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Takers Economy : An Inquiry into Illegal File Sharing By Christopher Stewart
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File sharing has become a widespread phenomenon. As much as it can be a blessing in terms of communication and progress, it obviously opens the door to pursuits that enjoy a far less angelic... More > reputation. Still, the overall picture hints that a significant number of users participate in such ill-famed activities. Given this situation, could illegal file sharing actually be a positive process for downloaders and the collectivity ? The question is usually approached from its economic angle, but there is clearly more to the issue than its pecuniary dimension. Takers Economy proposes an alternative look at illegal file sharing in light of the role of art in society, and in the context of the oneness of all things. The inquiry also explores the global picture from which the circumstances emerge, and tries to characterize the culture that gives rise to them. Finally, the essay introduces a philosophy of endosymbiotism that aims to accord with the ethics of the inherent unseparateness of being.< Less
7 Principles for Purposeful Living By Barbara Dixon
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I love Kwanzaa and what it stands for. More than a holiday, Kwanzaa and the Nguzo Saba principles are a framework for Life! In this book, 7 Principles for Purposeful Living, the principles are... More > offered as a way to bring clarity, purpose, passion and meaning to your life. This book will change how you see yourself and how you live your life. In 1966 Dr. Maulana Karenga created Kwanzaa in to be the first pan-African holiday. He said his goal was to "give African Americans an alternative to the existing holiday and give African Americans an opportunity to celebrate themselves and their history, rather than simply imitate the practices of the dominant society." The rituals of the holiday promote African traditions and Nguzo Saba, the "seven principles of African Heritage". • Umoja (unity) • Kujichagulia (self-determination) • Ujima (collective work and responsibility) • Ujamaa (cooperative economics) • Nia (purpose) • Kuumba (creativity) • Imani (faith)< Less
Bath Bombs For Beginners By Dorothy Hayes
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Bath Bombs For Beginners - How to Make Refreshing and Luxurious Organic Bath Bomb Recipes for Stress Reduction, Better Health And Relaxation (FREE BONUS INCLUDED) What is a bath bomb? Not what you... More > might think – unless you have helped a youngster “explode” a paper mache volcano for a school science project. With that said, there are many recipes for bath bombs. Most of them call for granulated citric acid – an easy way to add the acid part of your project. Others use cream of tartar, an alternative form of cooking acid that can be found in the baking section of your grocery store, while still others develop a supremely economical bubbling bath solution. If you are more curious than ever about bath bombs, join me now in exploring this Internet DIY phenomenon. Your bath will never be the same again.< Less
Mr. Bonner: The Story of a Mentoring Journey By Michelle Mueller
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This biography tells the story of Harry Bonner Sr., who has been mentoring young people of color in Albion, Michigan for decades. Chapters describe the Bonner family’s arrival in Albion,... More > Harry’s school years, meeting and marrying his beloved wife Jerlene, and his very first mentoring job as a hall monitor at Albion High School in 1975. The book goes on to describe the lessons he learned from his own mentors over the years, the non-profit organizations that Bonner formed to continue his quest to help kids, and key partners. Powerful economic, cultural, and political forces in Albion meant that Bonner’s work always had to adapt to survive. Alternating with the historical sections of the biography are individual chapters featuring interviews with some of the children – now adults – to whom Mr. Bonner became especially close; who he, in fact, considers just some of his many “godchildren.”< Less
Build Your Own Direct Charging Plant By Robert Sharman
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Do you use deep cycle batteries to store your power? If you use a deep cycle battery for a remote home, campervan, caravan or cabin an efficient backup battery charging plant is often essential.... More > This book is about battery charging and how to make a highly efficient battery charger called a direct charging plant. This book will show you how to build one!. A homemade direct charging plant will solve your battery charging problems economically and with high efficiency. Learn about: Lead acid storage batteries Battery charging, basic and advanced Alternators, permanent magnet generators and converted electric motors for use in battery charging Diesel and petrol stationary engines, horsepower torque and efficiency Step by step construction of a direct charging plant listing components and detailing electronic regulation This book is for people who seek battery charging in a more efficient form than what a conventional battery charger and generator combination can offer.< Less
The Chocolate Party Manifesto : Delicious Recipes for Political Bellies By Earl Warhus
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The Chocolate Party Manifesto is part constitution, part bill of rights and part party platform. It contains recipes for a personal, social, economic and political renaissance—a rebirth of our... More > Western society. It trashes the old paradigm of Left and Right and replaces it with a new one, and measures the relationship in terms of Freedom and Respect. This small treatise is a reorganization of concepts that have been around a long time but with a touch of the contrarian. What you call blue, we may call red. It presents alternatives to major policies of the Western governments that would make them more representative of all of our citizens. The mission of our fictional political party—the Chocolate Party—is to rein in all the big players in order to protect individual rights and to help underdogs and our Western democracies themselves to get off their roller coaster to hell. We seek out true liberalism: female and male peace, class peace, race peace, and ultimately world peace.< Less
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Repetition is the most compelling argument! Like Pavlov’s dogs, we have been ethnically conditioned by past generations. The book is a new age study on how such ethnic and economic pressures... More > control our world of ethics, religions, beliefs, politics, alternate medicines, sex and relationships etc with emphasis on religions, the most universal cause of ethnic conflicts and bloodshed. It demonstrates how in this turbulent computer-driven age, people with incompatible ethnic differences have to live and work in close proximity and how this can lead to conflicts unless we free ourselves from the damaging ethnic programming by clear-thinking self-talk. Click the picture of the book to the left or 'Add to cart' button below for the print version. An overview of the book can be had on the book's blog at THE FREE DOWNLOAD, CONTENTS AND CHAPTER BY CHAPTER SYNOPSIS CAN BE HAD AT (Copy-paste the link into your browser)< Less
Wireless Networking in the Developing World: Second Arabic Edition By Limehouse Book Sprint Team & Anas Tawileh
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Wireless network infrastructure can be built for very little cost compared to traditional wired alternatives. But building wireless networks is only partly about saving money. By providing people in... More > your local community with cheaper and easier access to information, they will directly benefit from all that the Internet has to offer. The time and effort saved by having access to the global network of information translates into wealth on a local scale, as more work can be done in less time and with less effort. Download the book and additional materials for free at< Less

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