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Di Guoyong on Xingyiquan Volume Two By Andrea Falk
eBook (PDF): $31.25
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Volume 2 of Di Guoyong's 3 volume book on xingyiquan. This volume deals with the 12 animals, 8 skills, and routines of xingyi, and includes a chapter on teaching and training. Translated by Andrea... More > Falk.< Less
Di Guoyong on Xingyiquan Volume Three By Andrea Falk
eBook (PDF): $31.25
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Volume three of a three volume set on xingyiquan, by Di Guoyong, translated by Andrea Falk. Volume three contains the five element techniques and routines of the sabre, sword, staff, spear. Also the... More > anshenpao partner routine. Also a chapter on teaching and training, and a glossary of Chinese terms.< Less
Yan Dehua's Bagua Applications By Andrea Falk
eBook (PDF): $17.00
Yan Dehua's book on bagua applications, translated by Andrea Falk. Originally published in the 1930s, this book has the best illustrations of any martial art ever. This is the PDF Edition of the soft... More > cover book. It is formatted for 8.5 x 11 inch printout, and includes all of the contents of the print book, but on half the number of pages. For more details see< Less
Jiang Rongqiao's Baguazhang By Andrea Falk
eBook (PDF): $19.25
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This is the PDF Edition of Jiang Rongqiao book on the eight old changes of Jiang style baguazhang. Translated by Andrea Falk. The PDF Edition is the same as the print book, except that it is set up... More > for regular letter pages for the home printer. It contains the same images, photos, Chinese characters, and pinyin pronunciation as the original. In this edition, the photos are alongside the images. PDF Edition ISBN 978-0-9866771-6-8 For more details, see< Less
MaGui BaGua Training Manual. Part Four: the 88 routine By Andrea Falk
eBook (PDF): $6.00
Training Manual for Ma Gui Ba Gua, written for Andrea Falk's training groups. Part four is on the 88 routine. By Andrea Falk, from the teaching of Li Baohua. Latest version November 2012. This is a... More > minor rewrite with a few changed photos. See Andrea's website Also see Li Baohua's Ma Gui Baguazhang promotion centre website< Less
Coaching Wushu with new scans (Sept 2009) By Andrea Falk
eBook (PDF): $16.00
Andrea Falk's 1989 text on coaching wushu, Chinese martial arts as a performance sport. Dated but still relevant information on training and coaching. October 2009 new scans from original photos... More > that were finally found in a box.< Less
Li Tianji's The Skill of Xingyiquan By Andrea Falk
eBook (PDF): $31.25
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The book that has become the standard on xingyiquan, contains all the basics plus many classic texts. Written by Li Tianji in 1980, it completes the work started by his father, Li Yulin, in 1958.... More > Andrea Falk translated the book from 1995 to 2000. This PDF Edition has been reworked to allow for home printing on 8 1/2 x 11 inch pages. Very minor editing was done, so that the translation retains its original flavour. This PDF Edition ISBN is 978-0-9866771-8-2< Less
Coaching Wushu Volume Two By Andrea Falk
eBook (PDF): $20.00
Coaching Wushu Volume Two continues the work of Andrea Falk's Coaching Wushu. Volume Two contains a method of analysing wushu taolu (routines), gives an analysis of the 2011 international competition... More > taolu, gives pointers on what the judges are looking for, and supplies methods of understanding the athletes.< Less
Wushu Movement comparison list By Andrea Falk
eBook (PDF): $0.00
A list to compare techniques and movement names from routines, between Chen taiji, baguazhang, and xingyi quan. Complied by Andrea Falk, just for fun.
MaGui BaGua manual, part 2: changes By Andrea Falk
eBook (PDF): $7.00
Part two of Andrea Falk's training manual about Ma Gui Bagua. This part is on the changes, and includes the dragon, lion, and single hook changes. For more details on Ma Gui baguazhang, please go to... More > Andrea's website The international Ma Gui Baguazhang promotion headquarter's is at This is an extensive rewrite of part two, completed in November 2012.< Less