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This is book of poetry and varies original art work with illustrations called ALPHA TO THE OMEGA. And it's about the ALPHA meaning the beginning of life and what you have to go through in each and... More > every day of your life existing ways of survival. And with all the trials and tribulations you have to challenge in every day through out your existence. And only to meet your destiny in which is the end of you life of which is the OMEGA that brings you to the AFTERLIFE for only our blind eyes to see...< Less
Alpha to the Omega By Gary J. Foley
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This is a book with poetry and varies art work that's about the ALPHA and OMEGA meaning the beginning of life in which is the ALPHA, and what you have to go through in your life of existence, and all... More > of the struggles, trials and tribulations of your daily life, and only to end up to greet the OMEGA in which is the end of your life here on earth...Or is it the beginning of a new life in which is called the AFTERLIFE?< Less
Alpha and Omega By John O'Loughlin
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ALPHA AND OMEGA is divided into four parts, each of which investigates a variety of subjects having either alpha or omega connotations from a Social Transcendentalist standpoint, with a view to... More > advancing this ideological philosophy through several spiralling cycles towards enhanced metaphysical knowledge, which is truth.< Less
Alpha and Omega By Marc Jev Salutillo
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Gods created man as slaves, and to worship them. They left Earth for a nuclear holocaust. They will come back to claim their people. Will you worship your maker? or Will you fight for your freedom?
The Alphas and Omegas By Charlotte Deibele
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Written by Charlotte Deibele in 2014-2015. The story of: 4 sisters. 4 completely different people. 2 points of view. 1 story.
Alpha and Omega By Richard J. McQueen et al.
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The subject of Alpha and Omega, Beginning and end, First and Last, based on the research topics conducted by Fernand D'Amico and Jacques Wisman, is proposed in this book as a themed walk through the... More > passages of Scripture from the Old and New Testament. The biblical text (KJV) is presented deliberately devoid of additional comments to offer an immediate and direct perception of the selected track. The thematic reading of the biblical text opens to the reader as a fascinating experience that allows him to benefit in a short time, a surprising and rich picture of content. Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last, are the symbolic complex which reveals the circularity of being that is behind the ontological structure of the ego.< Less
The Alpha and Omega By Michelline Jacquelle "Michelle" Porter
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“The Alpha and Omega – The Introduction” is an inspirational, short poetic autobiography. MICHELLE is introduced. And as the Alpha and Omega. She struggles with modesty. Yet, she is... More > compelled to motivate the world and its future generations to acknowledge changes within the structure of life. She makes references to her birth – and its significance. She makes time relevant in the grand scheme of the world. She allows the number 12 to be properly displayed as she defines lines with fierce intentions! Her mercy is revealed as she expresses herself with an artistic approach. She expresses notion to time with relevance to life. She makes connections to energy by expressing her deep emotional connection to Aaron Christopher. She makes health and wellness a priority. She articulates the basic nutritional needs. She places emphasis on cleanliness. All the while she urges protection and implies the imperfection of man. She then offers a new start.< Less
The Alpha & The Omega By CJ Stephens
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After a horrible accident the paramedics on-site think Peter is dead, however after arriving at the hospital he's not only alive, but doesn't have a scratch on him. While physically uninjured, his... More > mind is a mess. His memories seem hazy and he feels uncomfortable in his body. As he attempts healing his mind, he also sets out repairing his relationship with his wife and children. Peter carefully makes up for the lost time and broken relationship with his family, but when he discovers the secret behind the accident, he must find a way to keep the life he was destined for.< Less
Alpha and Omega By Robin Buckallew
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Detective Sullivan knew murder when he saw it. Even after signing the report listing the death as suicide, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. Perhaps it was the grotesque... More > figure of the deceased sprawled on the pavement. Perhaps it was the eerie message on the computer in his hotel room. Something didn’t feel right. Now he was headed into the unknown with a delusional old man who called himself St. Paul. Was Paul leading Rudy to Becca? Or was he leading him into a trap? Rudy couldn’t shake the feeling that the answer could threaten to shake apart the universe itself.< Less
the alpha to omega By Scott Langston
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a voyage of self-discovery thinly disguised as a light-hearted, journal-based novel, or a light-hearted, journal-based novel, thinly disguised as a voyage of self-discovery...

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