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Redemption By Adam Lisk
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"Families were torn apart, people watching loved ones fall to those devilish creatures of unknown origins. Few people fought back trying to save as many as they could, it was here that human... More > evolution was kicked in. The stress and fear pushed our minds far past the 'logical' notion of what we can do; only some of us could do." The modern world is no more, towns leveled by bombs and any technological dependency is rare to come by.Water is questioned for majority of it is tainted, or so Ashley believes. A woman in her late twenties, separated from a family that she does not know if they are alive or not, is thrown out of her simple world of survival. When a man once married to her eldest sister finds her she learns of what the world has become. The land is scorched with tragedy, a sour desert like ocean in every direction for life evades the reality of its existence. With her brother in law next to her their journey begins, but will they survive with demons of Hell roaming the world?< Less

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