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Australia: Distant Encounters By Stephen Platt & Scharlie Platt
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Australia is far-flung and until the airplane overcame the tyranny of distance Australia was terra incognita. Aboriginals of Australia are one of the oldest living peoples of the world having... More > occupied the same territory longer than any other human population, about 50,000 years. They believe their ancestors brought the world into being by naming the landscape and the creatures that inhabit it. They sing to keep the land alive and their songs are stories of ancestor figures and a GPS to help guide them over vast distances. In Sydney and were treated to a spectacular exhibition of Aboriginal art and dance depicting places along the Canning Stock Route in Western Australia and we attended the 60th Perth International Arts Festival with a opening ceremony that aimed to reconcile the Nyungar guardians of Mudurup Rocks at Cottesloe with modern Australia.< Less
Dreamtime Awry By Matt Howarth
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The Singleton Expedition is the first investigation team to safely land on Australian soil since the Shroud fell in 2001 and drove the population from the land, covering the entire continent with an... More > impenetrable mist. It’s an empty landscape now, denuded of all life and traces of prior civilization--but there’s a deadly destiny awaiting the Expedition amid the mists as they are unwillingly drawn into a cosmic struggle of powerful sorcerers. Can djanga science defeat aborigine magic, or does the fate of the lost continent rest in the hands of a glorified chauffeur?< Less
Your feet take you where your heart is By Cilka Zagar
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Prospectors come to Lightning Ridge in search of the elusive rainbow gem that would make them instantly rich, loved, and respected. Ratters are gem thieves who masquerade as prospectors, wait until... More > a miner hits opal and then loot his mine. Ratting is the worst crime possible in the eyes of Lightning Ridge opal mining community. You never know who is who in Lightning Ridge, says Bill, an old opal miner. Aborigines and Europeans, doctors and illiterates, policemen and criminals camp next to each other and look for the same rainbow in the clay beneath the sandstone.  < Less
Churinga By Jonathan Broad
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Taking Aboriginal Mythology, enduring love and tragic loss as its main themes, Churinga is Jonathan Broad’s first novel Set in two parallel worlds which are both on a collision course to... More > mutual destruction, the story follows two teenagers, Amy and Jack along with Jacob, who has tragically lost his wife, Hope, on a journey of discovery. As their respective worlds grow closer together both realities begin to intertwine. All three gradually begin to understand that they must somehow find a way to cross the inter-dimensional divide and work together in order to save their respective planets from annihilation.< Less
THE GRACE OF GOODNESS By Ken R Manley Barbara Coe
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Rev John Saunders (1806–-59) was the pioneer Baptist pastor in Sydney from 1834 to 1848. He established the first Baptist Church in Sydney in 1836 and became a leading figure in the religious... More > and moral life of the colony. He was prominent in the temperance movement at a time when alcohol was a major scourge, he was courageous and outspoken about the treatment of Aborigines by many British settlers at the fevered time of the trial of white men for the Myall Creek murders. This book tells the full story of Saunders’ numerous activities and for the first time publishes a comprehensive and carefully edited collection of his fascinating letters, written while travelling as chaplain to female convicts on the George Hibbert and after his arrival in Sydney. This documentary biography demonstrates why not only fellow-religionists but many others greatly valued this attractive figure.< Less
Left wing-right wing, same bird. Stories of a migrant By Cilka Zagar
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Left wing- right wing-same bird is a story about the people and places that left traces on my soul. It tells about Slovenia, my native country, and Australia my chosen homeland. I followed Joe, my... More > husband, to sugar cane fields and Snowy Mountains hydroelectric scheme and to our Promised land-Canberra. The rainbow colours of black opal finally lured Joe to Lightning Ridge opal fields. I followed and met Aborigines. My father said that I can be whoever I want to be, when I close my eyes and imagine. When times were difficult I closed my eyes and escaped into my magic land.< Less
The Story of Australia By Robert Grieve Black
eBook (ePub): $1.16
We all tend to think of Australia as a country with a very short history. In fact it has one of the oldest identifiable histories on this planet dating back to when the first Aboriginal people... More > travelled south between the ice ages. Did you know that there are around one million camels living in the wild in Australia? They are not of course indigenous but rather were shipped in by British colonialists to help explore and develop the outback. The proud Brits didn’t really want their Arab handlers so they returned to their homelands abandoning the camels. Did you know that Australia, with its reliance on coal-burning power stations, is considered to be the world’s number one polluter? These are just a few of the gems in this short history of Australia. It is just under 30,000 words which represents about eighty pages in a standard print book. There are inevitably some dates to maintain the time-line but the emphasis is on telling the story of Australia.< Less
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In a time when the World was New. When land was infinite and untouched. Beings intertwined with the Powers of the Elements and Life was guided by the constellations. Where rules were engraved in... More > stone and destinies were determined before lived. Powers were developed and shaped due to the beings psyche and what they took in from their ancestors. Their Powers were vast and across all skills. They were beyond perfect beings, they had a light within that couldn’t be extinguished. These are the stories of those beings…< Less
The Adventures of Willow Downunder By James Seligman
eBook (ePub): $7.35
A book about Willow a young girl who goes down under to meet the animals
Turtleshell By Peter Lawrance
eBook (ePub): $4.49
Shaun's life on Turtleshell Station was just about perfect - until angry young Sam moved in. But that was nothing compared with the danger they now faced in the rugged hills to the north. Why the old... More > prospector was attacked, what hardship that would mean for them, how they would have to fight to survive - all this meant that nothing would ever be the same again.< Less

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