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Herbert Stanley Redgrove (1887-1943) was a chemist who helped to form the Alchemical Society in London. His works include: On the Calculation of Thermo-Chemical Constants (1909), Alchemy: Ancient and... More > Modern (1911), A Mathematical Theory of Spirit (1912), Experimental Mensuration (1912), The Magic of Experience (1916), Bygone Beliefs (1920), Purpose and Transcendentalism (1920) and Roger Bacon (1920).< Less
Fables and Fabulists: Ancient and Modern By Thomas Newbigging
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Alchemy : Ancient and Modern (Illustrated) By H. Stanley Redgrov
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The number of books in the English language dealing with the interesting subject of Alchemy is not sufficiently great to render an apology necessary for adding thereto. Indeed, at the present time... More > there is an actual need for a further contribution on this subject. The time is gone when it was regarded as perfectly legitimate to point to Alchemy as an instance of the aberrations of the human mind. Recent experimental research has brought about profound modifications in the scientific notions regarding the chemical elements, and, indeed, in the scientific concept of the physical universe itself; and a certain resemblance can be traced between these later views and the theories of bygone Alchemy. The spontaneous change of one “element” into another has been witnessed, and the recent work of Sir William Ramsay suggests the possibility of realising the old alchemistic dream—the transmutation of the “base” metals into gold.< Less
Ancient and Modern Initiation By Max Heindel
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In ancient temples, a way of spiritual unfolding was taught that came to be called the “mysteries.” Students of the mysteries were given intensive instruction and training that culminated... More > in “tests” known as initiations. An initiation was an opportunity to demonstrate personal mastery in an area of life. The experience led to an expansion of consciousness, heightened ability, confidence and power. The student learned that life was governed by law—cause and effect being an essential principle. Participation in the mysteries led to comprehensive life mastery, and a series of breakthroughs culminating in the realization that the spirit within is immortal and indestructible. Students learned that the source of life is within, and this inner reservoir of strength is inexhaustible. In the advanced stages of the mysteries, initiates learned through experience that there exist no circumstances in which the spirit may not triumph; even death is an illusion.< Less
An Introduction to Ancient and Modern Hebrew By Al Garza Th.D, PhD
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An Introduction To Ancient And Modern Hebrew will take you through the evolution of the Hebrew language like never before. Learn what the ancient and modern Jew's don't want you to know. Discover... More > Yeshua in the ancient Hebrew today!< Less
Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times By Andrew Barocco
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With "Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times" author Andrew Barocco brings us his own version and arrangement of several ancient and classical texts in a way that masterfully enhances the wisdom... More > of the reader. Including creative spins on such classics as "The Art of War" and "Aesop's Fables" one need only snatch up a copy of Andrew's latest book, and find out that he or she will outwit the competition in ways never thought possible.< Less
Alchemy: Ancient and Modern By H. Stanley Redgrove
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Being a brief account of the alchemistic doctrines, and their relations, to mysticism on the one hand, and to recent discoveries in the physical science on the other hand; together with some... More > particulars regarding the lives and teachings of the most noted alchemists. The meaning of alchemy; The theory of physical alchemy; The alchemists before and after Paracelsus; The outcome of alchemy; The age of modern chemistry; Modern alchemy. H Stanley Redgrove, best known for his writings on alchemy. Early in his scientific career he was associated with Professor John Ferguson and others in forming the Alchemical Society and was appointed editor of its journal; that Society was one of the many killed by the last war. Redgrove’s book on “Alchemy: Ancient and Modern,” first published in 1912, is an excellent survey, which brings out clearly the connection between the old alchemical doctrines and the conceptions of modern chemistry.< Less
An Ancient and Modern History of Etruria By Daniel v. Coberly v. Reichenberg
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Etruria, also known as Tuscany, is the heartland of Italy. Its mere mention invokes thoughts of warm, sunny days, good food, good wine, and happy memories. The history of Etruria is not one of a... More > simple place, though. It is the tale of a land of independent city-states that grew out of the demise of the Roman Empire. The fate and history of these cities became forever linked with Florence, the Etrurian capital and birthplace of the Renaissance. An Ancient and Modern History of Etruria (4th Edition) explores the journey of this vibrant land and its people from the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages, the glories of the Renaissance, the Napoleonic Empire, and into a new, unified Italy. It is a journey in which Etruria gave birth to the modern world.< Less
The Ancient Mysteries and Modern Masonry By Charles H. Vail
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The Series of Sunday evening lectures which comprise this book were first given in Pullman Memorial Church, Albion, NY. The many calls for the lectures in printed form led to their publication. We... More > trust that the book may contribute to a better understanding of the Order by the general public; inspiring our Brother Masons to greater appreciation of and loyalty to the Fraternity, and encouraging all to labor for the realization of the great principles and ideals embodied in the Ancient Mysteries and our Modern Masonry. Contents: Origin and Object of the Ancient Mysteries; Egyptian, Hindu, and Persian Mysteries; Druidical, Gothic, Grecian, and Jewish Mysteries; Christian Mysteries; Meaning of True Initiation; Origin and History of Freemasonry; Origin and History of the Knights Templars and the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite; Symbols and Legends of Masonry; List of Masonic and Kindred Books.< Less
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Ancient and Modern Physics 5 Preface 5 Chapter One 10 The Physical Basis if Metaphysics 10 Chapter Two 18 The Two Kinds of Perception 18 Chapter Three 26 Matter and Ether 26 Chapter Four 32 What a... More > Teacher Should Teach 32 Chapter Five 43 The Four Manifested Planes 43 Chapter Six 53 Our Place on Earth 53 Chapter Seven 63 The Four Globes 63 Chapter Eight 67 The Battle Ground 67 Chapter Nine 73 The Dual Man 73 Chapter Ten 81 The Septenary World 81 Chapter Eleven 88 Stumbling Blocks in Eastern Physics 88 ................................ ISBN: 978-1-257-86162-0< Less