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Through the Window Pane - My Life By Morris Eisenberg
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Morey Eisenberg has led a remarkable life that has now become a snapshot of 20th century history. Born in 1922, Morris' life has spanned the horse and buggy to the age of WiFi and iPads. Born to... More > immigrant parents from Israel and Romania, Morris' life is also that of a Jew's journey in America from Ellis Island to success in a land of freedom. Along the way Morris went from dirt poor chicken farmer to millionaire. He traveled the world, met some amazing people. Lived through union strikes sitting with a gun in his backyard to protect his family and come to enjoy having his grandson's sitting on his knees. Journey through an American life -- the life through the window pane. . .< Less
When will These Things be? By Geoff Barnard
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In this in-depth study of the Olivet Discourse, the author presents a view that is somewhat intermediate between the various schools of eschatological interpretation. The enigmatic nature of these... More > passages has led to widely divergent interpretations and significant schisms within the Christian community. The author’s basic thesis is that “the time of Jacob’s trouble” was fulfilled between the years of 1938 and 1945. The Nation of Israel was born out of the ashes of the Holocaust. As far as the Jewish people are concerned, many of the elements contained within the Olivet Discourse have already been fulfilled. By saying, “See I have told you ahead of time”, Jesus prepares us all to anticipate a future global catastrophe. (Matthew 24:25 NIV). Today, the Olivet Discourse are as relevant for us as they were relevant for the disciples who were listening to Jesus on the Mount of Olives.< Less
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Is it Safe? By Geoff Barnard
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There are two radically differing views about the future of Israel. This is true even in those Christian circles that accept that Israel has a part to play in God’s eternal purposes for the... More > world. Is the modern state of Israel now “safe” or should we expect another holocaust which is often identified with some future “time of Jacob’s trouble” and equated with “Great Tribulation”. In this very detailed Bible exposition, Geoff Barnard argues that the “time of Jacob’s trouble” was fulfilled in the Shoah during World War 2 and that out of the ashes of the Holocaust, the nation of Israel has been re-gathered never to be uprooted again (Amos 9:15). Accordingly, Israel now is the only “safe” place for Jewish people and it behoves the Christian community to facilitate Aliyah for them with every resource at their disposal (Isaiah 49:22). Christians throughout the world must be prepared for the extremely difficult days that lie ahead.< Less
Ascension to Zion: The Longest Journey By Edi Nachman
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And it happened that after the Son of Elohim ascended to the highest place and was given the highest name of Yahuah with which to operate he did begin to decree. And yea his first decree was to send... More > the Holy Spirit upon the Church, yea even one week after his ascension on Shavuot 30 AD. And here was the ratification of the New Covenant. Yea the Sign of Abraham’s covenant was circumcision and yea the sign of the new covenant was the milah circumcision of the tongue. And the Church began to cry Abba Father as they did receive the Spirit of Sonship. And the Church began to prophesy as they received the Spirit of prophecy, which is the witness of Yeshua. And the Church began to display the manifold wisdom of Elohim as they received the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding. And the Church began to witness of Yeshua alongside the Spirit of Truth. Yea and the Apostles were given authority to go and plant messianic communities in every nation under heaven.< Less
An Open Door By Petra van der Zande
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The amazing life story of Harry Klafter, a Dutch Jewish boy who manages to escape Westerbork transit camp on the eve of his deportation in 1944. He finds his way to British Mandate Palestine in 1946,... More > joins the Haganah in 1948 and fights for his new homeland. In Israel, Harry Klafter becomes Zvi Eyal. This book chronicles his life in Israel until now, when Zvi is 90 years old.< Less
Broken Silence By Betty Bausch-Polak & Liesje Auerbach-Polak
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"Broken Silence" tells the fascinating story of two Dutch Jewish sisters both of whom survived World War II. Betty, the elder sister, stayed in The Netherlands on false identities. Her... More > husband joined the Resistance, was caught by the Germans and executed. Betty was imprisoned, but miraculously survived the war. Liesje (Elisheva) was sent to the Bergen Belsen concentration camp in Germany. July 1944 she was selected as one of the 220 Jewish prisoners exchanged for German Templars living in Palestine. It saved her life. The two sisters, now both in their nineties, are amongst the few survivors still able to share their stories, in several languages. Living history! The third generation especially needs to be made aware of what happened. Betty and Liesje continue sharing their stories. Their long silence is finally broken.< Less
The Arabian Dream By Monica Singh
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Moroccan-born Saud Aziz is a wealthy businessman who falls head-over heels in love with an American woman. At first she is reluctant to have a serious relationship with Saud since he is from an... More > Islamic background. However, he is obsessed by her beauty and sexuality and promises himself that he will be the world’s greatest love and will capture her heart. Born as an Arabian stallion , Saud is a determined man who plays by the rules of his religion. However, that doesn’t stop him from dating Aliyah. When he plans the most romantic vacation to the Middle East, there is a turning point in their lives. Aliyah is taken by surprise when he pops the big question. Will she accept this offer from a handsome man that has turn her life into a fairytale romance, with enduring love and passion that sets the horizon on fire? Aliyah is forced to make the biggest commitment, a decision that will change her life forever. Will she accept his ring?< Less
Dictionary of Jewish- Frum Life Humor By David Kilimnick
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From the writer of the ‘Aliyah Dictionary’ comes the new comedic work that received no support from any rabbi. Enclosed you will find the words and phrases that are vital for living as a... More > religious Jew, as well as the words that are necessary for understanding the frum Jewish life experience. A work of pure comedy, the reader will walk away educated and laughing. In David’s words: Jewish culture is found in humor. It is up to you to deliver the material in this book. So read with timing…You should have much enjoyment. That would make my parents very proud. Examples of brilliance filling these pages of nachis. Kashering- The process of making something kosher by risking one’s life. See blow torch and rabbi with boiling water. Whitefish- How a Jewish father and son bond. Sitting quietly side by side, eating smoked fish together…Not fishing. Eating. Jewish bonding. Let us now bond with the Jewish people and join in the laughter.< Less
World War III - Salvation of the Jews (Paperback) By Rabbi Simon Altaf Hakohen
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Paperback: How will the salvation of the Jews come about, will they convert to Christianity? Are the Jews in Israel the genetic children of Israel? Will the 3rd Temple be built before the coming of... More > the Messiah? Will we have a war with Iran and when? When will the Messiah come, who is he? Who is the prince of Ezekiel and why is he making sin sacrifices? Should we support the Jewish Aliyah to Israel? Rabbi Simon is the only Rabbi to look at the thorny issues that no one has addressed to date while many people mostly run with popular churchy opinions colored by bad theology by picking and choosing verses in isolation. Is modern Zionism biblical? Is Israel right to take over territories occupied by Palestinians today? Should people be selling up homes to go and live in Israel? All these questions and even more answered in this book the sequel to the popular prophecy book World War III - Unmasking the End-Times Beast.< Less

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