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Ants By Jennifer Armstrong
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Human? or Ant?
A for Ant By Daniela Mustata
eBook (ePub): $2.50
A for ant contains Alphabet flashcards for the little learners.
Ante By Denys Patrinus Khêlonê
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Avant... Avant, il y eut des images, des rêves... les dieux de l'Egypte, des dragons et le soleil dans l'ombre...
The Shiniest Treasure: The Journey With Grammy & Grampa! Part 1 "The Beginning of Life's Most Treasured Journey!" By Mary Ant., Mary Ant.
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Grampa: "Alright, all lamps on, now! Please join Grampa and Grammy on an exciting trip after the most ancient and ever-giving treasure: the Shiniest Treasure! It gives all other treasures, ... More > will help/lift up everyone and will make our lives into the best and most Shiniest Lives & - World! With our bright friends Sunny, Emerson and Limi, we are all ready for the Journey! So, let us begin on Life's most Important Journey after The Shiniest Treasure!!! ü*".< Less
Metals of Compassion By AKAN ANTE
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In April 1994, the Hutus began a campaign of genocide against their fellow neighbors the Tutsis and moderate Hutus. Within 100 days, 800,000 men, women and children were killed. The killing was... More > stopped by rebel RPF forces aided by fellow Tutsis from nearby Burundi, Uganda and Congo. As the rampaging RPF forces enter Kigali, panic stricken Hutus-the army and ethnic militia or Interhamwe- fearing revenge for all their misdeeds make to escape across the border into Kenya and other neighboring countries. It was an all man for himself situation. Along the way some are hit by stray bullets and left for dead. Here is one such encounter.< Less
van tue By radd ante
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Decades, the people of province, especially when I heard driving off to the slopes from the First Mystery is not shocked horrified by the terrible accident occurred here. And after the accident they... More > appear on the curse of "ma bucket." Doc butts lying on the QL-9, belonging to Cam Lo district, Quang Tri province is known for high and rugged with mountains towering rocks and dwell in the abyss of many side projects. If it rains, or early morning fog, the First Mystery as cold and gloomy than ever.< Less
Harsh Reality By Ant Speed
eBook (PDF): $5.00
My thoughts, feelings, and views on life as i have seen it so far.
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Harsh Reality By Ant Speed
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My thoughts, feelings, and views on life as i have seen it so far.
Joy, Fear and F--k It By Ant Smith
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Game Cat has been collecting his very best work for 20 plus years And present what i consider to be the finest collection of heat felt poems.