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Stop and Think... about addiction By James Lawrence
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A self-help booklet for those with an addiction and those wanting to help them. There is an easy explanation of how addiction works. And how to get your life back with a focus on a higher power.... More > Useful for individuals or groups. 18 pages.< Less
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Addiction: Recover Like a Warrior By S. McAley
Paperback: $17.96
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“Addiction: Recover Like a Warrior” is a philosophical approach which is designed to empower the addict to be the “master” of his or her own recovery. It is not a... More > “program” to replace research-based treatment or spiritual based programs. Through the “Warrior’s” eyes, addiction will no longer be perceived as just a disease that requires continual medical monitoring. Nor will addiction be viewed as an anti-social behavior that is in need of punishment or repentance. Addiction is encouraged to be perceived as an enemy which will take all that is life preserving, for indeed, that what addiction does.< Less
The Addiction Dilemma & Solutions By Elaine Kissel
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Dr. Elaine Kissel Ph.D Hypnotherapist with 43 years of clinical experience helping those suffering from Alcohol, food, or drug addictions achieve freedom , once and for always. more on... More >< Less
In Darkest Addiction and the Way Out By Steve Staneart
Paperback: $14.99
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a 90 day journey through the 12 steps and the bible. Highlighted are the ways the Bible and the 12 steps "sing in harmony", teaching the same truths. Every day the reader will read one of... More > the 12 steps, followed by a humerous story, followed by a scripture, a discussion and a prayer. Pastor Steve Staneart draws upon his experiences with addictions to deliver a very personal and moving journey out of addiction and into His marvelous light.< Less
Treatment Options For Marijuana Addicts By Michel Marck
eBook (PDF): $0.00
1. The Misconception About Marijuana Addiction. 2. What You Should Know About Marijuana Addiction Symptoms. 3. Marijuana Addiction: Possible Treatment Considerations. 4. Does Rehab Cure Drug... More > Addicts? 5. Help For Addiction - How to Stay Clean on the Outside. 6. Drug and Alcohol Detox and Addiction Counseling.< Less
Religious Addiction: Doctrine or Denial By Dr. Robert D. Baize
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Can religion become a drug? Can a person become physically addicted to something other than a substance? This book examines when religion becomes destructive. When the idea of a relationship... More > between mankind and God is reduced to simply a doctrine of behavior it no longer sets a person free. God never meant for people to use Him as a means of avoiding responsibilities in the same manner as an alcoholic uses a bottle or an addict uses a drug. This book gives insight into the behavior referred to as religious addiction and ideas on how to possibly help someone who has found themselves in that trap.< Less
Addiction Intervention Strategy Unleashed By Ade Asefeso MCIPS MBA
Paperback: $19.87
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TABLE OF CONTENTS 1: Definition Of Drug Addiction 2: Drug Addiction Facts 3: Symptoms Of Drug Addiction 4: Prescription Drug Addiction 5: Recognizing Drug Addiction 6: Drug Addiction And Pregnancy 7:... More > Teenage Drug Addiction 8: Drug Addiction And The Family 9: Family Therapy With Drug Abuse And Addiction 10: Effects Of Drug Addiction 11: The Psychiatric Aspect Of Drug Addiction 12: Intervention And Drug Addiction 13: Drug Addiction Treatment Programs 14: Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment 15: Recovery From Drug Addiction 16: Drug Addiction Support Groups 17: Alcohol Addiction And Recovery Review 18: Helping A Loved One Recover From Alcohol Addiction 19: Overcoming Nicotine Addiction For Good 20: Vicodin Drug Addiction 21: Caffeine Addiction - A Problem To Be Solved As Early As Possible 22: Gambling Addiction 23: How-to-treat-gambling-addiction 24: Recovering From Gambling Addiction 25: Internet Safety: Preventing Your Kids From Internet Addiction< Less
How to Detach from an Alcoholic Spouse By Angie Lewis
eBook (PDF): $14.99
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Addiction is so cunning that the alcoholic can manipulate their way into your emotions in such a way to make you believe you are the victim instead of them! Cut the rope! Tough love is all about... More > cutting the rope between you and the alcoholic. You must help your self first before you can help the alcoholic. Be encouraged to detach with love! Love the alcoholic, not the disease. You can learn to live with and love the alcoholic by detaching! Take care of you!! You Don't Have To Feel Helpless and Frustrated! Say good bye to helplessness and frustration and say hello to "I've got my life back"! 1. Learn the proper ways to react to the alcoholic. 2. Learn when to react to the alcoholic. 3. Learn why your reactions keep the alcoholic stuck within the addiction. 4. Learn how YOU can save yourself and be a valuable help to the alcoholic.< Less
How to Detox Yourself from Alcohol By Soroya Bacchus, M.D.
Paperback: $10.00
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If you’ve decided to quit drinking, that’s great—but you don’t want to stop cold turkey. Detoxification from alcohol has more complications from withdrawal than any other... More > drug, and the death rate for alcohol withdrawal is between five and eight percent. In How to Detox Yourself from Alcohol, you’ll learn how addiction starts in the first place, the risks of detox, and how to safely quit drinking. Soroya Bacchus, M.D., a triple board-certified psychiatrist specializing in addiction and psychosomatic medicine, helps you: • understand what alcohol does to your body; • recognize the effects of alcohol that can’t be reversed; • determine whether you have a problem with alcohol consumption; • decide whether you are a good candidate for self-detox; and • respond to unforeseen problems as you seek to stop drinking.< Less

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