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Romance Away By Linda White-Francis
Paperback: $11.95
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Romance Away, A Collection of Romantic Tales By Linda White-Francis-- Brooklyn’s T-Bird Man, Brooklyn encounters a middle-aged classic car buff at the supermarket magazine racks. She and... More > Tanner discover love, laughter and a few bumps on the road to romance.-- Vacation For Desire; Teri accepts a date for dinner with David. She worries, will romance with a younger man be 'rocking the cradle', or rocking the boat? -- Cruise For Desire (Sequel To Vacation For Desire) On a cruise to Cancun, a younger man puts the wind back in spinster Teri Blanchester’s sails. Can they find love on a turbulent sea?< Less
Aliens In Paris By Sally Ann Melia
eBook (ePub): $0.00
It wasn’t like looking for a needle in a hay-stack. It was like feeling for a needle in a hay barn wearing gloves and a blindfold – that’s what Patrick told me. He was talking about... More > the Search for Extra Terrestrial Life, an impossible pursuit until two aliens, yes two, landed in Paris. A fun novella introducing the Guy Erma series< Less
I'm In Love With an Alien! - Advice for Off-Planet Romances By The Abbotts
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Have you ever wondered why you are so unlike other people? Have your romances ended badly and you just can't work out why? And who is the best choice of life partner for you? This new book by The... More > Abbotts paranormal experts, explain why you are so different. They believe that we have all had previous lives on distant galaxies that make us the man or woman that we are today. This also explains why some Off-planet characteristics in potential lovers are just not very compatible with our own, while others fit the role, perfectly! Learn about your own abilities and characteristics and find out who will be the best match, moderate catch and least likely person to form a loving partnership with in this life! A unique and special book that will give you and your friends hours of fun and knowledge! In 14pt print for easy reading. Illustrated.< Less
Alien Empires and Alien Empires Ascendant By Neven Gibbs
Hardcover: $49.95
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"Alien Empires" and "Alien Empires Ascendant" combined into a single book. Covering the adventures of grandfather Jeremiah "Buck" Hoyt, Uncle Sam Hoyt and his two... More > nieces Jan Hoyt and Bonnie Woods in their battles against the Draconis Empire to save Earth and their allies from subversion, invasion and genetically modified slavery.< Less
Golden Agers: Strange Romance By Mini Komix
eBook (PDF): $2.00
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Golden Agers mixes weird with desire in Strange Romance. Bringing some of the strangest Golden Age comic book stories of sci-fi, we get to see love in all its fondest and fearful faces. Two newlyweds... More > go for an out of this world honeymoon in Space-Borne, an alien race trying to fit into human society finds out what really Conquers All, a time-travelling couple become Adam and Eve in A New Beginning, a diabolical deviant gets his pick of a space harem in 50 Girls 50, a Martian princess longs for her Earth lover in Lost In Space, and a scientist discovers a gorgeous scantily-clad tiny nymph in He Who Waits. Alien monsters, intergalactic amore, and sexy space cadets all wait for you in this phantasmagorical collection!< Less
Aliens, Lovers, And Other Freaks... By Yossi Faybish
Paperback: $23.43
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The charm of the short story lies in its... shortness. The challenge lies in fitting this shortness with... charm. Full circle. Okay, my view, my interpretation, my implementation. So that, when you... More > buy this book, you know what to expect. Sure, I allow myself seventeen degrees of freedom in the interpretation of the word charm itself, thus you are in for surprises - nice, nasty, extraterrestrial, extra sensorial, romantic, fantastic, loving, lustful, happy, tragic... no, never trite. Sorry, I belong to that race of writers who do not believe in cheating their readers. Even at the cost of missing some and all of respectable literary prizes. Well, pleasure comes at a price. I gladly pay it.< Less
Shahdaroba - Alien Stone By Bernard Paul Badham
Paperback: List Price: $20.76 $16.61 | You Save: 20%
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Adventure Fiction Trilogy of a Pandora's Box of Ancient Prophecy Alien Stone The Fourth Chronicle Second book in the series: Shahdaroba. Adult romantic adventure science fiction story. 'A signal... More > emanating from Mars, begins a search for its source and links two worlds, which are further apart in reality, than we first thought.' Judith Myers, a remarkable and successful journalist and TV political interviewer, finally realizes the significance of a dark family secret and comes face to face with her nemesis, the reason for her vivid prophetic dreams and Sir Lord Anthony Barker, her male genetic counterpart.< Less
Aliens In Paradise - The Arrival By R. D. Bennette
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Scientists on a planet twenty light years from Earth have intercepted our 1950's television signals. Convinced that's how we live our lives, Zorbie and Simbo arrive on Earth to research our human... More > behavior. What they learn will be far more valuable than what they came to discover. Good old fashioned science fiction. G rated and an easy read for all ages.< Less
The Lost Alien - A Novel By Florrie Crowe
Paperback: $12.75
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Florrie Crowe has put the pedal to the medal on romance in this sci-fi/romance novel that is out of this world... The Lost Alien - A Novel PREVIEW NYRANNA As I put on my flight suit and strapped... More > myself in, I prepared my plane for takeoff once again. But my mind constantly switched between the ship itself and that human that almost saw me…again. He gave me that look that humans get when they watch fireworks combust and explode into the sky on the Fourth of July. His expression was one of shock, awe and enthrallment. The way he stared into my dark, alien eyes kept me stuck for a bit until I ran and jumped out. There was something different about this human male that I just couldn’t figure out. He was just…different to me somehow.< Less