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Albe giovanili By Giuseppe Alfonso Grassi
eBook (PDF): $7.92
Le prime opere giovanili dell'autore, di un percorso poetico di oltre 40 anni
Albe giovanili By Giuseppe Alfonso Grassi
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Le prime opere giovanili dell'autore, di un percorso poetico di oltre 40 anni
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Albe imperfette By Anna Maria Scaramuzzino
Paperback: List Price: $9.52 $6.66 | You Save: 30%
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Albe imperfette Una bambina di sei anni, Rebecca, si è infatuata dei quindicenni gemelli Giulio e Guido Fanaglini, vicini di casa, facendo di tutto per incontrarli e manifestare la sua... More > attrazione, molto apprezzata dai ragazzi. Ma, dopo qualche tempo, vengono trasferiti altrove con grande tristezza della piccola, peraltro sconvolta anche dalla morte del padre. Rebecca inizia ad essere triste e svogliata, tanto da indurre la madre a consultare una psicanalista, la quale scopre che la bambina ha subìto abusi sessuali. Dopo circa vent'anni, sempre ossessionata da loro e rifiutando ogni rapporto d’amore, durante la festa per la sua promozione a Capo Sezione di una Agenzia di Pubblicità, li incontra. Rivive tutto e riesplode l'attrazione. Accetta appuntamenti con entrambi, sempre spinta dall'esigenza di conoscere il colpevole ma sposa Giulio, non senza continuare ad essere attratta e, forse, anche innamorata di Guido. Dopo qualche mese, però… E alcuni racconti...< Less
Atlantis Mystery Solved By Raven Alb J.
eBook (ePub): $2.00
A very concise description of where Atlantis was, what happened to it and when, based on antiquity books, etymology, geographical description, and a new understanding of the ending of the Ice Age and... More > the Great Flood according to Raven Alb J.< Less
Beowulf Continued By Raven Alb J.
eBook (ePub): $0.99
A very interesting poetic continuation of the poem “Beowulf” in modern time by Raven Alb J. The author/poet of the book “Why and How the Ice Age Ended” was surprised by the... More > fact that nobody in the English-speaking world realized that Beowulf’s poetry represented the defeat of Christianity over Paganism. Inspiration came over the author to write the poem “Grandall” while working on proving the facts above. “Grandall” is a continuance of the poem “Beowulf” with a contemporary purpose. A new form of paganism is taking over the world and a new Beowulf is needed. The full text of the poem “Grandall” presents a parable of communism coming from hell disguised as “good” taking over the world. The poet should know the subject very well because he was born, raised, and lived until the age of twenty-three in communist Romania. At that age, he escaped and made America his new home. The poem is not complete but it is close to its end. It is fairly long; so far it contains 3,664 words.< Less
Java™ Application Development on Linux® By Carl Albing & Michael Schwarz
Paperback: $23.94
Prints in 3-5 business days
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For Java and Linux developers, this book is a guide to Java application development on the GNU Linux Platform. Released by Prentice Hall under the Open Publication License -... More > Original content available as a download here:< Less
Dracul (the devil) From Transylvania By Raven Alb J.
eBook (ePub): $0.00
A true event that unintentionally solved a mysterious devil story from Transylvania.
Apocalipsa By Raven Alb J.
eBook (ePub): $0.00
A very realistic way of how atomic bombs can be used by insane or unscrupulous minds to start an atomic war and end human life on Earth as we know it.
Why and How the Ice Age Ended & The True History of the Pontic (White) Race By Raven Alb J.
Paperback: $28.40
Prints in 3-5 business days
A complex book which goes from explaining how climate changes (based on changing of the earth’s axis tilt) to the formation of the indo-European languages’ first words and the... More > misunderstood part of white race history. This book reveals the unknown part of indo-European history in Asia, which is very wrongly taught today. The evolution of European languages is corrected based on very logical and well-documented bases. It is a book that requires intelligence and great curiosity, as well as the ability to concentrate because many lexicons are found throughout the book. Any intelligent person will have a very different understanding of earth’s history and reason for climate change after reading this book. The book is extremely informative in many fields and the writer expects no mercy from the people who can prove him wrong. Try it.< Less

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