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Gradual Failure: The Air War Over North Vietnam, 1965-1966 By Jacob Van Staaveren
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The air war against North Vietnam was launched with the nickname Rolling Thunder. This book covers the first phase from March 1965 to late 1966. It begins with the planning and execution of two... More > initial limited air strikes, nicknamed Flaming Dart I and II. As the air campaign gradually expanded and the permissible targeting area moved northward, many in Washington believed “air power” could never win the war in the north. The United States Air Force reached its nadir during the opening two years of the Rolling Thunder air campaign in North Vietnam. Never had the Air Force operated with so many restraints and to so little effect. These pages are painful but necessary reading for all who care about the nation's military power. The author served as a historian for over twenty years with the Air Force history program. (Originally published by the Air Force History and Museums Program)< Less
Interservice Rivalry and Airpower in the Vietnam War By Dr. Ian Horwood
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The objectives of this study are to establish the nature and levels of rivalry and dispute between the United States armed services over matters relating to the military application of airpower... More > during the Vietnam period, and to assess the extent to which such rivalry may have distorted US operational policy in Southeast Asia. It is probably a truism to suggest that interservice rivalry has always been endemic among military establishments in the modern age, yet there are few monographs that deal specifically with the subject. Presumably, interservice rivalry is so commonplace that it excites little comment among military historians and analysts, except in passing. However, if interservice rivalry is so typical of military organisms then it constitutes one of their defining characteristics and is worthy of study for this reason alone.< Less
Marine Advisors with the Vietnamese Provincial Reconnaissance Units, 1966-1970 By Andrew R. Finlayson
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While most Marines think of the Vietnamese Marine Corps as the primary advisory experience during that conflict, Marines served with other programs. One of these is the subject of this study: Marine... More > advisors with the Vietnamese Provincial Reconnaissance Units (PRUs). This narrative is a combination of experience, research, and reflection.While other journalistic or academic accounts have been published, this is a narrative of participants. Many historians consider the two most effective counterinsurgency organizations employed during the VietnamWar to have been the PRU and USMC Combined Action Platoons (CAP). The author believes that both of these programs have applicability in any counterinsurgency where U.S. forces are called upon to assist a host government. (Originally published by the History Division, USMC)< Less
Vietnam Combat Operations 1972 - 1975 By William E Le Gro
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The years between the signature of the Paris "peace accords" in 1972 and the final collapse of South Vietnam in 1975 are usually neglected. Very often, they are little more than a footnote... More > in histories of the Vietnam War. This does a great disservice to the fighting men of South Vietnam, especially the infantry, Rangers, airborne troops and Marines who fought long, bravely and under great handicaps and hardships in defense of their country. This history of the South Vietnamese armed forces operations between 1972 and 1975 reveals that during 1973 they had the upper hand in conflicts with the North Vietnamese. It was the abrupt end of American economic and material support in 1974 that doomed their efforts and brought about their eventual defeat. This period also saw Soviet and Chinese aid to North Vietnam transform the NVA from a largely light infantry army to a mechanized tank- and artillery-heavy combined arms force that so greatly outgunned the ARVN.< Less

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Left to Die Left to Die By Wes Rand
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