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The main objective of this book is recognized the talented pool in the field of pharmacy and also in pharmaceutical analysis. This is the first edition of the “MODERN TECHNOLOGY OF... More > PHARMACEUTICAL ANALYSIS” & it is a science accomplishment to produce comprehensive course material for bachelors as well as masters pharmacy student. This book is useful for semester examination for academic and competitive exam point of view. Analytical techniques and instruments are widely used in ADL and QC department in pharmaceutical industry .These are useful for quality of products as well as human being safety. In this book published reason mainly directly reading of one book which has describe with photograph, Descriptive charts, remember techniques and concise language so easily write in your exam & Not go for other reference books ,Internet ebook or any other materials.Each chapter consists of precise discussion theory , instrumentation with photograph and pharmaceutical application< Less
Issues in the Analysis of Behavior By Richard W. Malott
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This book is designed to be an intermediate–level text in the analysis of behavior that should all, in concept, somewhere between introductory texts, such as Keller and Schoenfeld's Principles... More > of Psychology, Ferster & Perrott's Behavior Principles, or Whaley and Malott's Elementary Principles of Behavior; and more advanced works, such as Honig's Operant Behavior: Areas of Research and Application. However this textbook is self-contained and could, therefore, be read by the more diligent student without a background in behavioral analysis. Most of the issues discussed in this text are somewhat controversial, even among professional behavior analysts. So while we might hope to win a few minor controversies along the way, the primary purpose of this text is to increase the skill of the reader in using behavioral concepts in the analysis of complex behavioral phenomena. In addition, we do with selected topics in the philosophy of science in which the behavioral analysts will most likely be interested.< Less
An Introduction to HPLC for Pharmaceutical Analysis By Oona McPolin
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If you are new to HPLC, this book provides an invaluable guide to how HPLC is actually used when analysing pharmaceuticals. It is full of practical advice on the operation of HPLC systems combined... More > with the necessary theoretical knowledge to ensure understanding of the technique. Key features include: A thorough discussion of the stationary phase enabling the reader to make sense of the many parameters used to describe a HPLC column; Practical advice and helpful hints for the preparation and use of mobile phase; A complete overview of each of the different components which together make up a HPLC system; A description of the contents of a typical HPLC analytical method and how to interpret these; A step-by-step guide on how to follow a method and set up a HPLC analysis; A discussion of system suitability criteria and how to interpret the values obtained during an analysis; Explanation of the common methods of calibration and quantification used for pharmaceutical analysis.< Less
Technical Analysis Explained By IFC Markets
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Technical analysis attempts to understand the market psychology by studying the behavior of the market in the past. If one understands the essence, benefits and limitations of technical analysis, it... More > can give him new skills to become a better trader. The main objective of “Technical Analysis Explained” is to help you learn the most essential and fundamental points of technical analysis, understand why and how successful traders use it in their trade and develop your own trading strategy based on technical charts and indicators.< Less
Job Hazard Analysis By Daniel Hogan
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This booklet is for employers, foremen, and supervisors, but we encourage employees to use the information as well to analyze their own jobs and recognize workplace hazards so they can report them to... More > you. It explains what a job hazard analysis is and offers guidelines to help you conduct your own step-by-step analysis.< Less
Handbook of Applied Spatial Analysis By Jeremy Nichols
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The Handbook is written for academics, researchers, practitioners and advanced graduate students. It has been designed to be read by those new or starting out in the field of spatial analysis as well... More > as by those who are already familiar with the field. The chapters have been written in such a way that readers who are new to the field will gain important overview and insight. At the same time, those readers who are already practitioners in the field will gain through the advanced and/or updated tools and new materials and state-of-the-art developments included< Less
Catholic Analysis 2006 By Oswald Sobrino
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This book contains selected 2006 essays from the Catholic Analysis blog ( The essays cover these timely topics: selected biblical insights from St. Paul's letters,... More > authority and primacy in the Church, the Charismatic dimension of the Church, Catholic heroes for freedom in China and Cuba, Christian character traits, and rebuking various heresies. The author embraces the teaching authority of the Catholic Church as set forth in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and its Compendium. An E-book version is also available at Author Oswald Sobrino, M.A. (Econ.), J.D., is a Catholic writer trained as an attorney and economist. He is a lay graduate student in Biblical Studies at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit. He writes the Catholic Analysis web column at and produces a podcast at He is also the author of Unpopular Catholic Truths available at< Less
The Free Music Analysis Anthology By Mark Feezell
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The FREE Music Analysis Anthology, Version 1.0 Compiled by Mark Feezell from public domain sources. For more free music theory teaching / learning materials to accompany this anthology, as well as... More > the latest version and updates, please visit This book is "Free" in that the only costs are the manufacturing costs to print and bind it. As editor, I have not added any royalties to the manufacturing price (in other words, I'm making $0, zip, nothing). You can download the PDF file (for FREE) directly at This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit< Less
Data Analysis for Business Decisions By Andres Fortino
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A laboratory manual with data analysis exercises using Excel. The exercises step the practitioner through many data analysis techniques, including descriptive statistics, pivot tables, A/B testing,... More > contingency tables, regressions analysis and other topics in statistics and analysis Excellent for data visualization analysts to improve their analysis skills.< Less
Edinburgh Site Analysis By Ally Hunter
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Pictorial analysis of 3 sites in Edinburgh for the design of a Music School by 4th Year architecture students at Dundee University.

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