Talks with A Little Girl Emma On Life and Time - Attached with Two Children’s Songs By Johnson Gao
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What is the nature of life? What is the nature of time? Those two questions may be difficult to answer scientifically even by an adult. The author used two short conversations with his granddaughter... More > Emma at 7 years of age to let those perceptions be expressed interestingly. The aim of those two dialogs is to give children a rudimentary knowledge on those topics and to induce their curiosity to pursue Biology, Physics, Evolution and Philosophy. Two short poems are attached. They are lyrics of two songs: One for Mother’s Day and another for Father’s Day. Those naive words express children’s love to their parents, which could be used for printing greeting cards that kids wish to send out for mother’s birthday and father’s birthday. The book was written in English and Chinese dual language, which can be used as a supplemental material for learning Chinese by western people. 什么是生命的本质?什么是时间的本质?也许那两个问题由成人科学地回答也难甚。作者使用他与7岁孙女埃玛的两次短短的交谈. 让那些问题悟性有趣被表达。 那两对话将致他们追求生物、物理、進化和哲学的求知欲。附上母亲节和父亲节的两首短诗。用英语和汉语双重语言书写。< Less
Прогулки в прошлое, MOCKBA 1930–1992 (книга первая) By Elena Chernokhvostova-Levenson
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This book is the story of a happy childhood cut short by a war, about wartime Moscow, student life, and medical school--a time when the joys of young adulthood were darkened by midcentury madness in... More > the biological sciences and medicine marked by anti-Semitism. This volume ends with the meeting of a future husband, the start of a new life full of hope and promises of the 1960s. (2nd edition in two books, book one). В этой книге – рассказ о моем счастливом детстве, прерванном войною, о военном времени в Москве, о годах студенчества в медицинском институте. Это было время, когда радости юных лет омрачались средневековым кошмаром в биологической науке и медицине, а в последние безумные годы сталинского правления расцветал антисемитизм и «Дело врачей-отравителей». И наконец – встреча с будущим мужем и начало новой жизни, полной надежд, рожденных «недолгой порой шестидесятых». (издание в 2-х книгах, книга первая)< Less
"A Tale of how you die" By Meijin Steffen Pohle
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This book should help you to understand the world between the lines, between physics, biology and parallel universes. It is a guide to modern palliative medicine and the ancient Tibetan meditations,... More > a guide to self-discovery and dream interpretation. If you have gone through all possible ways of conventional medicine, you can find in this book further solutions. Stay open to things beyond materialism, our current short-lived world can not and is not the solution to the riddle and certainly not the wisdom of last words. I wish you a successful journey to yourself! Dieses Buch soll helfen, die Welt zwischen den Zeilen, zwischen Physik, Biologie und Paralleluniversen zu verstehen. Es ist ein Leitfaden der modernen Palliativmedizin und dem altehrwürdigen Meditationen der Tibeter, eine Anleitung zur Selbstfindung und zur Traumdeutung. Wenn man alle möglichen Wege der Schulmedizin durchlaufen hat, kann man in diesem Buch weitere Lösungsansätze finden.< Less

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