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The First Afghan War By Mowbray Morris
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Soviet Afghan Air War By peter dancey
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Following the death of thirty Soviet advisers in Afghanistan the Soviets went to war. This ebook is a brief synopsis of the Soviet combat types in this disastrous intervention in a very unstable... More > country< Less
The 1980's Afghan War By peter dancey
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With the West's continued withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014, it is ironic that so little was learnt from the Soviet's excursion into the country in the 1980s, by 1988 they had lost over 13,300... More > troops. The main lesson the West failed to learn appears to be how porous the Pakistan border was allowing the rebels to melt away whenever they chose. This ebook tells the story of Soviet Air Power in Afghanistan. Another lesson the West failed to realise until until many men lost their lives was that the rescue helicopter was paramount and that is many instances the only access to the rebels was by helicopter.< Less
Afghan Tales By James Mickey Girvan
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This book grew out of my nephews letters to me while her served in Afghanistan. He was on a training mission for NATO. Training the NATO Operational Mentor and Liaison Teams embedded with the Afghan... More > Army. This book is the stories of some of the men he served with.< Less
Afghan Tales By James Mickey Girvan
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The stories in this volume grew out of my nephew's letters home from his tour of duty in Afghanistan. His job there was to make sure the allied forces were properly training the Afghan forces in how... More > to fight according to Geneva conventions. The stories are true, the soldiers appearing in them are real. I tried to be true to their story, while using a bit of artistic license.< Less
Pre-Invasion Afghan Politics By Josh Neaman
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A short essay written recently as part of a project of change in the 20th Century.
THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN: Mujahideen Tactics in the Soviet-Afghan War By Ali Ahmad Jalali, Lester W. Grau, Foreign Military Studies Office
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On 27 December 1979, Moscow ordered the Soviet Army into Afghanistan. Organized, equipped, and trained for the execution of combined arms operations, that force embodied the concept of blitzkrieg.... More > Nine years later, it withdrew in defeat. The Other Side of the Mountain was written from the reports of mujahideen combat veterans and provides a tactical look at a decentralized army of footmobile guerrillas waging war against a technologically superior foe. Absolute supremacy of firepower did not guarantee victory. Native knowledge of terrain and detailed study of a known adversary offset that advantage. In particular, the chapter on urban combat will be of great interest to commanders concerned with force protection. This book and its companion volume, The Bear Went Over the Mountain: Soviet Combat Tactics in Afghanistan, published for the United States Marine Corps in 1996, offers a chronicle of the Afghan War by the warfighters.< Less
Disjointed Ways, Disunified Means: Learning from America’s Struggle to Build an Afghan Nation (Enlarged Edition) By Lewis G. Irwin, U.S. Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute
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Remarkably ambitious in its audacity and scope, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) irregular warfare and “nation-building” mission in Afghanistan has struggled to meet... More > its nonmilitary objectives by most tangible measures. Put directly, the alliance and its partners have fallen short of achieving the results needed to create a stable, secure, democratic, and self-sustaining Afghan nation, a particularly daunting proposition given Afghanistan’s history and culture, the region’s contemporary circumstances, and the fact that no such country has existed there before. Furthermore, given the central nature of U.S. contributions to this NATO mission, these shortfalls also serve as an indicator of a serious American problem as well. Specifically, inconsistencies and a lack of coherence in U.S. Government strategic planning processes and products, as well as fundamental flaws in...< Less
THE STRATEGIC LESSONS UNLEARNED FROM VIETNAM, IRAQ, AND AFGHANISTAN: Why the Afghan National Security Forces Will Not Hold, and the Implications for the U.S. Army in Afghanistan By M. Chris Mason, Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College
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Military personnel who have experience in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Vietnam, as well as senior leaders and military historians alike, will find this book by Dr. Chris Mason thought-provoking and useful.... More > Dr. Mason examines indigenous personnel issues at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels of war and uses empirical data and exhaustive research to argue that all three wars were lost before the first shots were fired—not on the battlefield, but at the strategic level of war. The United States interpreted all three conflicts as insurgencies, Mason writes, when in fact all three were civil wars in which the United States took a side. Success was never possible from the outset, his provocative thesis argues, because none of the three countries were nations for which the majority of their citizens were willing to fight and die. Nation-building is a slow, evolutionary, internal process through which the political identity of the peoples within a country’s borders matures over centuries...< Less
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In all wars there are winners and losers. Others just grind to a halt leaving the same corrupt officials in power. The leaders draw a line under it all and move on. But the young widow who has lost a... More > husband, the parents who have buried a son and the children who will never know their father cannot move on. Nor can the seriously wounded soldier who is abandoned by his country. He can't move on. Patrick O'Grady is an Irish Catholic soldier who steps on a mine. His best friend is Ahmed Khan whose family come from the Taliban heartland of Pakistan. Both are involved and Ahmed is soon forgotten in Guantanamo Bay. Patrick strives to make a new life for his family. Both are frustrated and ignored by a politically correct Establishment that could not care less. This is the real war for Patrick O'Grady but there are no medals to be won as the bureaucrats obstruct his every move.< Less