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Acaanz By Gerard ZITTA
eBook (PDF): $30.00
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This is a compendium of ideas and effects related somehow to the « Any card at any number » plot, commonly called ACAAN. Mr David BERGLAS was the first one to present this... More > effect in the mid 70's . Even though all of them are not « perfect » ACAAN's, they are interesting and entertaining variants for an audience. Some are based on combinations of old principles, with some « twist » or new ideas. Most are card tricks, some are not. Some are impromptu or even improvised, some need some preparation. Some are hands off, some need some (easy) sleight of hand. Some are easy, some more difficult. Hopefully, you will find something that fits your style and skills. - GUESS MY CARD - FAIR ACAAN - SCAM ACAAN - FLASH AT CARNIVAL - BLIND ACAAN - SMART ACAAN - THE SIMPLEST (?) ACAAN IN THE WORLD - ANTI ACAAN - ACAAN FOR COUPLES - CARNIVAL IN NICE, 1932 - ACAARTN - NEWSPAPER ACAAN - PREDESTINATION - FIND THE CARD AND VALUE< Less
Newspaperz By Gerard ZITTA
eBook (PDF): $24.00
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This ebook explores for the first time, the principles inherent to probably any newspaper, magazine, or publication, in the world. Everybody reads them, every day, but nobody notices the rules and... More > logic in the innocent sheets they hold in their own hands. These properties are good to know as they allow to do some pretty neat impromptu or improvised effects, or to create your own routines, once you know their «secrets ». It is more a piece of knowledge every magician or mentalist should know. Most « recipes » are simple, and there is no difficult memorization or calculation involved. All the effects in this ebook can be done with a borrowed newspaper. Most of them are 100% improvised, while other ones are impromptu (with a one-time preparation). -The newspaper game  - Horoscope -The Newspaper force -Newspaper roulette -The newspaper test (a « book-test » with newspapers) -Newspaper Magic Squares  -Newspaper ACAAN etc.< Less
eBook (PDF): $20.48
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A selection of lovely effects for weddings, Valentine's day, couples, etc. - Valentine day A two phase 10' routine where two cards randomly chosen ,face down ,at the very beginning ,will help to... More > find two other cards.Each phase can be played independently. - ACAAN for couples A perfect ACAAN for couples.Based on an effect by Charles Jordan. - Men desiring women This is my version of a classic spelling effect based on a mathematical principle with cards or business cards .I will also reveal how to personalize it with your own words . - Nice to meet you A nice way to convince somebody you just met, that you are made for each other . A magicians'fooler card effect that uses the most basic sleight of hands! - Love stories Those ideas can be applied independently or as a full routine.The paper clips trick and poor man's handcuffs are supposed to be known by the reader.< Less
NINE By Luca Volpe Alex Le Fanu
Paperback: $42.18
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In this book Luca Volpe and Alex Le Fanu have taken a very underused concept in mentalism and re-engineered it in order to create amazing mentalism routines that you can perform anytime and anywhere!... More > Discover how to guess a spectator's pin number without asking them to write anything down. Guess a thought-of object. Perform an Incredible A.C.A.A.N. Learn The Invisible Force. All the routines are audience tested and can be performed for close-up and stage.< Less
Il mazzo mnemonico By Torindo Colangione
eBook (PDF): $10.99
Applicazioni del mazzo Mnemonico al mentalismo - Il metodo descritto in questo libro sfrutta un sistema che permette di memorizzare un intero mazzo di carte completamente mischiato a caso o... More > addirittura avendolo fatto mescolare da altre persone! È caratterizzato dall’ “ALFABETO NUMERICO CONSONANTICO”, una sorta di alfabeto fatto di consonanti alle quali vengono abbinati dei numeri. Le applicazioni di tale metodo al mentalismo sono svariate e danno la possibilità di realizzare effetti del tutto incredibili! In questo ebook trovi: Presentazione Nota biografica Capitolo1 – Introduzione al mazzo memorizzato Capitolo2 – Alfabeto numerico consonantico Capitolo3 – Applicazione del metodo sui numeri Capitolo4 – Alfabeto numerico consonantico applicato alle carte Capitolo5 – I dieci e le figure nel mazzo Capitolo6 – Come memorizzare il mazzo Capitolo7 – La mia memorizzazione Capitolo8 – Any card at any number Capitolo9 – Rivelazione impossibile Capitolo10 – Lettura del polso< Less
Fernweh By Toby Hudson
Paperback: $13.35
Prints in 3-5 business days
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In his first book, Toby Hudson shares his thoughts on the world of mentalism. Inside, you will find 5 routines and over 20 bonus ideas, ranging from close up effects to full stage routines. There... More > is also his takes on such classics as Kolossal Killer, ACAAN and many more, as well as new ideas and presentations. For the first time, his signature routine 'Memory Lane' has also been full revealed. There is also Toby's work on the Tarot and a unique, colour based reading system that can easily be applied to many other effects. Foreword by Roger Curzon 106 Pages< Less
Perception Lecture by Kevin Cunliffe By Kevin Cunliffe
Paperback: List Price: $38.56 $23.14 | You Save: 40%
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After spending over a quarter of a century performing magic around the world and entertaining both magicians and general public within their thousands, I have finally decided to compile some of... More > the effects that have helped me along the way over the years. These secrets I will now reveal to you, the reader, in my quest to better help develop creative magic and performance. These lecture notes consist of effects that can be performed using ordinary everday objects most of which can be borrowed if required. There are some new slights and mentalism effects. The notes include some of my most revered effects, Including: The Ultimate Coin in the hand, OBBE, Cognition-The Act of Knowing, RE-Cognition, Perception,Naming the Dead The Correct way to ACAAN,Time out of Mind< Less
HORUS By Luca Volpe
Paperback: $34.93
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Finalmente è uscito in versione stampata il libro in ITALIANO "HORUS". Il libro contiene svariate routine di mentalismo per stage e close up, inclusa la famosa routine... More > "ALLUCINAZIONE ACAAN" una versione del famoso "Any Card At Any Number" con un finale che lascerà senza parole! Per quanto riguarda le routines da stage è sicuramente da notare "DOPPIO CONTROLLO", che include esperimenti ESP abbinati ad una routine delle sedie! Un'intero "act" per il vostro show di mentalismo da palco! Ed inoltre esperimenti di psicometria,visione remota e tanto altro! Il libro è stampato in formato A4, 30 pagine con numerose illustrazioni. Copertina patinata a colori stile pergamena.< Less

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