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Adore Love Adore By Sai Krishna Yedavalli
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this is a poetry on love. there are 25 poems in it. expressed agony of love .agony of adore. this is dedicated to true lovers
Adorable Pets By Gwendolyn Coffey
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Pets that people have had in the past, or still have.
Adoration Blues By William T. Wright
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A collection of short stories by William T. Wright on the theme of Adoration.
the adorable kittens By thomas miller
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This book is about adorable kittens playing with other kittens and how they act. This book also is about how small the kittens are and how much they grow.
Singular Adoration By Paul Weightman
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He watched from the boat as they sailed past the sights of York – the architecture, and the history that this city has, really does match those of other European cities. The sky was deep blue... More > and the sun’s heat intense, so the cooling river breeze had been heaven. After disembarking, he headed for the bus stop. The day in the city had been enjoyable. But now the holiday was over, and the real business was just beginning. It was time. Soon she would know just how bad it felt.< Less
The Ugly and Adored By Randy Spike
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Transgressive poetry about sex and regret ................
The Adoration of the Blesséd Sacrament By Fr. A. Tresnèire
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Along with Visits to the Blesséd Sacrament and the Blesséd Virgin Mary, this book is the most important Eucharistic Adoration book written. It's pages are filled with inspiring and... More > uplifting Eucharistic devotional material and exercises. The serious Eucharistic Adorer should not be without a copy of this book.< Less
Songbook For Worship & Adoration By Sonya T. Anderson
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Songbook for worship and adoration.
The Adorable Boyfriend's Secret Weapon By Joe Nelms
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We all know most guys have the best of intentions when it comes to those big days with their girlfriends. Unfortunately, we also know they usually screw them up royally or forget them entirely. But... More > no more. The cavalry is here. The Adorable Boyfriend’s Secret Weapon is the foolproof plan to turn insensitive cavemen into charming Casanovas. It’s simple. It’s easy. And if they follow the guidelines, the average Neanderthal will never miss another special day, never have to make up another lame excuse and never again have to stall for time as he figures out exactly why the little lady is giving him her “What-the-heck-is-wrong-with-you?” look. In other words, whether you’re a bumbling boyfriend or an exasperated girlfriend, you’re holding the answer to all of your problems in your hand right now. Enjoy it. And you’re welcome.< Less