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The Open Table: Love's Story By Brother Purelove & Heaven Purelove
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The Open Table is a current and post-contemporary wisdom book that examines the issues of our day, Guns, Money and Love, and the intrinsic roles they play in our ongoing developing crises, eventual... More > and diminishing options, and resulting reality. Through philosophical essay, theological reflection, political analysis, economic theory, poetry, parable and allegory, the reader is invited to explore the issues of war and revolution, hunger and waste, violence and equality, economy and ecology, food and pharmaceuticals, technology and creativity, and discover, determine or deny what part they will play in the coming collapse, transition and regeneration of this fragile table we feast from, yet daily destroy. Consider this your invitation to share the table of our travels and let us hope to meet again on the other side of these words.< Less
Quips & Quotes: 2017 By JR Martin
eBook (PDF): $9.99
“Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Those were the memorable words of charming nightclub owner Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) speaking to his notorious... More > comrade Captain Louis Renault (Claude Rains) in the epic 1943 film Casablanca. Indeed, we believe we have just embarked on what will be a lasting, productive, and enjoyable adventure with clients, colleagues, and business partners. Martin Advisory & Consulting Services, LLC is an Austin-based research boutique that launched in early 2017. In short, we aim to deliver valuable perspectives designed to inform and equip busy investment professionals as they navigate the growing demands of a complex global marketplace. Our Quips & Quotes: 2017 is a compilation of insights gathered from our CMO Weekly observations. A whimsical reflection on the notable events that shaped 2017. Our hope is to provide a solid context as we look ahead. So, here's to an intellectually stimulating, relationship enriching, and prosperous 2018.< Less
Sustain-Ability: What to Seek Before Oil Runs Out By Gregory Gebhart
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This book outlines the characteristics of a sustainable society that may only be achieved through renewable energy sources like biofuels.
The Replacement Economy By Mark Burton
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We are living in an ecological emergency and an economic crisis. This pamphlet brings together three contributions to what will have to become an ambitious but alternative strategy for real change... More > in the way we all live. The three essays printed here start from the recognition that endless economic growth is not possible. Getting Started on the Economy also points to the incoherence of competition in the global economy as a national or regional economic strategy, sets out some alternative principles for building the replacement economy and suggests priorities for activists to help bring them about. Sustainability, Utopian and Scientific offers a constructive critique of what has become mainstream green economic thinking. Concepts for Bioregional Development is an attempt to synthesise a new integrated vocabulary for the new economics of social and ecological justice.< Less
Euro Crisis Aggregate Demand Control is European Single Currency Weakness By Peter James Rhys Morgan
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This booklet is a critique of the limitations of the current Eurozone economic system. The main objective is to investigate the inability of the Eurozone to control aggregate demand due to the... More > constraints in both monetary and fiscal policy, which have been created by the widespread private and sovereign debt crises. Solutions to the problems addressed in the booklet are then put forward, suggesting that alternative methods of controlling aggregate demand may resolve the issues encountered.< Less
Speculative Fiction The Ultimate Collection By David K. Scholes
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A collection of some 23 speculative fiction short stories including science fiction, alternate history, science fantasy and an alternate reality story. About the Author David Scholes is a writer... More > and also works as an economic (and occasionally actuarial) consultant to various Australian government departments. This collection of short stories is his sixth science fiction book. He has also written two novellas and three earlier collections of short stories< Less
Stories of Freedom By William Huff
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This book contains a fiction trilogy consisting of "Expatriates of Babylon","Arland", and "The Livewood."In a world of colliding cultures, the shattered fragments... More > continue to build a landfill of disconnected values and conflicting agendas. Have you ever wished that you could escape the culture and politics of the world around you? Have you ever felt helpless to ensure the provision of your own needs? Dream with me, as we follow tales of departure from distant control. We will produce societies that cannot be crushed by external politics, economics, and shortages. Such societies have the power to not only survive, but to turn compassionately to the world they have left behind and offer them a more harmonious and sustainable future. Increasingly sophisticated technologies and even theoretical physics provide a unifying thread for the technically minded, while freedom and hope continue to build throughout the trilogy.< Less
Neuropsychology for Economists By Torben Larsen
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Left brain dominance is presented in chapter 1 as a biological cause of stress characterised by rivalry, over-consumption and psychosomatic diseases; a contemproary threat to the whole ecosystem.... More > Classic economic man as taught to students of economics disregard this problem. Formal education is insufficient to solve it. Chapter 2 is a health technology assessment of meditation as a broad-spectered means of de-stressing reducing blood pressure, addiction to stimulants as tobaco and alcohol, relief of anxiety increasing life-expectancy and quality of life. Score the cognitive style quiz and see if meditation is relevant to you! Chapter 3 guides advanced meditative development. Moreover, a logic of complementarities departing from Aristotle and related to the economic production function is stated as an alternative to our outdated quantum logic. Relevant to economists, physicians , psychologists and students as well as a working tool for specialists in Human Resource Development.< Less
Our Land, Our Rent, Our Jobs By Stephen Meintjes & Michael Jacques
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Land rent, or the locational advantage of each piece of land, is owed to the community, whose grant of security of tenure enables the owner to enjoy its man-made and natural advantages. Rent has... More > been a phenomenon since the time of the Physiocrats and Adam Smith, but its potential has been ignored and the world has got lost in an economic jungle of its own making. This book is based on a very simple proposal: replace most taxation with collection of land and other natural resource rentals. It shows the way to the broad uplands of prosperity for all, and explains why it is time for us to talk about rent! It taps into the current debate in the media and economic and political circles around resource rentals, and outlines practical steps that can be taken to a different tax regime. This book is highly relevant and topical, and offers much to stimulate further debate whilst offering something positive and workable.< Less
Energy Management Handbook, 7th Edition Volume I By Steve Doty & Wayne Turner
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Newly revised and edited, this seventh edition includes extensive revisions to seven of its twenty-eight chapters, including those covering waste heat recovery, HVAC systems, energy management and... More > control systems, energy systems maintenance, alternative energy, indoor air quality, and codes, standards and legislation. This comprehensive handbook has become recognized as the definitive stand-alone energy manager's desk reference, used by thousands of energy management professionals throughout the industry. You'll find coverage of every component of effective energy management, including energy auditing, economic analysis, cogeneration, waste heat recovery, building envelope, HVAC systems, lighting, energy systems maintenance, insulation systems, sustainability and high performance green buildings, ground-source heat pumps, indoor air quality, utility rates, energy legislation, and measurement and verification. Please note this is Volume 1 and only contains chapter 1-14.< Less