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Elementary Particles: Solving the Antimatter Problem By Richard Lighthouse
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This paper presents mathematical evidence that the “positron” found in numerous laboratory experiments - is actually a probable version of the muon neutrino, which is ordinary matter, not... More > antimatter. This new evidence is based on the 1024-QAM model as the first Periodic Table for Elementary Particles. There are 16 probable versions of the muon neutrino with one third of the mass of an electron. 4 of these have the same charge-to-mass ratio as a common electron. Another 4 have twice the charge-to-mass as a common electron, but with the opposite charge (+2/3), causing them to move in the opposite direction in a magnetic field. To complicate matters further, note that there are 16 probable versions of an electron, with 4 different charges (0, -1, -1/3, +2/3). A 1024-QAM table was previously presented that graphically displays how all elementary particles are related, similar to the Standard Periodic Table in chemistry. This paper concludes there is no antimatter available in our universe.< Less
Anti-Matter: Poems for the Manic Nihilist By Jeremy Void
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Jeremy Void's Anti-Matter: Poem for the Manic Nihilist is packed with punches, insightful grudges, and emotional sludges that will make you feel and think in a way you never thought possible.
UFO How-To Aerospace Technical Manual Volume V: Fusion and Antimatter Systems By Luke Fortune
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Fission, fusion and antimatter, the cutting edge of power production and propulsion technologies, not just an area of interest to sci-fi fans. Fusion systems tantalize with the prospect of being... More > able to generate one’s own power by tapping into the extreme forces of the universe, the very heart of the sun. These systems are no longer only in the realm of science fiction or locked behind university doors. Within these pages you shall learn how to generate, store, control and harness the powers of matter and antimatter.< Less
Millie Micro Nano Pico Book 7 in which the electrons invite Millie to a party and she is shocked by antimatter By Tiziana Stoto
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Millie micro nano pico Book 7 is very special: most of the questions Millie asks the electrons in this book were suggested by children who read the previous stories. Here is what they wanted to... More > know: Do electrons have mums and dads? How are they born? How old are they? How long do they live for? Do they grow up? As well as answering these questions, the electrons introduce Millie to static electricity, radioactivity and antimatter. Many thanks to Danielle, Josh, Mia, Tamzin and Tylah from Raumati Beach School, New Zealand, for helping Millie in this adventure. Would you like to help Millie too? Send your questions to Millie’s website or to Facebook www.facebook/milliemicronanopico. If Millie uses one of your questions in a new story, she will send you a certificate.< Less
The Other Side of Death By J K Wallace
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After killed in a car accident a mother and her son although both are dead discover a way to communicate with her living husband. Through this communication they solve a homicide. An After World... More > where everyone exists for an undetermined amount of time after they have died is discovered. Our beings become antimatter that is formed in a parallel realm by the electrical patterns they we form throughout our lives. Everything that has lived makes their own magnetic field where they can communicate with each other and are able to reappear anywhere where they have been before and have a memory of. With the help of mother and son killers are caught. The after world bad guys in their own way receive their just punished. In this collateral world the dead can live again.< Less
A Logosophistic Examination of the Flavour Quantum Numbers in Particle-Antiparticle Annihilation By Daniel Deleanu
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A philosophical incursion into quantum theory and antimatter.
The Blueprint To Build An Arycraft By Peter Olude
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Book Eight in the series, Arycraft 1 & The Multiverse Fleet Chronicles. Parental Advisory Explicit Material
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Lamar By Daniel Bupp
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Lamar is your every-day bachelor who's just landed a new job at an unknown company working on a major project that seems a bit out of the ordinary. When his curiosity gets the better of him, he... More > finds himself immersed in something that ends up out of this world, literally. What follows is a tale of adventure, discovery, conspiracy and romance that will take Lamar places he never thought he'd ever be.< Less
Thaumagnus By Hendrik Henderson
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Oldofire the wizard and Davian the warrior travel across treacherous terrain to discover a secret that will save their world. An evil minotaur named Shadowaxe threatens their country, and only they... More > can find the solution to end the minotaur's evil reign.< Less

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