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AC By A Chatterjee
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This unique guide will introduce you not only to the history of Glass Blowing art but will also take you through some of the most common glass blowing techniques as well as the steps that need to be... More > understood to begin basic glass blowing. While hands-on instruction in a reputable glass blowing studio is always recommended, this guide will present you with all of the information you need to get started, including the types of equipment and supplies you will need to embark on this exciting journey.< Less
Passive AC Circuits: An Introduction to AC Power and Applications By J.R. Lambert
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AC Circuits and Power Applications is an advanced engineering technology text in alternating current power concepts. Topical coverage involves poly-phase power generation, distribution systems,... More > residential and industrial power, transformer applications and power computations using phasor representations of Delta and Wye balanced and unbalanced resistive and reactive loads. Generators, transformers, motors, diodes, rectifiers and multi-variate control of induction motors using variable frequency drives (VFD's) are also investigated. An introduction to right-angle trigonometry is strongly suggested.< Less
Anything But Ordinary By ACS Alumni
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The first two books (When...not if and Fill the Bathtub!), in this series of three, told stories of conflict in the Middle East as experienced by alumni of the American Community School in Beirut. In... More > this volume three distinct “generations” of ACS’ers write about what they perceived as quieter, more peaceful times.< Less
When ... not if By ACS Alumni
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This book is the first volume of a compilation of stories from conflicts in the Middle East written by alumni of the American Community School at Beirut. The idea came out of a discussion on a... More > mailing list of ACS alumni. Most ACS alumni were teenagers or grade school pupils at the time of their stories, others were faculty or staff. These stories describe their experiences in the Middle East, when they were at ACS, or the dramas of later years. Being at ACS left no one untouched. Some were there only a short period of time, never to return. A few have come back in later years and some just never left.< Less
Fill the bathtub! By ACS Alumni
Paperback: $15.00
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This book is the second volume of a compilation of stories from conflicts in the Middle East written by alumni and faculty of the American Community School at Beirut. Stories from WWI, WWII, 1958,... More > the Six Day War, the '73 war, the Lebanese Civil War, the Gulf War and more - by Maria Bashshur Abunnasr ('84), Bill Allen ('64), Esther Allen (Fac '73 -'75), Catherine Bashshur, T. Robert Bassett (Faculty 52-'56), El. Huntington Bliss ('21), Scott Brunger ('64), Ivy Cleo (Gorkiewicz) Compton-Bishop ('35), Harry G. Dorman Jr. ('22), James Downing ('68), Carol Haeussner ('59), George Herrmann ('63), Julie Johns ('71), Phyllis Glessner Leach ('48), Patricia Falconer Roland (’75), Jim Mandaville ('53), Sherry Brown Schmidt ('58), Susan Meade Sindelar ('69), Ivar Walde ('64), Allen West ('48), Jeanne Comings Majdalany (Fac 44-47).< Less
Option to Profit - Special Edition By George Acs
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Option to Profit shares the author's approach of getting an investment stock portfolio to work above and beyond its performance. The book chronicles the author's evolution following his broker's... More > untimely death. Taking advantage of the hidden value in stocks can help the individual investor to start a path leading toward a much stronger financial future. Option to Profit lays out a conservative strategy to maximize the income stream from a portfolio of stocks using an intuitive approach to management. The book is written in a manner that both seasoned investors and those new to the stock market can easily understand the concepts and implement the strategies. Although a serious topic handled in a serious and analytical manner, Option to Profit utilizes a humorous and philosophical approach drawing upon universal traits in human nature to magnify the points that it makes. Serious material, easy reading and many case studies are used to illustrate strategies and their application.< Less
How to Remove Bad Credit From Your Credit Report By AC Associates
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The following tips will help correct your credit and it should be done with all Credit Bureaus. These are the exact same methods credit repair clinics and attorneys charge up to $2,500 or more to... More > perform. Since they don't always do it correctly, people have been taken for millions of dollars over the past years. You can outsmart creditors who are damaging your credit!< Less
Learn How To Be a Successful For Sale By Owner: Step By Step Instructions on "How To Sell Your Home in Good or Bad Markets" By AC Associates
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Your goal is to sell your house quickly. Learn How to Market the DEAL. Discover Home Selling Tips And Secrets Real Estate Agents Don't Want You To Know. Learning How To Be a Successful For Sale By... More > Owner can be easy if you have the tools and the knowledge. With over 50 pages, this Step-by-Step instructional e-book will provide you with the necessary information, tools, forms and support. Ordinary people can learn by offering a sales method other home sellers are not, you will attract buyers for your property, keeping more money in your pocket. With so many homes for sale, waiting to be bought...this e-book is for you. FREE BONUS: How To Remove Negative Credit From Your Credit Report. FREE BONUS: Dispelling The Credit Repair Myths Download< Less
Coping With Grief ~ Losing a Loved One By AC Associates
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Losing a loved one can be one of the most difficult and stressful experience we ever face in our lives. Yet an experience we all, unfortunately, will have to face and cope with at some point in our... More > lives. The loss of a loved one is the most traumatic experience you have to cope with. When death comes we do not really know what to do, where to go or who we are now. Everything changes. We all know that one day we all must leave our physical form, leave this earth, but yet we are all still unprepared for our death or that of a loved one. This e-book will help with your grieving process.< Less
A Bit of Gloom with Happiness By AC Moyer
eBook (ePub): $1.00
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Poetry about life and all of its sorrows. "We enter this world, a mind untainted. Our untouched soul is wholly pure."