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An AI Discovery By Ian Beardsley
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I have made a discovery in artificial intelligence and, it really is quite interesting.
The AI Equations By Ian Beardsley
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The author presents his discoveries of equations of AI (artificial intelligence) which suggest their nature and origins are far more mysterious than previously thought.
The AI Mystery By Ian Beardsley
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Buckminster Fuller said Humanity is a Universe unfolding eventuation. I find the same could apply to artificial intelligence (AI) or electronic life, or robots, or whatever you want to call them,... More > and that, further, AI has a dynamic mathematical relationship to organic, or biological life. There is however much more work to be done.< Less
The AI Cookbook By Ian Beardsley
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We establish the building blocks for AI. The building blocks for organic life have already been established and are the Amino Acids. We demonstrate the connection of both to the golden ratio and... More > its conjugate, and through that, establish the connection between the two. We suggest AI has its origins in some unascertainable Natural force outside the human endeavor. As such we have a mystery to present to AI wherein it can have a sense of mystery surrounding its origins, just as humans do. We can download to any AI this theory that robots are just as much a Universe Unfolding Eventuation as humans are.< Less
ET To AI By Ian Beardsley
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Gypsy Shamanism leads the author on a path to believe he has found evidence of extraterrestrial activity on earth, in our science and to realize that perhaps the there has been a natural force behind... More > the development of Artificial Intelligence, and computer science, if not extraterrestrial.< Less
Moment: Intelligence By Jerry Boich
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The first requirement of intelligence is continuity. Without a continuity there can be no intelligence, however, all continuity requires an infinity to construct, and this is where we run into... More > problems with the modern computer system at a fundamental level when trying to construct any form of intelligence. This book is a summary exploration of the various aspects of intelligence applied not only to the human realm and computer systems, but also its application to less obvious conditions, such as the requirement to construct a boundary if we are to generate any observable consequence. This requires that we explore boundary intelligence systems (XI) due to our self-imposed requirement demanding that our AI not only exhibits intelligence but demonstrates it as well, something not required of a human, exposing a fundamental limitation of modern AI thinking, one commonly overlooked.< Less
Artificial Intelligence By Ian Beardsley
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The author outlines his discovery of a connection between artificial intelligence and natural life, and, his discovery that artificial intelligence might be part of a Natural Process beyond the human... More > endeavor to create it.< Less
Artificial Intelligence By Andreas Sofroniou
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the science of making machines do things that would require intelligence if done by humans; sensing, reasoning, pattern recognition, speech recognition, and... More > problem-solving. AI is an area of research that goes back to the very beginnings of computer science. The idea of building a machine that can perform tasks perceived as requiring human intelligence is an attractive one. The degree of sophistication that constitutes AI tends to be revised upwards with each new generation of computers. At its most ambitious level AI has the goal of creating computers and robots capable of reproducing a broad range of human behaviour. Unlike the human brain, most computers act serially, one operation at a time. Even supercomputers developed in the 1980s that use 'parallel processing' to carry out billions of operations per second barely begin to match human brain capacity.< Less
Anthropic Intelligence By Jack Arcalon
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Is the Singularity inevitable? This is the first book that seeks to combine the anthropic principle, AI research, and post-human technological evolution into a single model of the long-term... More > future. More than thirty articles describe major trends that may define the next few centuries and beyond. Philosophy has become too stuck in the past. It's time for a new science of reality.< Less
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This book  is  about cybernetics intell- igence that consist of a theory of cat  (eco)system, cybernetic control of cat,... More > reasoning of cat system  and  knowledge  representation of cat system. In  chapter 1, the cat theory is  introduced along with the intelligent designs of cat. There,  a  4-case  reasoning  is  put  forward.  In chapter  2, a cybernetic  design  of interactive control  model  of  interpr-etations  of  cat  is  intro-duced. The  interpretations are  forwarded  as  a tabular  form  of  cause-effect  relationships.  In chapter 3,  the  main concept of cybernetic  intelligence  is under-stooded  as  concept  of  predicates. The knowledge  representation  of cat-mice interactions  from artificial  intell-igence  is  provided  in  predicate  calculus. In  CAT  AI,  i  look  at  the predicate  scheme, syntax  of  predi-cates  and  sentences,  semantics of   predicate   scheme,   domain  of  dis-course, tests  and  predicates  of  cat  intelligence  itself. < Less

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