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Adult ADHD By Susie Thompson
Paperback: $8.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Adult ADHD - Amazing Action Plan To Overcoming ADHD - The Ultimate Guide To Living A Better Life (FREE BONUS INCLUDED) Do you think you have Adult ADHD and need to research it more? Maybe you... More > already have been told by a Doctor that you do and you just don't know how to handle the issues that come with adult ADHD. Either way this comprehensive guide to ADHD is here to help you. This book offers you help and solutions for all of the problems that come with ADHD. You are not alone and you can find a way to deal with everything that comes with ADHD. Here is a preview of what you'll learn: Information on symptoms of Adult ADHD, Myths about ADHD, The difference between adult and childhood ADHD, Techniques to help you live with ADHD, Techniques for time management, Techniques for money management, And much more!< Less
Adult ADHD By Sophia Hudson Sophia Hudson
Paperback: $8.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Adult ADHD - A Special Guide For Adults – Learn Everything You Need To Know About Adult ADHD Causes, Symptoms, Types And Treatments!(BONUS INCLUDED) ADHD can be a difficult and confusing... More > condition to deal with in both adults and children. Whether you are looking for yourself or a friend this eBook helps to shed some light on the symptoms and causes of the disorder to get a bit more understanding about what started it. In addition to this it should give you an insight into adult specific effect of ADHD and what a sufferer with the condition goes through. There are also some tips and tricks on how to naturally manage the condition and how to deal with living with someone with ADHD because it affects the whole family. Here is a preview of what you'll learn:What is Adult ADHD?What are the Symptoms?The Causes of Adult ADHDDiagnosis & treatmentDealing with it day to day< Less
Adult ADHD By Adam Johnson
Paperback: $8.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Adult ADHD - The Ultimate Guide To Overcome Your ADHD Symptoms! - How To Improve Your Memory, Attention And Focus! Most people believe that ADHD is only a disorder that exists in the younger... More > generation, but there are millions of adults that fight against ADHD and its symptoms everyday. If you are one of these adults, you know how much ADHD affects and disrupts everything you do. Even if you take medication for ADHD, you might be asking yourself, “Isn’t there something else I can do to combat my ADHD?” And the answer to that question is, YES! We are here to talk about skills and techniques that you can implement into your life starting today that will help combat the symptoms of ADHD that you feel on a daily basis with or without medication. These skills and techniques will help you manage your ADHD in a way that you never thought possible and give you additional health benefits. Ultimately there are few reasons you shouldn’t be implementing all of these ideas into your life.< Less
Adult ADHD By Elizabeth Logan
Paperback: $8.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Adult ADHD - The Best Strategies To Overcome Your Attention Deficit Disorder And Find Your Focus! (BONUS INCLUDED) If you have Adult ADHD, medication might not be the best course of action –... More > or perhaps medication alone will not give you the improvement you seek. Check out the solid strategies in this helpful guide. It offers proven, successful strategies to overcome Adult ADHD and regain your focus. ADHD sufferers find it difficult to remain focused on just one thing at a time. You could have trouble organizing things and managing your time. You may act on impulse sometimes, and the results are usually negative. Whether you are being treated and on medication now, or you’re looking for other ways to get the ADHD symptoms under your control, this e-book will offer you sound and complementary strategies to get organized, stay motivated and increase your ability to focus.< Less
ADHD Voices By ADDults with ADHD (NSW) Inc
Paperback: $16.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
All proceeds go to charity.
Coping With ADHD By PJ Germain
eBook (PDF): $4.95
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is becoming one of the most diagnosed disorders among children and even adults these days. Many years ago, the acronym ADHD was virtually unheard of. When... More > you get the word that you or your child has ADHD, you might feel overwhelmed wondering where you can turn for information on how to deal with this new thing in your life. We can understand! That’s exactly why this might be the MOST IMPORTANT book you’ve ever read.< Less
Life With An ADHD Wife By Greg Carter
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Humerous brochure on living with an ADHD Wife
Control ADHD with Dietary Supplements By Malcolm Nark
eBook (PDF): $9.95
Control ADHD with Dietary Supplements is now available as a low cost eBook without printing privileges. Lots of web links. Read it on your computer and click to view the orginal document. Dietary... More > Supplements are used in a Four-Step Solution to eliminate the toxins in your body and to boost the levels of neurotransmitter chemicals in your brain. ADD/ADHD is a spectrum disorder—its severity ranges over a spectrum from mild to severe. There seems to be general agreement within the medical community that the ADD/ADHD condition can be caused by low levels of essential neurotransmitter chemicals in the human brain. Neurotransmitter chemicals are used in the human brain to send signals between neurons. I call this chemical imbalance Neurotransmitter Deficiency Disorder or NDD for short. For me, this is not a disease; it is a condition, like low oil pressure or a defective ignition system in your car engine. You can solve this chemical imbalance with over-the-counter dietary supplements.< Less
Paperback: $10.88
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is a self - help book so you the reader can deal with adults or children with bipolar or adhd.
ADD & ADHD Family Guide By John Fitzgerald
eBook (PDF): $1.00
This Guide will help anyone with a child are adult with ADD or ADHD and will show you how to help them succeed in both the family and school

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