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Death By asandy drummond
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this is about the deaths of many loved ones who died and teaches a charcater a valuable lesson.
Death By David Niebuhr
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As a chaplain in the emergency services, I have been confronted on a daily basis with deaths that extend over the entire spectrum of beliefs and church boundaries. I find it fascinating that there is... More > such a great number of people, and even church leaders, that truly have no idea of what the Bible really says about death. I have certainly come across more people with incorrect ideas about death than I have come across with a correct understanding that is truly based on biblical principles. To start with, I will be attempting to help you in examining your views on you really believe about death, and to test your understanding of death, against what we learn from the word of God. Then, I wish to equip you in being able to assist others when they lose a loved one through death. In this book I will try to show you some of the wrong things that should not be done or said as well as to show you some of the things that can really be helpful to someone that is going through the trauma of losing a loved one.< Less
Twelve Poems About Death By Jebbie Sans
eBook (ePub): $2.10
Twelve or so poems about what's going on in the world; how I feel about death, and one about an interesting dinner.
eBook (PDF): $1.64
Death is a consequence of sin. It is a sleep in which man finds himself waiting for the judgment of God . People who die are sleeping. They know nothing. Their love, their hatred, their... More > envy disappear. The first death places man in situation where he waits for the judgment. The second death is definitive. It happens to wipe away forever the evil of the creation. The second death will happen after the judgment.< Less
The True Story About Death By Richard Joseph Wix Ramos
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The book tells true stories about death suicide suffering pain and other issues
Thoughts about Yoga, Life and Death By Gerda von Windheim
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Though the title of this book is: “Thoughts about Yoga, Life and Death” It probably should have been: “My thoughts about Yoga, Life and Death” We all have our own... More > conceptions about these things. Nobody is really right or wrong. We appear on earth not knowing from where we come and where we are going. Life is like an endless ocean with rising and falling waves. Big waves and small waves, dangerous waves and harmless waves. They appear and they vanish and unite again with the totality of water. Whatever we believe or not believe, this should be our direction: To live our life with honesty, courage and love.< Less
All about death, living, and more By Appleton Schneider
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from "The Existential Series", excerpts regarding the essence (not substance) of existence. Death as the completion, not loss of, life. Life as the interim of physical containment of the... More > spiritual or cosmic. Also creativity as separate from inheritance, and human sexuality as unique from all others of life's diverse forms, even sexual dynamics.< Less
The Sudden Death Of Michael Jackson: The Medical Facts About The Causes Of Death By Andrew Dolan
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Michael Jackson died with six different drugs in his body. He used multiple drugs to treat anxiety and insomnia. Several drugs he took contributed to his cardiac arrest. Three drugs he used are... More > treatments for alcohol withdrawal. One drug he took has been abused by hospital personnel and patients. He even recorded a song about a drug he used. Get the medical facts about how years of prescription drug abuse ended in the sudden death of Michael Jackson. Includes medical journal references.< Less
Life after Death? Talk about it! By Mike Stallard
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This is a discussion document for schools - 16+mainly - about what happens after death. This is not a subject which teachers like to talk about much, but it is one that needs airing. It tries to be... More > compassionate and sensitive, remembering that some will have faced the death of a loved one, while others will not. It does not peddle a line, but gives each point of view a fair chance to speak. Containing relevant texts, discussion and suggestions for Assemblies and for Debates and Essays, it is a must for the best teachers. But not for wimps!< Less
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A strange thing happened at the tomb of Lazarus when he died for the last time. Amidst the cast of characters who have come to Bethany to join his funeral procession, are two mysterious figures... More > whose notoriety is as big as that of Lazarus. One is now the adult daughter of Jairus a ruler of a synagogue in Capernaum; the other is the son of the now deceased widow of Nain. The three have never exchanged a word, but they are united by the odd circumstance that they were all brought back from the dead by Jesus of Nazareth. These surviving two, however, have come to the tomb of Lazarus for a purpose other than just his burial. One holds a secret about the burial shroud of Lazarus. The other holds a secret about the burial shroud of Jesus. In the end, all involved will discover that the value of grave clothes is not just in the cloth. All of the town of Bethany, including the Sanhedrin, is caught in the intrigue of the thorny rumors surrounding the demise of Lazarus.< Less

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Rayisms Rayisms By Ray Shufelt
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