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Omega and Alpha By Martin Emslie
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Oratorio based on the last days of Christ for Choir and 3 soloists with organ or orchestral accompaniment
Alpha & Omega By Robin Buckallew
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Detective Sullivan knew murder when he saw it. Even after signing the report listing the death as suicide, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. Perhaps it was the grotesque figure... More > of the deceased sprawled on the pavement. Perhaps it was the eerie message on the computer in his hotel room. Something didn't feel right. Now he was headed into the unknown with a delusional old man who called himself Paul of Tarsus. Was Paul leading Rudy to Becca? Or was he leading him into a trap? It seemed the answer could threaten to shake apart the universe itself.< Less
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AlphA Pix By Andy G.
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All made by Andy G.
the Alpha Logito By John Kinyanjui
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The Lord signed the creation of the earth and the heavens by his hand. By the knowledge of this secret the ancient peoples lived and carried out great exploits. What this secret is you too can... More > discover and harness. As the world now pretends to have no use for God, God on the other hand has use for his Earth, and that he created and owns the universe is no myth. The proof is more than profound, and He would not need any nonetheless. But the proofs were set in place for use to learn and benefit by. Encoded in these ancient mysteries is the time frame for earth, and when the dear Lord should finally reclaim the planet. This time is at hand. Why remain ignorant to your destruction. Find knowledge, get wisdom and escape to the only Refuge.< Less
the Alpha Rogito By John Kinyanjui
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The evidence that God not only is, but also created and owns the earth is discernible by the accurate study of nature and the pure word of God. This was the original basis of knowledge, by which... More > civilizations excelled in times past. But this clear knowledge was lost and systematically discredited, and in its place was substituted what now is the heritage of man. In this heritage, there are more questions than answers, more problems than solutions. It is base knowledge. Man has to return to the high knowledge and wisdom of recognition of God. In re instituting the original knowledge, much is there to benefit by, as all the secrets of the world, hidden treasures and wealth without measure can be searched and found by this key. That the earth was crafted in the reflection of the heavens above to succinct detail. The science resultant to the pyramids of ancient times was in recognition of the same, that God is Creator/Owner of the all. God established all these secrets by His wisdom fro the beginning!< Less
Will Alpha and Omega By Mario Reinaldo dos Reis Nunes & Mario Reinaldo dos Reis Nunes
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Put in your hands the keys of knowledge, power and love for your happiness and venture. Your fault if you do not wish to use. The conditions are always the same principle: namely, to Dare and above... More > all shut up. These lessons should be prepared for an extensive internal course comprising 365 weeks or 7 years, requiring a real INITIATION INTERNAL. Who puts in your hands, the reduced the 365 days, loading, of course, with the responsibilities of the case. Ye shall know that-I 'M- is the presence of GOD in EVERY HUMAN. One should never forget this. I am (it) life, light, SUBSTANCE, intelligence and activity (in him we live, we move and there be), unconsciously. The goal of these practices is to prepare ourselves to consciously feel our Union with the father-I 'M- God INTIMATE. The book for a new era, the book that make a new life. This the book that can help you.< Less
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Journal Alpha By David Singleton
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I am quite a busy person. I have many different projects all going on at the same time. Recently, I’ve found myself wishing I knew how to spend more of my time on stuff that really matters to... More > me - to drive my inbox and my calendar rather than let them drive me. Therefore, I’ve decided to try making and using a paper journal. Not just a diary, but a structured scratchpad that is designed to help me work the way I want to. It has sections for setting objectives and how they will be measured. The act of writing them down will help me remember what the most important goals are. They repeat in the journal at the right interval so I can track my progress and set sub-goals. It has sections for plotting charts of metrics that relate to my objectives throughout the year. The act of plotting my progress on a chart every day and every week keeps my priorities connected to my goals.< Less

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