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Age of Aether By Mark Jeffrey
Paperback: $9.00
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When Captain Benjamin Bantam is tapped to go back in time in order to retrieve a cure for the vicious Shadow plague, he is shocked to arrive in an alternate 1944 where electricity doesn't exist.... More > Instead, a parallel past has mysteriously arisen -- complete with parasols, stunningly luxurious Aerotels, hydrologic computing, Helux-powered 'cloud growlers' and a space elevator-based moon race with Germany. And of course, there is the lovely Dr. Rachelle Archenstone ... But when Hitler is made Chancellor in this world and the American space program sabotaged, Bantam is the only one who realizes the true depth of the danger posed by the newly-formed Nazi party. Together with Rachelle, he races to save this America while seeking an explanation to the mystery of this alternate past -- and with it, a way to return to his own world with the Shadow's cure. But when it comes down to a choice between his lovely Rachelle and a thousand years of Nazi rule, what will he do?< Less
Maledictus Aether By Sydney Alyk Walker
Paperback: $17.62
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Kennedy is a prodigy: the Royal British Armed Forces want him to build their weapons for the fight against the Sky Pirates, and the Sky Pirates want him to work for them. When the opportunity arises... More > to choose sides, which will he opt for? An outcast since birth, the engineer embarks on an adventure to discover what truly befell his father, his heritage, and become the best Sky Pirate to ever sail the skies.< Less
aether9 proceedings volume3 issue1 By aether9 collective
Paperback: $9.14
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Archive of online communications of the Aether9 Remote Online Performance project. This volume covers the period ranging from March 31 to May 29 2009, including a 5-hour streaming marathon at the... More > Museo de Arte Moderno, Medellin, Colombia. ISSN: 1663-7658< Less
aether9 proceedings volume1 issue1 By æther9 collective
Paperback: $7.50
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Archive of online communications of the Aether9 Remote Online Performance project. This volume covers the initial performance, and gathers the complete chat communications that took place on May 2nd... More > and 3rd 2007. ISSN: 1663-7658< Less
9 Degrees within the Aether By Dillon Silva
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A book that is whatever you make it out to be. Words from the mind of a young adult attempting to make sense of this universe we live in. He finds his path, which turns out to be alternative and even... More > perhaps conflicting of the common perceptions on life. This book is also a psychoactive experience log, although nothing within it should be taken to note, as it focuses more on the personal, psychological aspects of the so called journeys. As you near the end if this book it becomes more ambiguous and is a philosophical break down of all that the character (Wormboy) has learned through unconventional means. Please, step 9 degrees within the Aether.< Less
Drawn From the Aether By Joe Govan
Hardcover: $23.68
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A collection of short stories collected from the author's blog as well as fiction not yet released to the public.
Abattoir in the Aether & A Prince of Mars By L Joseph Shosty, Frank Chadwick
Paperback: $13.09
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Books three and four... exclusive print edition for authors and editor.
Energy, Gravity, Light and the Dynamic Aether By Ian Atkinson
Paperback: $19.95
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A discussion of the dynamic aether and how it causes gravity. An estimation of te speed of gravity as 70,000 faster than light. Proof of Newton's law of gravity from first principles. Gravity cannot... More > be infinite and discussion of galaxies, black holes and quasars.< Less
Einstein, the Aether & Variable Rest Mass By Jack Heighway
Hardcover: $30.00
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The book examines misunderstandings on the part of Einstein and others that have persisted to the present day. Part I treats special relativity, proving the existence of the aether, in terms of which... More > seeming paradoxes are explained in a cause and effect manner. Part II deals with Einstein's theory of gravity. It is shown that gravitational rest mass reduction is inherent in the theory, being the very embodiment of gravitational potential energy, causing not only the gravitational red shift, but also an elongation of all objects, including measuring rods, indicating that the accepted geometry of a black hole is incorrect. Regarding cosmology, momentum conservation demands that rest masses are increasing in proportion to the function that is presently thought to describe the expansion of the universe. Thus the cosmological red shift is a consequence of the reduced rest masses of the era of emission, not the expansion of space itself.< Less