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Black and White Paperback WCS Yearbook 2007-2008 By Yearbook Staff
Paperback: $11.88
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The black and white version of the Willits Charter School Yearbook - an economical alternative for you!
Socialism Now: A Case for America By Christopher Myers
eBook (PDF): $0.00
In this short but powerful document, the author refutes the long-accepted notion that there is no alternative to capitalism.
Why Not Equality: In Search of a Moral World By heaven Purelove & brother Purelove
eBook (PDF): $0.00
In this unique paraquel to The Open Table, Revolition -- an autonomous alternative intelligence -- constructs a philosophical query into the moral foundations and purposes of equality and inequality.
Neuropsychology for Economists By Torben Larsen
eBook (PDF): $4.60
Left brain dominance is presented in chapter 1 as a biological cause of stress characterised by rivalry, over-consumption and psychosomatic diseases; a contemproary threat to the whole ecosystem.... More > Classic economic man as taught to students of economics disregard this problem. Formal education is insufficient to solve it. Chapter 2 is a health technology assessment of meditation as a broad-spectered means of de-stressing reducing blood pressure, addiction to stimulants as tobaco and alcohol, relief of anxiety increasing life-expectancy and quality of life. Score the cognitive style quiz and see if meditation is relevant to you! Chapter 3 guides advanced meditative development. Moreover, a logic of complementarities departing from Aristotle and related to the economic production function is stated as an alternative to our outdated quantum logic. Relevant to economists, physicians , psychologists and students as well as a working tool for specialists in Human Resource Development.< Less
The Interview: Everyone Should Read This By Piso Mojado
eBook (ePub): $0.99
"The Interview" provides one pathway for the rebirth of America's economy and that of the industrialized world. Cheap, renewable, non-polluting fuel could provide jobs, better health, a... More > saner world, and a much higher standard of living for the lower and middle classes everywhere. The idea is simple, use an ethanol alcohol base for gasoline and use alternative fuel methods (wind, solar, hydro-electric) to refine this fuel (instead of the political pork methods of the present). Why has this idea been rejected since the 1970's? Could ethanol-based gasoline have been produced quite easily if a sincere effort had been made? What would the world be like now if oil hadn't been king all these years?< Less
Adam Smith Making Poverty History By Wallace Allen Shaw
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This authentic docu-drama tells the Adam Smith Story to present his lost legacy so urgently needed for us and our world today. Along the way we meet his mother, his headmaster, the Duke of Buccleugh,... More > Ben Franklin and above all we are inspired by his friendship with David Hume Through the Scottish Radical Enlightenment his views on religion and politics offer a critique of militant xenophobic fundamentalist terrorism/crusades and militant/greedy ultra-nationalistic tyrants. How are Wisdom – Justice – Compassion – Integrity (the four words on the Scottish Parliament’s mace) proclaimed by this Professor of Moral Philosophy who became the Father of Modern Economics? Through role-play these four words are examined and can become emblazoned on your mind, heart and will as they have been with others struggling with the consequences of the alternatives: Ignorance – Exploitation – Insensitivity – Hypocrisy.< Less
The Common Sense Manifesto By Frans Doorman
eBook (ePub): $2.50
The Common Sense Manifesto aims to contribute to sustainable development: the process aimed at creating a society that is economically and socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable. It... More > offers the outlines of a Fourth Way, an alternative to right and left wing ideology that aims to rebuild economics, both to lead the global economy out of the 2007 economic and financial crisis and to free the productive potential of society for addressing society’s economic, social and environmental problems. The manifesto presents a framework for a new economics: a social science that gives better insight in how economies function while yielding policies that will help unlock humanity’s productive potential for meeting society’s social, economic and environmental challenges. This manifesto is an abridged version of the book Crisis, Economics and the Emperor’s Clothes. Why economics fails to deal with society’s economic, environmental and social problems, and what to do about it.< Less
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Hydrogen & Fuel Cells: Advances in Transportation and Power By Michael Frank Hordeski
eBook (ePub): $99.99
The hydrogen car has been proposed as the solution to our oil problems, but how would it work, and what potential problems associated with it? This book attempts to address these questions, and to... More > provide specifics about current developments toward a hydrogen-based energy infrastructure. In a major push to establish and commercialize fuel cell technologies,most major auto manufacturers are investing billions in development programs. A less public, but perhaps more important development is occurring in stationary power sources that use fuel cell technology. What would a hydrogen infrastructure look like? Fueling stations could be small electrolysis plants that produce hydrogen from water. Photovoltaic cells could also be used at fueling stations to power for electrolysis. Hydrogen fueling stations have already opened in California, Washington, DC and Europe. The technology is being pushed by economics as oil prices continue to rise with dwindling supplies.< Less
HUG - Human User Guide By Chris Dollard
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HUG – Human User Guide is the manual that has been created to finally answer the Big Questions: who are you, why are you here, and what the heck is going on in the planet? HUG is a handy... More > reference guide for all Human Operatives that clears the air of all the confusion regarding religion/spirituality, helps you understand the fact that everyone and everything is simply rendered output from the Earth3000 Server (a massive quantum computer), and that a wholesale software upgrade is looming in the very near future. HUG goes on to describe the Mega-Patterns of HOE (Heaven on Earth3000), which are high-level descriptors of life on the planet after the software upgrades have taken place. Topics include Technology, Economics, Governance, Culture, Health, Education, Religion and Ideology. Join seasoned technology writer Chris Dollard in his amusing romp through the illusions of reality and what really lies at the center of our bizarre Human Experience.< Less

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