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Combatives- Alpha By
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Handouts taken from many sources. Boundtogether in one formatt. sources quoted. Class copy.
Alpha Centauri By Robert Siegel
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Vacationing with her father in England, Becky and her newfound friend Rebecca the horse blunder into the "Eye of the Fog" and are carried back through time to ancient Britain. They emerge... More > in the midst of a desperate struggle in which ruthless men are seeking to wipe out a race of benevolent centaurs. Thus begins an incredible tale of courage, faith and dogged determination in the face of impossible odds as Becky undertakes a perilous mission to save the centaurs. Along the way she encounters a series of challenges that try her ingenuity and strength of character. At last she meets the ultimate test of her faith and will: she must open the Path to the Stars - the only hope for the centaurs' survival.< Less
Alpha Lather By Stella Royal
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Too many characters. Lots of bands. At least three different time zones and two and a half levels of reality. Much silliness and not a little surrealism. Somewhere in there, the hint of a plot.... More > Rock'n'roll, baby, in a world like ours, only so not like ours.< Less
Alpha Cas By Nick Jenkins
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Is there only one possible outcome for the evolution of mankind? When two cultures light years apart follow different evolutionary paths, that question could be answered. And many more could be... More > raised. In the twenty-second century, Earth was dying. World population was more than twenty billion, the global environment was in ruins, and living conditions were intolerable everywhere on the planet. Many people thought the only hope for mankind lay in colonizing space. And so giant ships were built to carry brave volunteers who would settle the planets of nearby stars. Many years later, the colonists returned. The Earth they found was a far different place than the Earth of their distant ancestors. And they were not welcome.< Less
Alpha Brat By Jere Haken
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Oliver is being a terrible brat. His lover, Allen, decides to take him in hand. How will Oliver respond to a little old-fashioned discipline? This erotic gay short story of approximately 6k words... More > contains mature content and is for those who enjoy a good spanking. All characters are 18+. Does not contain sex.< Less
The Alpha & The Omega By CJ Stephens
eBook (PDF): $1.49
After a horrible accident the paramedics on-site think Peter is dead, however after arriving at the hospital he's not only alive, but doesn't have a scratch on him. While physically uninjured, his... More > mind is a mess. His memories seem hazy and he feels uncomfortable in his body. As he attempts healing his mind, he also sets out repairing his relationship with his wife and children. Peter carefully makes up for the lost time and broken relationship with his family, but when he discovers the secret behind the accident, he must find a way to keep the life he was destined for.< Less
Alpha and Omega By Robin Buckallew
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Detective Sullivan knew murder when he saw it. Even after signing the report listing the death as suicide, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. Perhaps it was the grotesque... More > figure of the deceased sprawled on the pavement. Perhaps it was the eerie message on the computer in his hotel room. Something didn’t feel right. Now he was headed into the unknown with a delusional old man who called himself St. Paul. Was Paul leading Rudy to Becca? Or was he leading him into a trap? Rudy couldn’t shake the feeling that the answer could threaten to shake apart the universe itself.< Less
The Alpha Chronicles By Joshua Baylis
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"Reed took a deep breath and began to run. His eyes had returned to a blue tint, lighter than they were before." Reed Foster has life ahead of him, plans of great ventures; but that all... More > changes after the Intergalactic Earth Task Force recruit him after he seems to possess abilities that are not natural. He’s called an experiment, one that got away. Soon Reed is thrown into life at the spaces station, yet as quickly as he begins to understand what he is there for,questions begin to arise. Why is the Admiral hiding information? Who is this Ghost? Why was he an experiment? What else is he capable of? But most importantly, Who will he become?< Less
the alpha to omega By Scott Langston
Paperback: $12.22
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a voyage of self-discovery thinly disguised as a light-hearted, journal-based novel, or a light-hearted, journal-based novel, thinly disguised as a voyage of self-discovery...
EVE OF ALPHA By Rose Mary Thorne
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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A marvelous journey into the afterlife. What would it be life to travel to another world at the speed of light after death? This amazing book gives hope to those searching for truth. Rose Mary has... More > done a fantastic job in providing the reader with insight into the world all of us will see when we die.< Less

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