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The Analysis of Mind By Bertrand Russell
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One of Russell's most important and interesting books which reconciles the materialistic tendency of psychology with the anti-materialistic tendency of physics. All of his ideas are clearly stated... More > and made more apparent with the use of simple illustrations. He covers all aspects of what we presently call our mind and allows us to judge for ourselves the relative importance of each aspect. While this work is older than 80 years, I find it quite amazing that the physiological evidence to his interpretations of the mind is only now becoming apparent< Less
The Analysis of Beauty By William Hogarth
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Facsimile of the 1810 edition of William Hogarth's "The Analysis of Beauty", (190 pages) including the illustrative engravings.
Industry Analysis By Dion Alken
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A Strategy course about the structural analysis of industries, competitive strategies,competitor analysis, competitive moves, strategy toward buyers and suppliers, structural analysis within... More > industries and industry evolution competitive strategy within various generic industry environments are discussed, such as fragmented industries, emerging industries, mature industries, declining industries and global industries.< Less
Reliability Analysis By Homework Help Classof1
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"Once the factor analysis has done its job of organizing items into groups, it is time to see how well the groups of items hold together. This is the job of reliability analysis. Although there... More > are many different reliability statistics, the most commonly used is the Cronbach’s alpha. The Cronbach’s alpha (with a Greek symbol of α) uses the associations among a set of items to indicate how well the items, as a group, hold together. Conceptually, the idea is that all of the survey items that are supposed to measure a single underlying construct should be answered in a similar way by respondents."< Less
Mathematical Analysis By Textbook Equity
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A textbook for advanced undergraduates and graduate students. Chapter 1. Set Theory Chapter 2. Real Numbers. Fields Chapter 3. Vector Spaces. Metric Spaces Chapter 4. Function Limits and... More > Continuity Chapter 5. Differentiation and Antidifferentiation All Chapters contain problem sets. This text is an outgrowth of lectures given at the University of Windsor, Canada. One of our main objectives is updating the undergraduate analysis as a rigorous postcalculus course. While such excellent books as Dieudonn´e’s Foundations of Modern Analysis are addressed mainly to graduate students, we try to simplify the modern Bourbaki approach to make it accessible to sufficiently advanced undergraduates. On the other hand, we endeavor not to lose contact with classical texts.< Less
The Bermuda Analysis By Patrick Chilvers Munkelt
eBook (ePub): $9.67
This book has been written due to the findings in my first book The Bermuda Unsolved. I spent two years in Bermuda researching the subject of lost planes and ships. I came to the conclusion that the... More > losses were real and due to an alien presence that was here to collect power from the deep oceaan trenches. I then having written the book The Bermuda Unsolved wrote this one The Bermuda Analysis that explains the activities of the aliens and their world wide presence including the Dragons Triangle off Japan. I then explored all the related subjects and the writers and found an exceptional amount of for want of a better word national involment. The last great tradgedy was flight 447 out of Brazil the only country in the world that actually askes the public for assistance in this matter. This book explains why and identifies for the first time the alien and the methods to contact it. The final book in this series will be The Bermuda Proof that deals with the misinformation fed by the authorities.< Less
Linguistic Analysis By Peter Binkert
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This book has two objectives: to introduce students to linguistics and to show how the study of linguistics prepares students for competition in today’s workplace. The central theme of the book... More > is that human language reflects the capacities and limitations of human beings. The major areas of linguistics (phonology, morphology, and syntax) are grounded in human biology and psychology. In the investigation of other languages and cultures, the discussion shows how linguistic divergence is constrained by the nature of human beings. An equally important objective of the book is to relate the skills required in linguistic analysis to the skills required in the current job market. These skills include the ability to understand and organize huge amounts of data, research relevant issues, analyze problems, think critically, and propose creative solutions. In each chapter, the discussion shows how the skills that students acquire in linguistics are exactly the skills that are needed in today’s workplace.< Less
Dream Analysis By Kevin John Saitta
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A collection of short stories from the author Kevin John Saitta, which influenced 'The Mighty Warrior Prophecies' trilogy. Includes four very long stories... 'The Time Traveler': This story won the... More > ASLA writing competition in 2005. A tale of an insane man who claims to be from the he telling the truth or simply just mad? 'Dirty Foul Murderer': A very silly story based on word play. The author's first and only attempt at comedy. Someone is the murderer and gathered in the manor house it's time to find out who. 'Testament of Revelation': A sci-fi prologue about technology failing and mankind falling into another primitive era. Explores the themes of space travel, mutations, human survival and love. 'The Original Sin': A major influence on the trilogy. Several people gather in a secret location to ask the ultimate question - is it possible to live forever? An absolute must for any fan of 'The Mighty Warrior Prophecies' trilogy. Book contains some adult content: 16+ years.< Less
An Extraterrestrial Analysis By Ian Beardsley
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Evidence in support of the idea that extraterrestrials gave us our units of measurement. A possible message is decoded, a natural enigma is discovered.
Instant Analysis By Joseph Graham
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Learn how to instantly & effectively analyze common daily situations for what they mean in the overall scheme of life and make the best choice. Take advantage of this now!

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