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Alpha Centauri By Doug Nelson
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Alpha Centaury, Earth has become a toxic place to live. Two five person teams are selected to search the cosmos for a habitable place to live among the stars. When they arrive the leader of the dying... More > race has a secret. When he takes Newell (the leader of the second team), into his confidence It may upset the delicate balance of the whole Alpha Centaury system. The story actually begins some 400 years earlier on a planet by the name of Elexis. The race of beings on Elexis are highly developed but a bit lazy. They develop androids to do the menial tasks of life and sit back while the androids eventually self replicate and evolve into sentient beings themselves. Then take control of Elexis. When the few remaining Elexians become aware of what has happened, it may to late.< Less
Alpha Centauri By Robert Siegel
Paperback: $14.00
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Vacationing with her father in England, Becky and her newfound friend Rebecca the horse blunder into the "Eye of the Fog" and are carried back through time to ancient Britain. They emerge... More > in the midst of a desperate struggle in which ruthless men are seeking to wipe out a race of benevolent centaurs. Thus begins an incredible tale of courage, faith and dogged determination in the face of impossible odds as Becky undertakes a perilous mission to save the centaurs. Along the way she encounters a series of challenges that try her ingenuity and strength of character. At last she meets the ultimate test of her faith and will: she must open the Path to the Stars - the only hope for the centaurs' survival.< Less
The Alpha Centauri Skirmishes By Randolph Henniger
Paperback: $6.30
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Alpha Centauri Skirmishes is the continuing journey of the characters from "Spawn of Starman" and "Milky Way Alliance." Battling their selfish, self-centered nature, the... More > characters rise above base instinct to create an inclusive, mutually beneficial culture.< Less
Alpha Centauri Male By Dustin Koski
eBook (PDF): $2.49
In what book can you read about telepathic orgasms, religiously motivated abortions, and prokaryotic orgies? Only in Alpha Centauri Male, which has all that and much more! Featuring illustrations of... More > outstanding artists from Deviantart and beyond!< Less
The Alpha Centauri Skirmishes By Randolph Henniger
eBook (PDF): $0.00
The Alpha Centauri Skirmishes is the continuing journey of the characters from "Spawn of Starman" and "Milky Way Alliance." Battling with their own self-centered, selfish needs... More > and desires, the characters learn to rise above base instinct to develop a culture of inclusiveness and mutual cooperation for the benefit of the entire galaxy. Enjoy the journey, it is more important than the destination!< Less
Alpha Centauri By Massimiliano Fiordelisi
eBook (PDF): $1.86
L'Ebook mostra la posizione nella costellazione della stella Alpha Centauri.
ALPHA CENTAURI By Pietro Panetta & Paola Panetta
Paperback: $14.28
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I coloni sono in viaggio in stato vegetativo , l'astronave Titus li proteggerà fino ad arrivare alla loro destinazione , male cose purtroppo non sono così semplici, scoprite cosa... More > succederà ....< Less
The Letter. Alpha Centauri System or Barnard's Star In the Constellation of Ophiuchus. By Gordon Ferguson Mackenzie
eBook (ePub): $2.56
In the year 2100, the beginning of the twenty-second century, a massive migration spaceship in the shape of a ball left its orbit around the planet Earth and started out on a long journey to the... More > Alpha Centauri System in search of a planet that is capable of sustaining Human Life. Astronomers have not found such a planet in the Alpha Centauri System. But they are confident a planet will be found. A committee representing many nations was formed ten years ago to plan in New York’s United Nations building, this journey to look for a planet and if one is discovered, colonise that planet and create a population making it a new home for Humans. Daedalus is the name of the spaceship, and its captain is Fabio Malrein, a Swiss by birth. The executive officer is Jim Duckett, an American. It will be their job to get the spaceship to the Alpha Centauri System, and when there, find a suitable planet for Human Life.< Less
Paradoxon By Michael Mazo Cano
Paperback: $16.23
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Im Jahre 3500 n. Chr. Eine gigantische Naturkatastrophe zerstörte die Welt, wie wir sie einst kannten. Die Menschheit lebt fortan in großen Städten im Orbit und auf dem Mond. Kerwin... More > ist Archäologe und erforscht die Geschichte dieses Untergangs. Ein tragischer Unfall und ein rätselhafter Fund verändern sein Leben und das der Menschheit.< Less
Rescued By Don Edmundson
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Captain Dominic Brigario was a Precision Strike Pilot for the United States Air Force and using his skills to battle insurgents during the IndiCong war, that is, until an enemy drone shot him down.... More > He then became a simple shuttle pilot; hauling personal and supplied, to and from the International Space City; a much safer service, according to his wife. Then, Dominic was informed by General Grace Monroe; Project Director of the NASA Mars Initiative that he would be tasked with the same responsibilities as with the ISC, only his destination would be the Mars Research Colony where he and three other astronauts would be going. Shortly thereafter, Dominic woke up in a medical facility and soon realized that the General had lied to him about his true mission. When Dominic Brigario was rescued from his lifeless ship, it began a chain of events that presented him with new friends, was able to confront his superiors, and take over an entire world.< Less

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