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Toxic Assault Environmental Awareness By Mandy Moore Johnson
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Toxins are lurking not only in the air we breathe; they are also in the food we eat. Sickbuildings and chemical exposures can cause allergic reactions, illness and even death. Saftey precautions... More > should be taken to consume toxin free foods, to live and work in healthier enviroments.< Less
Sexual Assault in the Military By U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
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The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights chose to focus on sexual assault in the U.S. military for its annual 2013 Statutory Enforcement Report. This report examines how the Department of Defense and its... More > Armed Services—the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force (the Services)—respond to Service members who report having been sexually assaulted (“victims”) and how it investigates and disciplines Service members accused of perpetrating sexual assault (“perpetrators”). This report also reviews how the military educates Service members and trains military criminal investigators and military lawyers about sexual assault offenses. The topic is both relevant and timely, as Congress is currently considering ways to address this issue. The Commission has authority to examine questions related to sexual assault in the military because the issues involve both sex discrimination and the denial of equal protection in the administration of justice.< Less
Airborne Assault on Holland: An Interim Report By U.S. AAF
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Highlights the role of airpower as the Allies attempted to penetrate the Siegfried Line and reflects the circumstances of the time. Allied airborne and glider-borne units converged on Arnhem.... More > Unfortunately, stiff German resistance forced their eventual withdrawal. This boldly conceived operation involved the Eighth and Ninth Air Forces in a variety of missions: troop transport, fighter escort, flak neutralization, air cover, and re-supply of ground forces. Originally published shortly after key air campaigns, the Wings at War series captures the spirit and tone of America's World War II experience. Eyewitness accounts of Army Air Forces' aviators and details from the official histories enliven the story behind important AAF operations. Originally published in 1945 by HQ, Army Air Forces, Office of Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence, Washington, DC. This is the edition reprinted in 1992 by the Center for Air Force History, Washington, DC. 62 pages, 2 photos, 1 cover illustration, 6 maps.< Less
Hawker Hurricane Pilot's Flight Operating Manual By Royal Air Force
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The Hawker Hurricane flew in the Battle of Britain against the German Luftwaffe. While Spitfires took on Nazi fighters, the Hurricanes assaulted enemy bombers. Between 8 August and 21 September ... More > 1940 Hurricanes scored 1,593 kills out of the 2,739 total claimed. The plane was designed and predominantly built by Hawker Aircraft Ltd. This pilot's flight operating manual was standard issue to R.A.F. pilots during WWII. Although this manual has been slightly reformatted to 8.5x11, care has been taken to preserve the authenticity of the text. Please note: British manuals are somewhat sparse in their descriptions and photos when compared to American manuals. Please look at the book preview before purchasing.< Less
The Navy and Marine Corps By peter dancey
eBook (ePub): $6.31
The US Navy and Marine Corps is without doubt the largest maritime strike force in the world. This is a modern history of the Service and includes details of its carriers, SSBNs, Assault craft and... More > special forces and air power at sea.< Less
The Muldoon's Guide to IBOLC and Ranger School By G H
eBook (PDF): $5.00
This is for new US Army Infantry Officers and anyone about to attend US Army Ranger School. What you will find here will answer common questions you will have along the same road we are all expected... More > to travel. What you will also find is a unique perspective that may put your mind at ease about some things and open your eyes to things you didn’t, and could not, anticipate before your arrival.< Less
Things She Saw and Felt By Breton Lalama
eBook (PDF): $3.86
my book is a collection of moments- some are as long as chapters, some just a few lines. it is poetry; it is prose; it is commentary on the world. the pages are snapshots of the human existence. the... More > gasp of a page as it scrapes your fingers as they toss it through the air- that's each breath of each human moment.< Less
Descent By Jennifer Gallagher
eBook (PDF): $3.00
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You looked up at me with your giant blue eyes, tears streaming from your delicate face. You couldn't stop shaking. Father's sin had destroyed you, taken every bit of light out of those empty eyes. He... More > stands above you with his fist in the air. It was then that I knew; I would kill for you, little sister.< Less
Paranoia and the Fickle Finger of Fate By Arlow Grant
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In his first published work, Arlow Grant draws on his childhood and 20 years of military experience to give us the character of Harry, a sensitive young boy who joins the National Guard at the age of... More > 14 and fails to see the "irony of getting a school spanking in the winter and being handed his first assault rifle that summer." We meet Harry just prior to World War II, when "chronic parental absenteeism" means freedom for both city kids and rural kids alike. In this skillfully told tale, Grant presents a cast of misfit characters and rollicking escapades that take us through Harry's childhood, his military years, and into the present day.< Less