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Poetry Collection By Alyssa Walker
Hardcover: $28.60
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Welcome to the heart of Alyssa Brielle Walker. Following her parent’s divorce, Alyssa started writing poetry at age 14. Combining elegance and emotion, she continued writing throughout her... More > adolescence and her entrance into adulthood. Coping with the challenges we all face in life, Alyssa writes poetry to store and express her bare feelings. In college, Alyssa fell in love with photography and embraced this as an expanded medium of artistic expression. Follow Alyssa as she struggles with family life, faith, and relationship parallel a broad scope of female emotions. This collection combines three different stages in her life and writing styles, culminating in the pairing of photographs mirroring the written form. If you’ve ever had your heart broken, read on.< Less
Feelings, as felt By Tony Pigram
Hardcover: $59.77
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A written journey of discovering and losing love, learning from the experience and from that point forth viewing the world in a different light. A positive and shining light, without which true love... More > would never have been found.< Less
Doing It For Me: An Open Book By Victoria Vega
Paperback: $7.89
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Through these pieces the author shares real life experiences while presenting underlying themes that the reader can potentially learn from. Approaching heavy topics such as family, self-image and... More > love with light-hearted humor and effortless syntax, She hopes this read will be both enjoyable and engaging. Everything mentioned in this book really did happen; the goal the author has set for this body of work was for it to be relatable and transparent.< Less
Lady in Waiting By Christal Marshall
eBook (ePub): $8.00
Priscilla never wanted to be a lady in waiting to the snobbiest Princess in world. She never asked for it. All she wanted to do was to continue to live a humble existence with her family. But... More > after a great tragedy, Priscilla is forced to leave everything she knows for unwanted royal living. She knows that she should be pretty fortunate, but she can never get her little farm out of her mind. Now the kingdom is in trouble and Priscilla is assigned the undesired task of saving it. Prince Charming can’t help, he’s tied up somewhere. And there’s no magic to break the curse. Love’s most powerful kiss can’t assist her, (well, maybe a little bit). There’s only Priscilla armed with her wit, courage and amazing spirit that will be able to save the Prince and Princess before it’s too late.< Less
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About Britney Spears and male genitalia--an anthropological treatise By Mark David King
Paperback: $6.02
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The young poet Jelly Roll does forge an academic opinion upon the varying sizes of male genitalia; furthermore, he bonds with his older brother in order save to him from self pity and possible... More > suicide due to a horrible complex concerning his private parts; indeed, this is teen angst at its most majestic; plus, a true work in the field of maybe even social science. And of course, Britney is here, glowing with iconic imagery. Check out author's other titles: 1.) How to practice White Magic 2.) Sean Hannity's theocracy; plus, Virgin Mary LIVES! 3.) Werewolf Slut 4.) Dana Dickson battles Lindsay Lohan: Jelly Roll's Poem Too, here is this:< Less
Life By Haley Birch
Paperback: $6.44
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"Life: as told by Stetson Gordon & other works" is a literary portfolio for a Senior Capstone project. The story "Life: as told by Stetson Gordon" explores innocence through... More > the lens of a reflective college student. He focuses on death, poverty, and heartbreak in his life. Other works includes various short stories and poems from my High School career.< Less
A Handful of Dreams By Eddy Adriaens
Paperback: $7.00
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Some keep a diary, some write poetry - Sometimes we look back - At other times we look ahead - What more is there to be said?
A Handful of Dreams By Eddy Adriaens
eBook (PDF): $3.43
(2 Ratings)
Some keep a diary, some write poetry - Sometimes we look back - At other times we look ahead - What more is there to be said?
clama! By Elizabeth Smith
Paperback: $7.24
Prints in 3-5 business days
An anthology of poetry and short-form prose that tells the story of growth. Adolescence is filled with first loves, first tragedies, and first realizations. This is an explanation of such things.

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