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Torn: An Alexandra Brighten Novel By Catherine Divis
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For thousands of years the Earth has been the playground of three factions. The House of Lull and the Descendants of Din have fought for dominance over the Earth with The Guardianship as their... More > referee. Alexandra Brighten is who they have been waiting for. She is the key to their desires or the destruction of the world. From street muggings to demons, Alexandra Brighten is in for the fight of her life. Literally. The most powerful weapon the world has ever seen. The race in on, who will possess her, who will use her, who will love her.< Less
Friends And Lovers By Alexandra Adams
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A chance encounter between Cassidy Maxwell, a personable, serenely self-sufficient widow seeking a new life in a warmer part of the country, and a grizzled rancher who advises her to take a pasear... More > through a unique community in the Southwest called the Valley, leads to Cassidy’s buying a house there. Her new home comes with the benefit of having fascinating neighbors, including four single, highly individualistic men: two virile martial artists, a shy but likeable builder, and a handsome, debonair, talented architect. Eventually, the widow not only achieves unlooked-for happiness in an unconventional personal relationship, she also proves the means of enabling two close male friends to overcome dire problems in their own lives.< Less
The Big Heart Book By Maria Skrebtsova, Alexandra Lopatina
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A workbook in the form of fairytales, poems, games and coloring pages The lesson materials consist of stories, games, questions for discussion and creative tasks all intended to help the child... More > internalise the ideas on a deep and personal level. 50 stories and poems are intended to teach virtues in a natural, unimposing way. 100 games, tasks and discussions which accompany the stories are designed to develop the child's creative potential, and are organised in such a way that the children learn to draw, express their thoughts, work in groups and act out skits as part of the process of assimilating any particular virtue. 50 Coloring pages help children to eye-hand coordination, color concepts, picture comprehension; form the foundation for early learning success.< Less
MAGIC MATHEMATICS. KIND PLUS AND WISE MINUS. By Maria Skrebtsova, Alexandra Lopatina
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KINDNESS IN MATHS. KIND PLUS AND WISE MINUS. A workbook is presented in an appealing and entertaining format and aimed at 5-7 year olds. It introduces addition and subtraction. Fanny stories about... More > animals demonstrate how counting and basic arithmetic come in handy, whether one lives in a house, a pond, or a forest cave. It makes an excellent supplement to teaching materials for either a group or homeschool setting.< Less
Where the Butterflies Go By Lightbooks , Alexandra March, Jakob Straub
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This is a book written by Jakob Straub and illustrated by Alexandra March. Itʼs a story of natural forces, and connections between people, plants and animals. Behind Orlina's house there is a... More > forest waiting to be explored."Dont get lost in the fog," her dad says. "I won't," Orlena replies, "not with the tree guiding me home." "Where the Butterflies Go" takes the reader on a magical and remarkable journey.< Less
Stupeni mudrosti By Alexandra Lopatina, Maria Skrebtsova
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Книга «Ступени мудрости» –... More > состоит из практических уроков-бесед о разных качествах для детей младшей и средней школы. 50 сказок, рассказов и стихов помогут детям задуматься о своей жизни, своей семье, своих взаимоотношениях с окружающим миром, проявить себя в творчестве. Более 100 игр, вопросов и заданий, направленны на творческое проживание темы самим ребенком. Многие беседы составлены таким образом, чтобы в работе над ними участвовали не только дети, но и члены их семей. Для этого мы предлагаем интервью с родителями, рисунки и письма благодарности, адресованные взрослым.< Less
Vechnaya Mudrost Skazok - tom1 - Mudrie skazki By Alexandra Lopatina, Maria Skrebtsova
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Серия «Мудрые сказки». Вечная... More > мудрость сказок. Уроки нравственности в притчах, легендах и сказках народов мира Книга предназначена для занятий с детьми и для домашнего чтения. том 1< Less
Nachala Mudrosti - besedi o vospitanii By Alexandra Lopatina, Maria Skrebtsova
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Книга «Начала мудрости» из... More > серии «Беседы о воспитании» состоит из 50 практических уроков-бесед о разных качествах для занятий с детьми младшего школьного возраста. Приводимые уроки состоят из сказок, стихов, игр, бесед и творческих заданий, направленных на глубокое проживание каждой темы. Сказки ненавязчиво и естественно учат ребенка добрым качествам. Пословицы, игры и задания, развивают творческий потенциал ребенка. Они учат детей высказывать свои мысли, работать в группах, ставить спектакли, рисовать.< Less